10 beautiful dream destinations outside India to plan honeymoon

10 beautiful dream destinations outside India to plan honeymoon

They say if you truly want to get to know someone, travel with them. It will reveal a person inside and out. This is one reason why honeymoon is the best time for newlywed partners to get to know each other in a stress free environment and if it is stressful plus romantic, what else can one ask for. You can also read the article to plan your honeymoon according to your zodiac sign.

We all know that India is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches and scenic valleys, but let’s face it, when it comes to picking a spot abroad for honeymoon, you would want to do that the first chance you get. I mean just imagine someone tells you to spend your honeymoon home. Does that even sound normal? No, right!

Just like planning the dream wedding is meticulous, the long-awaited honeymoon has to be as well. And in case you are the one looking to plan a wedding followed by  a honeymoon soon, then guide yourself to some of the most exotic and serene places for your perfect honeymoon through our list. Well you must look perfect on your honeymoon

10 beautiful dream destinations outside India to plan honeymoon


If you are interested in planning a romantic honeymoon nearby, head to Bali. Bali received the best island award in 2004 for its beautiful mountains and coastal areas, excellent international and local restaurants and the friendliness of the local people.

Bali provides a perfect backdrop for any honeymoon. You can explore beautiful beaches or visit Sumantran elephants. Bali’s population is predominantly Hindu, which means you will find beautiful temples, the most iconic one being Tanah Lot temple. If you enjoy greenery, arrange a visit to Tegallalang rice terraces.

All in all, Bali has everything to offer, be it safari parks, art markets, museums and much more. A trip to Bali would hands down be a loaded one!


No honeymoon list is complete without this beautiful spot. This small volcanic island is known for its seriously gorgeous sunset, pristine whitewashed villas and delicious Greek food, Santorini is almost tailored made for those who have said “I do”.

Take a scooter to red and black sand beaches. Check out ancient sites, like the newly opened Bronze-age settlement of Ancient Akrotiri or climb the ancient stairs that lead to the historic city Manolas in Thirassia. This place has a lot to offer and to drink in everything you will have to have a few days to a week. Many tourists overlook the fall but you might get some of the best deals during that time.


Paris is synonymous with romance. It is a combination of the architecture, the food and the art that makes this city so special. The city of lights offers the newlyweds the ultimate experience of sophistication and romance. From the quiet ambiance to fine dining to swoon worthy sights, Paris was practically made for lovers.

Paris is not just romantic, it is extravagantly romantic and it is okay if you splurge a little bit on this once in a lifetime honeymoon trip with your love.


If you and your sweetheart truly want to get away from the world, this is the destination for you. This remote island chain overflows with seclusion and romance. The extravagant services and amnesties of the resort will never make you want to leave your private bungalow. Few of the highlights include coral nursery, an underwater nightclub, a remote restaurant only reachable by boat and a spa where you can book a couple’s massage

  1. BARTS

This is one of the most upscale spots in the Caribbean with its French background provides an elegant appeal similar to French Riviera. This is also a number spot for celebrities to spend vacations. Pack a picnic basket swimsuits and beach towels and head to the insanely beautiful Colombier beach, the water is the most beautiful aqua color you have ever seen, which is only accessible by boat or foot.


With jungles to explore, trials to hike, volcanoes to explore, clear water, Maui is a no-brainer for a romantic getaway. New resorts have made the spot even more buzzworthy, but even then who have ever stopped loving Hawaii. You can watch the sunset while wrapped in a blanket at the top of Haleakala Crater. You can sprawl across miles of shoreline with your partner or gaze at the sunset as you cruise along the Kihei coastline. Instant romance!


This is one the most beautiful places in the American continent. Having been a love shack to popular celebrities including Kim and Kanye, Punta Mita is a lovely place to un-wind for your honeymoon. Take a trip to Marietta Island, a national park featuring unspoiled scenery, great snorkeling and a large population of blue-footed booby bird. Take a scuba diving lesson in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Do not forget to try the amazing food at the Signature Restaurant Carolina, featuring Mediterranean food spiced up with Punta Mita flavors.

the city of canals, gondolas and Italian cuisine, Venice has earned bragging rights as s long standing honeymoon favorite. Take a romantic leisurely stroll round Piazza San Marco to feel true scale of enormous domes of the Basilica di San Marco or the beautiful and ornate Details of Palazzo Ducale. Then, escape the sights and sounds of the city with a dreamy boat ride to one of the unspoiled islands nearby.

Just note: because of the city’s popularity, you will have to deal with the crowds and expensive prices.


Located less than four hours away from Turkey’s capital, Ankara, the wind-carved landscapes of Cappadocia are otherworldly. Whether it is high up in a hot air balloon or on foot or horseback, there is tons of ways to explore Cappadocia’s magical valleys full of caves and rock formations, or “fairy chimneys”.

All in all, Turkey is a beautiful and culturally rich place to spend a luxurious honeymoon at. The hospitality is awesome and the prices are reasonable what else could one ask for?


Cape Town has to offer everything one could ask for; especially if you cannot figure out what kind of a honeymoon you want. Cape Town offers one of the most interesting beaches, each with a different setting and atmosphere. From serene beaches to full-of-buzz city life this exotic honey moon destination covers it all. Wherever you go whatever you do you must have stress free honeymoon.

Go to the ends of the earth with your honey and take a 90 min drive to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas, located in the extreme south of the African continent. On the way back stop at Boulders Beach to visit the famed colony of warm-weather penguins.

You can also plan stay at home honeymoon beautifully.

Even after describing so many beautiful destination for honeymoon outside India I must suggest to find the beautiful dream destination in India.

Bali is both romantic and extravagant at the same time. If you are looking for comfort and romance. Head to Bali
Santorini, Greece is perfect for people who love the typical tropical honeymoon
Anyone who has watched the movie ‘Queen” must have fallen in love with Paris. This is the perfect place for romance and to visit some of the world most renowned spots
Maldives is known for its  beautiful clean water and breath taking white-sand beaches
St. Barts has one of the most amazing beaches and is also a top vacation spot for the high profiles around the world. It speaks both beauty, glamour and extravagance, all at the same time
Hawaii is beautiful, if you get a chance to go there never miss it
Punta Mita qualifies for all three categories of Best beaches, Extravagance and romance. In Addition, it gives the perfect environment for adventures, for those who are more on the athletic side
  Venice, just like Paris speaks only romance.
  Cappadocia, one of my favorite spots to visit, this is a perfect place for you if you are interested in the unspoken wonders of the world
Cape Town offers it all. Be it adventure, beaches, romance or glamour.

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