10 Ways to keep your Guests Dancing All night at Your Wedding

10 Ways to keep your Guests Dancing All night at Your Wedding

You want to see your guests throw in all their moves to the dance floor at your wedding, but don’t know how to just go about it? It is indeed a great feeling to see even that shy aunt of yours dancing at your wedding just for you. A gala event is remembered when everyone is having fun. Creating that magic is not easy. You not only have to have great music but you must make some extra arrangements to keep them glued to the dance floor. This become even more creative if you will be able to entertain you guest with music.

After all, it is your big night and it is no bigger buzz kill than seeing a vacant dance floor on a grand wedding. However, there are certain tips that keep the guests dancing all night long.


10 Ways to keep your Guests Dancing All night at Your Wedding

Learn the secret here:

  1. Build the mood first: Right after the night has set in and your guests have one after the other had their cocktails and mock tails drinks, it is the right time to set the mood for dancing. Bear in mind that the guests need a warm up session too – don’t be expecting them to just jump into the dance floor unless they have the energy of Ranveer Singh. So build the pace slowly – asks the DJ to play music that slowly peps up the ambience or better still – ask your relatives to perform. If your cousins have some numbers prepared for your wedding, this is the right time for them to perform it. But you should always aware of do’s and don’t of serving the drink.
  2. Everyone loves the Desi beat: Yes you read that right – everyone loves western tunes these days, but when it comes to dancing all night long, nothing beats the desi beats! This is true for all occasions, not just weddings, so you simply cannot miss this tip. Ensure that you have all the peppy new and old hits on your playlist. Ask the DJ to keep them for the last, because when all your family is on the dance floor, they can’t just help but keep moving all night long on the dance floor to these tunes. This is the perfect strategy to keep them on the dance floor till the morning. Please follow the link to know the beautiful sangeet songs.
  3. Ensure that the dance floor is big enough for everyone: You don’t want your aunt crashing onto your uncle when she is dancing. Both will feel uncomfortable, not to mention that some of them might not even come up on the dance floor when they see that it is crammed up. There’s a simple way you can determine how big the dance floor should be. For example, you have 500 guests, a 25’x25’ space could do. For 300 guests, 18’x18’ dance floor would be nice. So try and adjust this way – a little bit here and there would be okay assuming that the number of guests have been kept the same. So, give them the dance floor and watch them coming in!
  4. Keep your dance floor the main focal point of the room: Don’t tuck your dance floor to the corner. This will alienate your guests. Imagine your marriage hall, you are facing the dance floor hall and the guests are all around the dance floor. When the music starts spinning, they all come down to the centre and keep dancing. This is the ideal situation. Don’t keep the dance floor on the corner where people feel they will be stuck up inside to dance. This is why many people don’t dance at their weddings. This aspect will come in when you are choosing a venue for your wedding. Keep this in mind.
  5. Ditch your iPod: We understand how much you love your music and how much faith you have in that playlist of yours – but the truth is that there is a reason why DJs were invented in the first place. They will totally light up the pace and your guests will not be able to keep their floor off the feet. Another plus is that, the DJ will interact with the crowd and there’s a fair chance that the DJ is well acquainted with the mood of the crowd at such weddings and knows just how to get them on the dance floor so your job will be half done here. So keep the iPod playlist for yourself. Let the DJ weave his or her magic on the dance floor here.
  6. Keep a late night snacks scheme: Don’t let the dinner be the last bite your guests have because chances are there that after dinner they will shed all that extra energy on the dance floor and then they will again get tired. For this reason, keep some late night snacks in the list to help the guests feel energized up after a heavy dance session. You keep them fueled and they will light up the dance floor for you. This is one of the best ways to keep them coming in.
  7. Keep a sandal stand or a place to keep their shoes off: When we are thinking about dancing all night long, we have to really keep in mind that at least half the guests are wearing high heel sandals – which not to mention are really uncomfortable to dance in. if they dance in their high heels and their heavy shoes, after some time, their feet will be hurting and they will require so sit down and rest. Don’t let this situation arise – ask them to keep off their shoes by the side while they dance- let them really unwind. Ask your parents to do this first so that they do not feel awkward doing this. Really tell them to let themselves lose. This will make them enjoy your wedding wholeheartedly.
  8. Play the age old divide and rule policy: Divide your guests into either male and female, young and new generation, or bride’s family and groom’s family. Then ask them to show their moves one by one from each group. Slowly the competition will get fiercer and they will be getting even more competitive. This always works because when it comes to defending their own kind, people always put in their 100%. Don’t be surprised when you even see that shy aunt coming up to show her moves. But it is always a good idea to end this friendly battle with everyone coming up on the dance floor to cease fire. This too will ensure that they are on the dance floor even after the battle has ended.
  9. Set up a performance for them: You can bring in some dance troop that are known locally or someone you yourself have wanted to see on the dance floor for some time. You can bring them up to set the mood for the party. A treat will break the ice and let your guests know that this party is going to be fun. They will come up on the dance floor by themselves after sometime when their favorite song plays. Alternatively, you can dance yourself and show the guests how to do it. If you come up on the dance floor, there is going to be nothing more personal than it. Make sure that you call up as many people as you can while on the dance floor so that more number of people can enjoy the dance already and keep the momentum while you’re slowly backing away.
  10. Don’t fuss over your ceremony music: During your wedding, you have plenty of other things to attend to and music is the last thing on your mind. But don’t get too wound up thinking “OMG I haven’t thought about the music to be played!” You want everything to be perfect, but it is totally alright if you haven’t selected your music because your DJ already knows what is getting people wired up in marriages. Plus, the really recent songs and the peppy songs – the ones you have been listening are probably the ones that your guests have also been listening to and those are the songs that will get them grooving on the dance floor. So there’s no reason to fret about it. Talk to your DJ and lighten up!

Here’s a recap of all the points:

Start building the mood at the right time after they’ve had their starters or cocktails
Stick to the roots and play the music that most people connect to at the party
Make sure that the dance floor is big enough for the number of guests that are coming
Let the dance floor be situated at the centre of the room so that they can gather around
Don’t play music on your iPhone play list because real ambience can be created by a DJ
Keep late night snacks in order, so that your guests can refuel
Let them open their shoes and dance so that they can dance longer without feet ache
Divide your guests into two parts and let them battle it out on the dance floor
Surprise your guests by setting up a performance for them
Let the DJ play the latest hits and the grooviest numbers – don’t over think your playlist

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