10 common problems that can be happen during wedding

10 common problems that can be happen during wedding

As if the pre-wedding jitters weren’t enough to haunt you – now there are things that you might miss out to include in your wedding budget list too? Don’t blame yourself weddings can be a tough task to manage. However, we have included a list of things that brides normally forget to calculate in their budget.

10 common problems that can be happen during wedding

Here is a complete list of the things which can save you a lot of trouble:

  1. Beauty treatments: You thought weddings were all about the event? What about the pre wedding beauty treatment round ups you have to take in the parlor or what to eat and what not to?  Especially the treatments you need to start doing from three to six months before the wedding. These are the things brides tend to forget to include in their budget. At the end of the day these treatments aren’t very cheap and you might find yourself haggling to compensate on other things. You must not forget to charges giving for hairstyle.The best way is to include this in your budget as well.
  2. Pre wedding guests: don’t forget that friends and relatives are with you all the way throughout your wedding if you are doing a desi wedding, you will probably have relatives coming over a day or two to attend the various ceremonies and some of them will stay at your house itself. You will have to plan to feed extra mouths on that day. So keep that within your budget. Many a times brides think that the eating costs are for the wedding day only – however that is not true. Since there are ladies sangeet, and so many other rituals and ceremonies associated with the wedding. The relatives and guests are going to be pouring in. you will have to stay prepared.
  3. Transportation for guests: You might wonder that why would you need to be responsible for the guests traveling. But remember how guests love to get drunk at a wedding? At the end of the day it might be your responsibility to get them inside a taxi and send them off home. Don’t forget those friends and relatives who work closely with you throughout the preparations are often the ones that enjoy themselves without bound at your party. You might have to send a few off homes, with money from your own pocket. So keep that in mind as well.
  4. Generators: You have all the wedding lightnings and the area ready you have also managed to lighten up the main entrance, but what if light fails you on your big day? You have to have a back up. The backup can be a generator. Sometimes the hotels and the ceremonial halls do not have backups for these things. You will have to check with the respective hotel staff to ensure that everything is up and running. If it is not present, you will have to arrange it for yourself. It could cost you quite a few bucks actually. Even if it comes with the price of the hotel, the costs of the backups are often ignored. Don’t make this mistake as backups are essential. Please follow the link to know how to choose the right lighting desingner for wedding.
  5. Vendors’ arrangement: whether it is the priest at your ceremony or the band or DJ at your function – you will have to keep in mind that they are going to take up plates at your wedding. If you have some pre wedding functions then this cost doubles as more people come in question. There are the arrangers – even the wedding planner and his troop are to be included. If they have not already told you their costs, you know that it is to be counted and it is one of the important things that brides often tend to forget to keep account of.
  6. Overtime costs: There will inevitably be some workers that work over time. In a house full of wedding preparations, there may be a few workers that are working over time you will have to take theirs into account as well. Weddings are primarily the places where overtimes happen and you will have to keep those costs in mind.
  7. Include yourself in all events: Okay this one might sound funny, but so much of the focus is around the wedding that the bride and groom often forget to count themselves in the arrangement. It is true. Remember there are those two plates and two seating arrangements for the two of you too. You will be surprised to know that many brides and grooms often make this error.
  8. Unexpected guests: there are always those close friends and family who appear in the wedding and put you in an embarrassing situation. You might have seen that happening around you – so don’t forget that this happens and this might actually be happening in and around you during your wedding. Ensure that you have all the lists prepared and include a few plates extra – you never know when the uninvited guest might appear. Moreover, there are always those who help you out and the workers, whom you might have to feed. This is why it is always a good idea to keep some extras in the seating and food department. Please follow the link to know how to decide the number of guest to send invites.
  9. Alterations: The flowers in your venue have dried up you need fresh flowers immediately, or worse, your wedding gown or dress has suddenly become too tight and does not fit you anymore. What would you do? It is difficult to go around with this situation. To do things fast you will need an expert hand and to have an expert work at it, you will need to spend a few bucks. Remember that it is very important to keep some things aside for emergency. Alterations are one of those situations which are time and money consuming, so keep them in mind.
  10. Décor: There are always the flowers and the different wedding décor we have thought about, but what about the tent? What about the ropes and the different other things that go into holding the tent? These are the things that we always tend to ignore. If you are hiring a wedding planner he is most likely to include these in your list. However there are still a few décor items that go missed. For the extra decor you will have to keep some aside always.

All I can say that it is important to hire right wedding planner for wedding.

Serial No. Things can be Forget How and what to do?
1 Beauty treatment It is important to arrange for the beauty treatments, especially the ones which will go on for about 3 to 6 months before wedding.
2 Pre wedding guests Guests will live and stay in your house, so keep that in mind.
3 Transportation of guests Guests may get too much drunk at your party and then you might have to send them off – this is a possibility. Even though it is not your responsibility, keep unforeseen circumstances in mind.
4  Generators The lighting and sound back up is really important. So keep in mind the cost for a generator when you need it.
5 Vendors’ arrangement The vendors are headcounts too – don’t forget this. If you have some pre wedding functions then this cost doubles as more people come in question.
6 Overtime costs Overtimes are bound to happen as you need more and more things to be completed. Don’t forget the overtime costs of your wedding planner or handlers.
7 Including yourself Many bride and grooms forget to count themselves in the head count. It is natural to be preoccupied with the guests, but be sure to count yourselves too.
8 Unexpected guests Unexpected guests might arrive. So always keep extra and keep a budget for the extra guests.
9 Alterations Keep some aside for the alterations which you might need on your big day.
10 Décor Besides flowers there are a few more things needed for the décor. So don’t ignore this aspect while counting budget.

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