10 ways to choose a perfect wedding date which is suitable to all

10 ways to choose a perfect wedding date which is suitable to all

Running around the Mall, picking your favorite stuff would all be in vain if you do not know when the big day is. I mean, big part of the Indian culture is relying upon tomorrow, I bet no one is virgin to something like; “aray bhaiii, kya hua agar venue aj nai final hua, kal kar lein gay, Hall konsa bhaaga jaraha hai.” I know right! As bad as it sounds, the implications are worse.

If you want people to witness you tying the knot with the love of your life (read: for arranged marriage couples, he/she later may become one), you need to set the date that suits everyone!


It can be a problem. Why? Well, you are trying to coordinate something that a several hundred people could attend, a big deal like that is bound to face some scheduling conflicts. Nevertheless, turning your anxiety level down, I will now pronounce that we are here to help you set the date. How cool is that!

The steps:


What did say about “the Indian Culture”? Exactly, big and foremost part of Indian wedding is the astrological point of view.  If you believe in astrology then you should know how to define your wedding according to your sun and moon signs .Now of course people do it but, it is difficult to give in to that exact date that the astrologer gives you. So a better way is to ask the astrologer to give you a set of dates that you could pick and choose from. This gives you the space that you want for picking the date of your choice. Please follow the link to know know kundli matching is necessary for wedding or not.


Many of the modern youth does not like to rely upon fortune tellers or astrological dates, for that matter. As for those, they could pick the day that they like e.g. it could be romantic to get married on the day the couple first met. Some even like to get married on their grand parents’ anniversary. Whatever the case may be, the choice is pretty wide.


Keeping in mind the right season is another important thing before setting the date. I mean you probably would not want to sweat in your heavily embellished wedding dress in mid-summer, or have your fiancé go through the pain of wearing a suit in 40 degrees. However, if you are fun loving big on sweat dancing; you could always pick a summer date. Also if you have a favorite flower that only comes in the summer or winter, you probably want to set a date accordingly.

In our part of the world, however, extreme summer dates are generally avoided due to obvious reasons. So you may want to go for spring, say March and/or April or just the start of the winter i.e. end of September and start of October.


If you are on a limited wedding budget, planning a wedding during peak wedding times won’t be a very good idea. However, to avoid high costs, you can plan the wedding off season. No matter what the season is if you hold the ceremony in doors, season won’t be a big problem. As for your favorite flowers you could always use artificial alternatives. Please follow the link to know how to plan a luxurious wedding with small budget.

 Wedding Venue

Picture your wedding and what exactly you want it to look like. If you want to have your wedding at your favorite venue and God Forbid it is taken, then you are left with very few options. Hence, we come to two conclusions; one: plan ahead, two: book your venue way ahead. You venue is one of the things that your wedding day depends highly upon. Please read the article to know how to decide the right venue for wedding.


Traditionally Indian wedding mostly take place indoors but now the trends are changing, people are getting married both indoors and outdoors. Personally I think, outdoors give you a wide variety of decoration options, plus who does not like to enjoy the beautiful bare sky while they are merrymaking.

If you are planning to get married outdoors keep in mind the weather. Monsoon would not be a good time to hold a wedding outdoors, of course. Also, your dream dress may be velvet, which is definitely not a thing of the summer, or say a sleeveless dress in sheer winter, whatever the case, it is a no-no. So choose wisely. Please read the article to know the pros and cons of wedding at farm houses.


If you are the kind of person who cried their eyes out to their mums complaining, why you were not born on Independence Day, when everybody should be celebrating your birthday. This is the perfect date for you. Most couples want their wedding on Valentine’s Day to their big day an extra romantic tinge. It is also a good option because most holidays come with long weekends and offs, so you can expect your long distance relatives to easily make it to the wedding.


Check with your loved ones who you just cannot afford to be missing on your big day. Since you are an Indian, chances are one of your siblings or your cousin cum best friend is living abroad. Now of course you wouldn’t not want them on your wedding, so take their schedule into account and set your date accordingly. Also, look out for the exam season; a lot of people tend to skip weddings if their kids have a test the next day.


One of the things that most of us plan even before the wedding is the honeymoon. If you have such plans then you must have planned where and when do you want to go. This also makes it easier for you to pick a wedding date. For example, if you are planning it in Malaysia, you do not want to go during the monsoon season, so spring wedding would be the perfect time for the big day.


Remember, this day is going to be one of the most special days of your life that you will celebrate with your spouse for the rest of your life. So it is more about what you want for your wedding. For example, if you have your wedding on a holiday, chances are your anniversary will be over shadowed by the festivities of the holiday. Your anniversary may be a big deal for you but not as much for those around you, who would be busier with say, Diwali, Eid, Christmas etc.

At last please follow the link to know the number of creative ways to say ‘save the date’ to your guest.

In retrospect:

Take the Pandit ji into consideration. Let him set a date for you Not keeping true to your roots and thus not consulting with the Pandit ji
If you do not want to ask the elders or the clerics just Suite yourself. After all, it’s your big day Not doing what makes you happy
Choose the season that suits your mood Not checking up the weather
Date depends upon the venue and the time and all that depends upon the budget. So set accordingly Jumping blindly into any date available without considering the costs
Venue plays immensely in your date. So better consider it Like I said, jumping blindly may not be the best way to set the date.
Indoor and outdoor is just as important as the venue You just cannot do without it. It is an essential.
Plan your fun wedding around a holiday season and add  to the festivities There is no hard and fast rule to this one. Pan it on a holiday or no, is up to you
Sync your schedule with your absolute wanted guests Do not coordinate and set the date. Who cares if no one shows up, right?
Set a date just before your honey moon. Nothing is sweeter than fling out straight out of wedding. Ha-ha No hard and fast rule applies. It is your wedding so suit yourself.
Choose wisely the date that is you will celebrate for the rest of your life Setting a date without considering everything.

Once you have reached a date, send out the invitations so your friends and family could save the date.

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