10 Parameters Which Decide the Number of Guest to Send Invites

10 Parameters Which Decide the Number of Guest to Send Invites

Your wedding is a very exciting event. It can also be very tiring. There are a number of things that you need to plan. From your budget to the venue to your dress, everything should be planned well before time. However, the one thing that stresses out everyone is the guest list. It is a big task to decide, who to invite and who to leave. There are a large number of factors that affect your guest list. Oftentimes, we get confused about the people that need to attend your wedding. If you are also stuck on the guest list for your wedding, here are ten parameters that will decide the number of guests to which you can send the invites. These parameters can help you to plan a luxurious wedding with unexpectedly small budget

10 Parameters Which Decide the Number of Guest to Send Invites



The number of the guests in your wedding will have a huge effect on your budget. Therefore, it is important to keep the numbers of guests in check, if you do not want your budget to go haywire. Split your wedding budget under different headings and find out how much money can be spent on food and sitting arrangement for guests. Use this figure to find out the number of guests you can invite, without disturbing your budget. Because these are the unexpected cost a planner forget to budget for.


The venue you have chosen for your reception will also have a great impact on the headcount. For instance, if you are planning to invite some three hundred odd people at your wedding, but the venue you have chosen has a seating capacity of only two hundred and fifty, then your reception hall can be in a bit of mess. If you have made your list with more head count than your venue can handle, then try to downsize it, to avoid any chaos on your big day. Keep your list really simple and remove anyone who you feel is not important enough for you to invite on your wedding. Because the number of guest you are inviting is important before You Finalize Your Wedding Venue


Your closest family members will have big dreams for your wedding. They will have friends and acquaintances that they would want to invite to your wedding, even if you don’t know these people personally. Therefore, your family is one of the biggest factors that will affect your guest list.  The best thing is to have a discussion with the family about the guests they each wish to invite. For instance, out of hundred invites, your parents may need 30 and your siblings may also need ten to twenty. This will give you a fair idea of how many invitations you can send.


May be you do not want that your aunt who doesn’t approve of you, come to your wedding. But the truth of the matter is that you cannot simply ignore your relatives, especially when it is something as big as your wedding. The wisest thing to do is to list down all your relatives and send them the invite. May be you can leave the distant ones. But your closest relatives will make a big part of the guest list. Therefore, before sending invites to others, start your list with your relatives. If they cancel the plan, you can invite someone else.


Your best friends perhaps do not need an invite to your wedding anyway. But good friends may. Deciding which friend to invite and which to leave can be a bit tricky. There are a few things that you can consider.

  • If the invitee is a friend of your friend, and you hardly meet him or her, then there is no need to send invitations.
  • If you have a friend, whom you have not talked to since last several years, then they also shouldn’t be a part of your wedding list.
  • When a supposedly friend rings you and you turn your phone in a silent mode, then this person also shouldn’t be invited.
  • Similarly if someone does the same with your phone calls, then obviously they ought not to be present in your wedding.
  • Just because someone has invited you to his or her wedding five years back, and you have not seen them since then, there is no reason to send an obligatory invite to them.


Sending an invite to a co-worker is much trickier than the friends. You spend a lot of time with your co-workers. Perhaps much more than you spent, or are going to spend with your significant other. Does that mean all fifty of your office mates need to be on your wedding guest list? The answer is no. The closest friends of yours in the office, with whom you have already socialized outside the work, are the ones that need to be invited. Rest may actually not want to change their weekend plan, to attend your wedding.

Time of the year

At which time of the year your wedding is due, plays a major role in your guest lists as well as the footfall at your reception venue. If it is during the vacations, expect a lot of people to be out of town, enjoying their holiday’s with family. So, you will have to check with your potential invitees, whether they already have a plan somewhere else, before you send them an invitation. Make sure that your invitation list has a section mentioning the reason, why someone is declining the invitation.

Type of wedding

Your wedding is perhaps the biggest day of your life. And it sure has to be the way you want it to be. How do you plan your wedding? Is it a destination wedding? Is it a small private affair or a big fat page three wedding? The way you plan your wedding will decide the number of guests to send the invite. If it is really a small wedding, with only your closest friends and family members, then you do not need an elaborate guest list. If your wedding is really going to be the talk of the town, with a number of who’s who, then your guest list will probably be much larger. Make sure it still fits your budget.

The extended invitation

Whether you are inviting friends, relatives, or co-workers, you cannot ignore their spouses and their kids as well. Even if you have a friend who is single, you might expect him or her to bring someone to your wedding. Therefore, keep in mind that when you are sending out twenty invitations, you are basically inviting twenty families and not twenty persons. Wherever you are making your list, keep adding plus one, plus two, plus three with each invitation, depending upon how many family members you expect them to bring along.

The Must-Invite List and the May-Be List

There are people, you would absolutely want in your wedding. Then there are people, with whom you would enjoy your time, but they are not must to your wedding. Therefore, it is important to keep two different lists. The first list is to invite those, who have to be there in your wedding and the second for those, who may be in your wedding. If people from the first list decline the invitation citing various reasons, then you can fill the place with the ones in the second list. You can call it your A list and B list, or whatever name suits your fancy.

At last it is even more important to know about do’s and dont’s while selecting invitation cards

Name Address Phone# Kids Invited Accepted Declined No of Guests Remarks
Invitee#1 Invitee#1 Address xxxx-xxxxxx 2 Yes Yes 4
Invitee#2 Invitee#2 Address xxxx-xxxxxx 0 Yes Yes 2
Invitee#3 Invitee#3 Address xxxx-xxxxxx 0 Yes Yes Out on a Family Vacation
Invitee#4 Invitee#4 Address xxxx-xxxxxx 1 Yes Yes 3
Total 3 4 3 1 9


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