10 Things to Consider Before You Finalize Your Wedding Venue

10 Things to Consider Before You Finalize Your Wedding Venue

Yes, weddings are fun – but only when all things are in order. This is why you must make sure that things, like your wedding venue are selected properly. Albeit it is a challenging task to book the right venue, but if done right, it could really make or break your wedding day experience. In fact, it could go a long way in making your wedding day smooth. Many people regret not having taken care of the important things before choosing a venue. This is the biggest part of the wedding budget.

There are a lot of little things to consider before choosing a venue, but if your wedding is just three months away, and you are getting married on an on season, you might not get the best venues that take care of all your needs. So plan ahead and plan right.

10 Things to Consider Before You Finalize Your Wedding Venue

Here are the few things which you MUST consider before finalizing your wedding venue:

  1. Location safety: You don’t want to get married in a place that is far from the city and secluded. This is very important – a lot of jewelries and other precious possessions are exchanged during marriages. Another thing is that since a lot of people will be coming over, you need to make sure that the venue can actually hold that number of people without failure of any one of the resources. You don’t want the lights to go off or the room to become too hot. Safety should be well rounded and should be your first priority while looking for wedding venues. You can also read an article to know wedding in farm house: pros and cons.
  2. Check all your necessities: Weddings are grand events. It is easy to get swept up by the idea of having a “once in a lifetime” event, especially when wedding planners and bookers are pushing you to. But here’s the thing – don’t lose sight of the things that are really necessary. Make sure that they count first and all the things come second, because at the end of the day, those are the things which will ensure a firm wedding event. If need be, make a list of all the important things you are looking for in your venue, and then sort through them.
  3. Ask a lot of questions: I know you are in a rush and the ambience is getting busier as you are approaching your final wedding day, but don’t get swept by them. Ask the venue owners a lot of questions before finalizing it. There is a chance that they are giving you a lot of unimportant details to steer your mind off the important things you need to know – and at the end of the day little things mean a lot. So ask all the important questions related to your venue and make sure that all the important aspects are concerned, like the proximity.
  4. Accessibility: Your beauticians, your relatives, YOU and your would-be, all have to travel to the same venue. So make sure that it is centered in the city and is easily accessible. If you choose to get married in a remote location quite in the interior of the city, then make sure that it is still accessible. In some cases, the wedding halls and the resorts will light up the pathway till the venue. If you do so, then make sure that you have notified the authorities about it beforehand – the last thing you want is someone coming to protest about the lights right before you tie the knot.
  5. Number of invites: How many people are you expecting at your wedding? Actually this is one of the top priorities. The number of guests you are sending invites will decide how big or small your venue is going to be. Indian weddings are often accompanied by some 500 to 1000 guests. Your job is to make sure that your venue is large enough to support this number of people. All the facilities, the requirements are dependent upon this factor itself. If you’re unsure how many are coming over from your would-be’s side, ask them before looking for the venue.
  6. Facilities: One of the most common thing you hear after a wedding is that some or the other relative has had a problem. For example, you often hear people saying, “My wedding venue was grand and gorgeous. It’s said that my aunt complains because she has a knee problem and cannot climb up the stairs.” These are the kind of things you must take care of. A wedding involves the happiness of the guests and the hosts alike – so make sure that you have ticked off everyone in your mind before you have chosen all the facilities. Talk to your fiancé and get to know what would be the things to avoid and include from their side too.
  7. Always have a backup: Yes, a backup for the wedding venue too. This is where 90% of the weddings go wrong. You think it is a waste of money to invest in two venues or have a backup plan but think of this – what if something odd happens to your wedding venue right on your big day? I have heard some women complain, “My wedding venue was an open air hall, but right on my wedding day rain ruined everything.” Whatever the reason may be, rain or anything else, your best chance is to always have a back up so that on your big day there is a smile on everyone’s face instead of frown. Call up the authorities and ask if they have any back up for some unforeseen circumstances.
  8. Deciding on your wedding theme: Selection of the right venue also depends upon the wedding theme you are going to keep. If not a theme, then at least the style and the feel. For example, having lavender colored lights and themes all over – or going all the way with red. Classy, elegant, sassy or top notch – whatever be your preference, make sure that your theme and decorations go according to it. This will save a lot of bucks on your bookings. This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your theme. But of course it is not easy to fit all themes into one venue. So choose wisely. One of the things is true that many couples feel that there is no reason to decide upon a specific theme for a wedding – but it is actually quite necessary if you want to avoid excessive unwanted decorations.
  9. Make sure you know about the cancellation policies: Yes, refund and cancellation policies cannot be overlooked amidst all else. What if some emergencies were to arise? Be fully prepared for all the odds and you are good to go.
  10. Have a dream venue? Book early: if you are in a metro city, and have eyes for the best venues in town, be sure that these venues are the first to get booked – and they are always booked over a year before the wedding. So if you want a grand venue, you will have to start preparing from much earlier. This is one of the things, and besides, if you venue happens to fulfill all your requirements then don’t delay and book it right away. Indeed there are some venues which can be booked two or three months in advance, but don’t wait around to book it till the last minute. One of the best ways to save some money is to book early, keep this in mind. Also, the availability of the places tends to decrease as you wait longer.

Things you must know about resorts and hotels before booking

In hotels: you usually cannot bring your own caterer. You will be charged per plate, per persons. So the number of people multiplied by the price per plate is your total charge for food and caterer. This is minus the DJ and other charges.

In Resorts: Resorts are more flexible and there are two ways you can be charged. First, you can book a resort just for its space and bring your caterer, DJ and all services from elsewhere. Second, you can avail their full package and get all their decorations, DJ, catering service, etc., from the main resort itself. Please follow the link to know pros and cons of weddings in the farm house.

Now it depends upon you which one you will choose depending upon their availability and all the points mentioned above.

Here is a quick review of all the aforementioned points:

Ensure the location of the venue is fully safe and secure
Make sure all the things that you will need are present in the venue
Get to know more details about the venue and ask more questions
Make sure the venue is easily accessible for all your guests
Chalk out the number of guests from both the sides of the family
Facilities should be all inclusive and well thought out
Ensure that there is a backup plan in or around the venue
Having a wedding theme will cut back on unnecessary costs
Find out about the cancellation charges and refund policies
Book as early as possible to get better charges and avoid rush
In Hotels you cannot bring your own caterers
Resorts are more flexible in terms of booking

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