10 Creative Pre wedding Shoot Ideas

10 Creative Pre wedding Shoot Ideas

Pre wedding photo shoot is perhaps the most fun thing you could do together before wedding. These are supposed to be romantic and funky and you can have fun while your photographer is candidly shooting all the pictures.

But before you go for pre wedding shoot it is important to find the right photographer for your wedding. Let’s face it – weddings take a toll on you. It is a stressful job of handling all of the family and the preparations. Why not go out for a time out with your special someone in the name of pre wedding shoots? These will be the memories which you will cherish in the long run. That being said, it is hard to come up with ideas for these shoots, especially when you are torn in so many directions at the same time. So here we are to help you toy with a few ideas:

10 Creative Pre wedding Shoot Ideas

  1. Play with props: You could identify with something that has some meaning for both of you. For example, if your spouse gifted you a teddy bear on the first date, you could use that teddy bear on the spot to add some romance to the photos. Is your bride/groom your partner in crime? The horns as props would be the best. Did he or she propose to you on a cycle? You get the idea. This is how you could really enjoy taking those pictures – which would result in having a great picture of you both. Please read the article to know the different pre-wedding shoot props.
  2. Bollywood Inspired: Face it; you are a diehard movie buff. You even call your bride to be your ‘Geet’ and himself ‘Aditya’. This means that your romance spices up though Bollywood. In fact, the Bollywood styled pictures are amazing to look at afterwards. It is enough to make your friends and relatives jealous of these pictures. They are also quintessential and epitome of romance. So for a pre wedding photoshoot, why not go for the filmy one?
  3. Reflection: Perhaps you are shy couple, or maybe you need to take your eyes off the limelight. For a couple that is introverted and loves the detail, the reflection oriented photoshoot is the best. For this, you would have to keep either a sunglass or something that reflects the two of you. The photographer would catch the reflector, which shows you two getting cozy. We must say, it adds a lot of mystery to your equation and keeps things so much interesting.
  4. Silhouette pictures: using the light and dark to take some silhouette pictures never goes out of fashion. In fact the play of light and dark is symbolic for the equation of man and woman. The more mature couple can look to immortalize their last bachelor days by choosing to opt for the classic black and white tinted pictures. It gives out a message “you cannot see the connection, but we can…” Also, it will serve as bliss for the camera shy.
  5. Use locations that are meaningful: many people choose to go to exotic locations, but then they have to fabricate the impression of the surrounding. Why not choose those locations where you first met? In fact, why not recreate how you first met? In the same location, you can add some of the things that you already did. Sparks will fly automatically as you both revisit the thoughts of the old times. This is how the magic will create itself – you don’t even have to try and make an effort. So always choose a location that has meaning to the two of you – so that you can keep things documented for yourself and show off to the world how to two met.
  6. Hold placards: If all else fails, hold the placards that have some message inscribed on them. For example, “I am always right” and “I am the husband” on each of your hands. It will add some fun element and give you guys a cool appeal. When you look back at these pictures it will be a good memory. You can always play with the placards and add your own message to them.
  7. End it with the date: you can end it with you both holding out a slate on which the date of your wedding is written. It will be so much more special and everyone will remember to meet the “cool couple” on their big day. Please read the article to know the creative ways to say ‘save the date’.
  8. Tell your story: When all else sounds too cliché, tell your own story through your pictures. Start from the day one and tell about your little fights and how you guys make up. Tell the world how you both like to unwind – by watching Netflix or by listening to Bon Jovi. Tell the world your story through your story and end it with the letters “Save our date” on a paper. It will create a curiosity for the people to check out your wedding.
  9. Have fun: What can be the best wedding photo shoot idea than to have fun? Even more so for the pre wedding shoot than the post wedding shoot. Everyone expects you to be a wild one before the wedding. Post wedding, especially the bride, is expected to act coy. So have your hearts fun out on your pre wedding photo shoot. Bring in some of the common friends if you guys have them. Let them all make this a fun affair.
  10. Don’t be afraid to try something different: There was this couple that went ahead and shot themselves inside an auto rickshaw. It does not make any difference how and where you take the pictures, if the couple is having fun and if they are in sync with each other. 
  11. The pre wedding shoots is very important to make your wedding album creative.So you can do these things to make sure that your pre-wedding shoot is unique. Follow all these 10 games and you will be in for a surprise. Who knows you might even go viral? Whatever it may be, this is your only pre- wedding shoot so make sure they are as candid as possible. These are memories after all.

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