10 creative ways to make your wedding album

10 creative ways to make your wedding album

Wedding is one such occasion in your life that happens only once.It becomes very important to choose right photographer for your wedding. Everyone wants to; in fact everyone should make it memorable. It is true that an Indian wedding is surely a tedious task to perform, but post wedding things are even more difficult to handle. One such task is to make your wedding album. Pictures are the memories that you can save all your life and relive those moments yet again at any point of time. Especially the wedding album is something that needs a careful design and layout that can make you smile every time you look at it. The moments you and your family had spent during your wedding, the rituals, the ceremony, people, food, decorations, never-ending fun and laughter and many more beautiful moments are being captured and placed in your wedding album. So here are some of the creative ways to make your wedding album look beautiful and memorable. Follow the link to know about different ideas for pre wedding shoots.

10 creative ways to make your wedding album


Arrange the photos by the memories

An Indian wedding has plenty of rituals and ceremonies before and after the main occasion. Definitely you will have a large numbers of photos of each occasion. While selecting the photos, make sure to select such photos that cover the entire rituals and ceremonies of your D-day. You must not miss any of the important moments of the most memorable 7-8 days of your life. The ceremonies starting from mehndi, sangeet till the vidaai, each occasion’s snaps should be arranged in a proper way while putting them in the album.

Quantity does not matter when quality is there

While talking about many rituals and their pictures you must not forget that overdoing things can ruin your creativity. Though your wedding had immense numbers of rituals but you must not place large numbers of photos for each ritual in your album. Select 5-6 snaps for each ritual that can make your album look uncongested. Two things to remember while choosing your photos,

  • Don’t go for quantity, instead consider the quality. Choose the clear and high quality pictures that cover the ceremonies entirely.
  • Don’t overcrowd the pages; choose only best photos to place in your album.

Album layout and design

Those days are gone when people used to have plastic covered albums where you need to attach hard copies of your pictures. Now the time and fashion has changed hugely. There are so many types of album designs and layouts are available for your wedding album.

  • Traditional Style: Traditional wedding albums are those which we find in our parents’ cupboard. These albums have changed to digital albums now. You can use digital prints instead of traditional photo prints and paste them on the white traditional style albums. This idea is nice but quite old for new generation.
  • Photo book: the most desirable wedding album today. Your album will look like a complete novel if you use a photo book album. Here your photos will be printed on the pages just like a magazine or printed book. Photo books are simple, fashionable and easy to maintain. Unlike the traditional albums, there is less chance of photo destroying and etc.
  • Magazine style: if you want to make your album a story book then select a magazine look. Place your photos along with text related to that memory. It will give your album a complete novel-like look which will be fun to look at.
  • Binding books: If you want to mix your album with traditional style and fashionable look, then binding book style will be a wise choice. Bind your digitally printed pages with a strand like a book and make it look like an old manuscript.

Convert your emotions into words

As mentioned if you are considering a photo book or magazine style or binding style for your wedding album, add text to it. Convert your emotions into text. As we know every pictures says 1000 words, each snap has a story behind it, depict that story in brief with each picture. If you find it boring and time consuming then just go for a nice quote on the cover or on the first and the last pages of your album.

 The cover says it all

The cover page should be attractive as a lot of people judge a book by its cover only. Decorate the cover with not more than 2 photos of you two with a 2 liner quote. The cover page must look classy yet bright. Avoid dull colours on the cover. After all wedding makes you much brighter than before.

Work on the detailing

There are large numbers of rituals, people and moments you have during your wedding. But of course you can’t place all of your pictures in your wedding album. You need to choose those pictures that have detailing. It is not important how accurate the ritual is been captured, but it does make a difference when you capture small detailing during the occasions. While your 5-years old niece is grooving in her lehenga or your Grandma gets emotional to see her little princess in wedding dress, these are the small moments that can be placed in your album.

Other technical detailing should also consider such as the colour, number of pages, texts, number of pictures per page, arrangement of the pictures and so on. These detailing must be considered while designing your wedding album.

Choose your colours and mix it up

Colours are something that makes your album look more attractive and bright. Not only the colours of the pages but also the colour of the photos must be chosen carefully. Use black and white photos along with coloured pictures to give it a fashionable look. Mix up the old traditional look with new colourful pictures. While designing your album make sure to give it a creative look so that your album can be a unique one. Please read the article what can be the different pre wedding shoots props.

Simplicity at its best

We know to build something innovative you need to put an extra 1% effort, but surely you don’t need anything complicated or over the top to make it innovative. In fact having a simple yet fashionable concept makes your creativity more attractive. Like I said, simplicity is the best policy to win over the hearts, make your album as simple as you can. Don’t overcrowd the pages with too many images; don’t use too many pictures of a single person like Mom, dad, aunt, brother, siblings or anyone. Have everyone and everything in a proper and synchronised way yet make it simple.

Go for variation, don’t think about orientation

You don’t need to have all your images in same shapes. Mix your pages with variety of shapes and sizes, don’t think about the orientation. If you are using couple of horizontal images in one page, add a vertical image in between. If you are using black and white images in one page add a coloured photo with them. If your album is horizontally designed, then have a series of vertical pictures in one page. Variety does make a difference while creating your wedding album.

Make your album a story teller

Lastly make your wedding album in such a way that it can become a storyteller. After so many years when your children or grandchildren will see your wedding album, they will be able to live all those moments that you have created during your biggest event in your life.

Creative ways to make your wedding album – quick tips

Types of albums How to design
Traditional Look Paste your printed photos on the album pages
Photo Book Style Get printed your photos on the pages of the album like a book.
Magazine Style Make your album a readable magazine with photos and related texts printed on it.
Binding style Print your photos on pages and bind them with a strand

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