10 Naughty and fun games to play at a bachelorette party

 10 Naughty and fun games to play at a bachelorette party

Write all types of emotions on pieces of paper, put it in a basket and call it a wedding. Yes, this is exactly what a wedding is; a basket full of all kinds of emotions. There are times of frustration when you do not seem to be able to do all the things you wanted to do. Angered, when your extended family arrives four days before the wedding and the kids are at loose ruining all your decorations. From endless nightmares of not getting your makeup right, to the very day of wedding, when your nerves are shooting up to the sky, everything seems like a big mess of emotions over emotions piling up, with nothing to pacify you. What could be the relief? Well, it is right here; a perfect bachelorette party.

Having your emotions on the rise, a nice or should I say, a naughty with an underlying YOLO touch bachelorette party would be a great idea to channelize all that stress. Please follow the link to know how to decorate your home for bachelorette party.

So here are some fun games that you could play on your bachelorette a.k.a. stress-release day:

You could go both mild and/or wild with your games. I will guide you on both.

 10 Naughty and fun games to play at a bachelorette party


A week or two before the wedding, have all the girlfriends of the bride to come up with fun and naughty questions for the groom to answer, email them to him and write all the answers down. On the bachelorette, each of you girls ask one question at a time and let the bride to be guess. For mild you could put easy going questions, like, what his favorite piece of clothing is. For wild, ask him his guilty pleasure.


If you are at her bachelorette party, chances are you are well posted on her ex-flames, hook ups and beyond. Well if not all of you, most of you definitely are. So put the information to the best use, you won’t get a better opportunity. All you have to do is to pretend to be one of her exes and re-enact one of the memory she had with them.

This one really depends on the kind of people you have at the party. The crazy your friends are the wild it would get, the boring they are, the milder the game would be. So invite all those extrovert, easy going, and okay to laugh at themselves kind of friends.


Have the bride and her friends bake cakes. Although, bachelorette may not be the best occasion to brush up on your baking skills, the team with the best baker might as well have the most fun. Here is how, you can ask your girls to whip a naughty cake, let say, a busty or a bikini cake. However, if you have underage sisters and/or cousins coming to the party, this might not be a great idea, so go with simple sugar cookies. But hey, the choice is yours.


Since it is her last day of being unmarried, get her drunk before she has to say sober and all lady-like. Buy a roll of bright ribbon and tie a bow round each guest’s wrist. Whenever the bride to be wants a drink, she will untie someone’s bow and that person has to buy her a drink or a shot of her choice.


If you are planning the party outdoors, this game is for you. Make sure all your girls are ready to play. All you have to do is to get rate cards. Prepare 10 cards for each girl and play the game. The rules are simple, if you are at a restaurant, or a bar, just hand the cards to the girls and have them rate the guys around. The hotter the guy the higher the grade will become. The game would become even more fun if there is a “no way” card. If you want to make it wilder, have the bachelorette dance with different men and have her rate them.


Sign up for some fun work shop. This depends highly on the interest and the choice of the bachelorette. Try to know what skill she may want to brush up on, and book accordingly. If you are going for a milder one, sign up for a cooking or crafts class. However, if you are looking for fun, hire a stripper (read: not to strip, although you can have her/him if you like) or a pole dancer to help you perfect your skills.


Everybody loves Pictionary. This is why it can be a great idea for a bachelorette. All you have to do is choose words that are related to wedding, like; wedding dress, jewelry, pandit etc. Print those words on a little piece of paper and put them in a bowl. You will also need a white board and marker. Now divide the girls in two teams. Each team would pick a piece of paper and will have to draw whatever it says and the rest of the team have to guess. This could be a lot of fun, if you would like to have it on the naughtier side, pick words like; lingerie, dirt talk, karma sutra etc.


Well you cannot really call it a game, game, but it surely is something that most of you would like to do. Give your bride to be a relaxing and stress free day. Know what she would prefer to do. You could suggest spa treatment or nail art for a mild one. On a wilder die you can suggest nude mud baths or hot springs. If you want your bride to earn it, come up with an easy-to-win game; basically just have her enjoy a relax therapy.


Almost all of us know this game by heart. We all at one point or the other have played this in our lives. If no, this is your chance to try it. Everyone has to hold a drink and complete the phrase “never have I ever…” with a true statement on their turn. For whoever the statement is untrue need to have a sip of their drink, for anyone who the statement is true can skip it. To make the whole thing more fun, reveal scandalous and outrageous things you have done.


Carry on the tradition of almost every girl party. Dare the girls to say the truth or dare to dare them with some daring dares. Ha-ha. That is a lot of daring, but truly it is one of the most fun games to play. You are by now a pro at it anyways. If you want to make it truly something to remember, do your homework and put the girls on spot. You will surly come to know about something you never knew about them. Please read the article about the things men/women can share with their friends but not spouses

Let’s take a look:

Quiz the groom, ask about casual things Ask some fun and naughty things
Bake some cute sugar cookies or nice cup cakes Whip up a naughty cake to remember
This holds true for both mild and wild.

Get the girl drunk, buy her drinks of her choice

Rate the men, all the girls can take part Have the bride dance with strangers and rate them
Use this time to learn some cooking and crafting Have her learn some lap/pole dance
Pick word and guess by Pictionary Pick erotic and naughty words to make it wild
Pamper her at a spa or nail salon Give her a chance to let loose and enjoy
Never have I ever with some truth revealing wild fun with some wild confessions
Give it to the tradition and play truth and dare Keep calm and play on

With these games, you are on your way for some kickass bachelorette party. Enjoy!

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