11 Ways to make your stay at home honeymoon best forever

11 Ways to make your stay at home honeymoon best forever

Indian weddings, we all know, are pompous and showy. I mean, where else do you hear someone spending more than 55 crore on a wedding.  Even the people define their honeymoon destination based on their zodiac sign. Leave the celebrities alone, but even the normal people want a fairytale wedding followed by a luxurious honeymoon. Generally couple plan to go to dream destinations outside India.  Sometimes couples plans to go dream destination for their honeymoon in India.

One of the things I absolutely despise about South Asian culture is that they spend tons and tons of money on the wedding dinner and leave almost nothing for the honeymoon. I mean enough of being a people pleaser. Give yourself the honeymoon you deserve. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the reality, now that you have spent almost all of your money on your big day, it is time to use that little left behind fund on a fun honeymoon. Of course taking a plan to a world renowned honeymoon destination is out of question, but you can definitely pull of one great one at home. Sounds bizarre, not really?

11 Ways to make your stay at home honeymoon best forever


Either give your home a new look by moving in some new furniture or decorate with your favorite flowers and fragrant candles, rose petals on the bed, put some romantic music on, have breakfast and dinner in your bed, basically turn your bedroom into a 5 star honeymoon suite. Hire a maid to clean up and cook. Please follow the link to know how to decorate your house for your Bachelorette Party.


Yes, you heard it right. Cut your ties with the rest of the world for a day or two. Since it is going to be the time post your wedding, you probably do not have to go to work. So switch off your phone, get away from your computer, basically just disconnect from the world as if you were on a deserted island, only you will have your honey by your side. However, lucid planning is a pre-requisite, since you do not want to not know what to do after you detach yourself from the world.


We all want to keep alive that spark that we first had when we met our partners. In which case, this is the perfect way to re-live those butterflies’ moments. Go to the same spot where you first went on a date. Tell the manager you just got married and maybe he will offer complimentary food or desert. Wear the same dress or if it was a long time back, go shop for similar clothes. It would be more fun since now you both will be picking the clothes out together.


If you cannot afford to fly out to your favorite holiday destination, no worries, be a tourist in your town. This includes any such spot you have never been to. If you are adventurous pack your bag pack and go out rock climbing or paragliding or anything that excites you. You could also visit tourist website for your town and you will be surprised how many tourist spots you have not been to.


Embrace the nature around. A very domestic one could be go stargazing to the roof of your house. If you live in a big city try going to some place away from civilization (just a few miles). You could even go watch the sunset. If you live near a water source, say, a lake, a river or the beach, this is a perfect date for you. Bring homemade food, blanket and enjoy.


If you are not flying out to a honeymoon spot, chances are you can finance yourself a nice stay for the weekend at a swanky hotel. This would make you feel almost like you are on a vacation because it is a place you do not normally visit. Some of these rooms have a Jacuzzi or a hot-tub where you can have fun with you partner and may be practice your real out of town honeymoon!


Planning a vacation abroad means you will be trying a lot of foreign food. However, you can do that while staying back home. Just look up for suggestions on some good foreign cuisine restaurants and visit one, each day one meal. This would give you a wee bit taste of foreign land.


Nothing revives your lost energy from the wedding like a good day at spa, if it is with your partner, makes for an added advantage. Just make an appointment for couple’s spa. You can have heart-to-heart and enjoy each other’s company.


Make a movie of yourself to watch few years later, or film something for your kids. Talk about what you expect from your marriage in the next ten years and then vow to watch it on the same day ten years later. You can tell your story of how met, or when did you decide to finally get married. an even fun thing is to make vines every single day or multiple times a day.


If you know you are going to home honeymoon, prepare beforehand. Look up some recipes that your spouse would like (preferably their favorite cuisine), make one dish every day, either together or surprise each other.


Look up for coming up events in your town. Chances are there is going to be a concert or a play etc. Prefer according to your personality. If you categorize yourself as crazy, wait for Honey Singh to rock you. If you want to sway along the music in your head, Pankaj Udas is your guy. Book your tickets according to the time and day that suites you and enjoy.

And last but not end you can follow the link to know how to look perfect on your honeymoon.

Planning ahead Having high expectations and low finances
Make do with what you have Planning the unattainable
Getting aloof from the world for quality time Not giving time to your partner
Use your resources to the best, your home, your town, upcoming events etc Planning poorly and not exhausting your resources to research
Do not tire yourself, honeymoon is your relax time Planning exhausting activities

While these are fun ideas, do not forget to plan a “real” honeymoon.

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