10 hairstyle ideas for your engagement day

10 hairstyle ideas for your engagement day

Indian Weddings have a series of rituals and functions. Engagement is one of the most important functions from the lot. This is the first step that a bride takes towards the biggest event of her life i.e Wedding ceremony. Though the D-day is more special than the engagement day but in few things engagement can be much more creative than the actual wedding day. One such thing is hairstyle. Now, think about your wedding day’s hairstyle, there is nothing but a simple bun or braid because in any case it will be guarded by your heavy designer Dupatta. But in your engagement party you can be more innovative and creative with your hair style. Either you can go with simple buns or let your hair rest on your back. Here are some of the hairdos that you can pick for your engagement day. You can also read the articles related to Mehndi for wedding(shadi).

10 hairstyle ideas for your engagement day

Simple Hairstyle

A simple yet stylish will always work for every event. Whether it is engagement or some other functions related to your wedding simple always makes it special. Even in simple hair do you can have variations.

  • As a simple look you can go for a plain back bun and attach a flower ring in your bun or just simple use a hair band to tie your bun. It will be simple yet stylish and hot.
  • Another style in simple look is to have a plain layer cuts with a little longer and curled fringes. The curled fringes with a stylish partition will give you a hot look for sure.

Open Hairstyle

Open hairstyles are similar to simple ones.  Keeping hairs open may be a good idea or may be bad.You can simply let your hair flow on your shoulder. In open hair styles you can try out two types of style

  • If you have long hair, keep it waved in one side or leave it covering your back. Take couple of small fringes and curl them up so that they can border your face. This looks not only hot but it does not take away the simplicity.
  • If you have comparatively low length hair then also you can let it open. To make it look fashionable you can have plain braids in front side and let the remaining hair rest on your shoulder.

Half Up & Half Down

This half up half down style is an innovative combination of bun and open hairdo. In this style the upper portion of the hair contains a puff to make it look like a bun. The lower portion of the hair rests open. To make it unique curl up the lower portion of the hair. Leave couple of fringes on your forehead to give a careless look. In this style, either you can back brush your hair and make a simple puff or you can have a plain partition to wear a long Maang Tika. The curly lower portion creates a lively yet classy look. Please read the article to know what can be the checklist a bride must carry in her emergency kit.

Braided Back Bun

This hairstyle is specifically for the girls who have long and wavy hair. Now the braided back bun can be two types

  • You can have a braid on the front portion of the head and make a bun on the back. For this you need to make a braid on the upper portion of the head, take the remaining hair and plait it on the back side of the head.
  • If you want a braided bun on the back portion of your head then part your hair in three parts to make a braid, take the braid and cross it to make tight bun. Of course both of the styles are unique and delicate.

Braided open style

Braided open style is kind of half-half style that consists of open fringes in the back and braids in the upper or front side of the hair. Make a braid but maintain a minimum distance between the knots. Take all the hair in the back of the head and make the braid. Once done with the braid, let the remaining hair open. You can use flower or hair accessories to decorate your braids.

Feather Style

If you have step cuts then feather style the right style for you. It is yet another simple look that can be taken as your engagement hairdo. In feather style, with a blower or curler you can make your hair fluffy. Middle part your hair and curl the tip of the steps your hair has. Your hair not only will look bouncy but also it will give more volume to your hair.

Back Pony

Pony tail is one of the oldest hair styles that are still in fashion. Pony tail definitely sounds little boring but it has loads of variation that can be applied in your pony tail. The back pony tail can be of two types

  • Simple back pony tail: in simple back pony tail style you take all your hair on the back of your head and make a tight pony tail and leave the tail open and wavy to give it a bouncy look.
  • Braided Pony tail: in this style you can middle part the hair and make a couple of braids on both the sides. Take these two braids together and knit a pony on the back of your head. Also you can curl up the tip of your hair in the pony to make it look delicate.

Side Pony

Side pony is a traditional hair style that can be seen in Southern part of India in wedding day. A long side pony covered with a long white flower chain gives a traditional look to the bride. To make it little unique and different you can use fashionable hair pins rather than flower or can have a back braid before making a side pony.

Bun with Bangs

Buns are simple but Buns with Bangs are definitely creative. Buns with Bangs go perfect with round faces. To have a Bun with Bangs you can go for middle part, side part or back brush your hair. In this style side part looks more elegant than remaining two. Even with side part you can wear a small Maangtika that will look splendid with the Bangs. This style is also apt for those who have prominent forehead. It helps you to hide a part of your forehead.

Open & Loose Curls

The easiest, simplest yet classy hair style that still looks awesome on every woman. Whether you have long hair or shoulder length hair, soft curls always make your hair look fluffy and bouncy. In this hair style you don’t need to tie up your hair or make any bun. You can just curl up the tips of your hair and leave it open. It does not need any specific partition (side or middle). It is the most careless yet classy hairdo for not only engagement but all the occasions. To give it an innovative look you can use a band or some other hair accessories.

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As a whole

For Long Hair For Short Hair
Simple Bun Leave it open
Back Bun with Braids Back Bun with curly fringes
Feather Style Feather style can be applied
Bun with Bangs Open & Loose Curls
Side Pony with flower or hair accessories Back Pony
Braided Open Style Braided bun style
Half Up & Half Down Bun with Puff

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