14 Things Bride Needs to Keep in Emergency Kit During Her Wedding

14 Things Bride Needs to Keep in Emergency Kit During Her Wedding

For a Bride, the wedding day is like a super emergency day when she needs everything to go perfectly alight. In those hours of anticipation and stress you need to have your own survival kit. If not anything else, these will at least give you the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared to face the odds.

14 Things Bride Needs to Keep in Emergency Kit During Her Wedding

So it is important for every bride to carry her own emergency kit to situation. You will rule out the possibility of throwing a whole roomful of people into search mode and can keep calm and get married – quite literally! So make an emergency kit with these things:

  1. Safety Pins: What is the one thing that holds our things together? Yes, you guessed it already – it is safety pins. You will need to have these in your kit in case something comes off or that dupatta won’t stay in one position. Nobody can deny the miracle that is the safety pin. You will be wearing so much of heavy clothing and embroidery that you will need to make sure that they don’t malfunction – hence the safety pins.
  2. Bobby pins: After safety pins, another pin that saves the day for every girl is the bobby pins. Dancing lets lose all of the headgear many times and having a Bobby pin at hand will ensure that you quietly tie in all the loose locks without panicking. A bobby pin is a must have in every woman’s wedding survival kit.
  3. Granola Bars: Weddings are physically very demanding – you will have to stand, dance, carry a half kilo lehenga on top of that and still smile and look refreshed. You cannot survive the day without pushing some protein rich energy snack into your survival kit. Just grab a bite whenever you feel tired and feel refreshed. This way you can go through your day without becoming “hangry”- as most brides tend to be out of hunger.
  4. Tissues: Keep tissues at hand. Those pheras won’t come before you sit in front of the holy pyre. But the smoke from the burn often causes irritation in eyes – keep tissues at hand to avoid having a messy makeup. Tissues also come at handy for a lot of other things. Make sure to keep them at hand. The bride should not have to make her search team wander for a pair of tissues.
  5. Band Aid: Don’t forget that you will be walking in your new zardosi shoes all throughout the day. Also those shoes are going to be heavy and might give you blisters. You must keep either a Blister lotion or a pack of band aid in your kit. A band aid is the basis of an emergency kit and you cannot forget to have one in your pack of things.
  6. Antacid: An antacid will save the day when your tummy is making loud noises – or is about to. You will either have many starters or fast throughout the day depending on which custom you follow, but either way your tummy is going to churn. So keeping an antacid is a must for every bride. Ensure that you have at least 3-4 of them – just in case.
  7. Sanitary Napkins or Tampons: A no brainer – a woman’s purse should always carry a sanitary napkin. You think you are way past your date, and you have already had your periods for the month, but the wedding stress and the sleepless nights can wreak havoc with your schedule and also, you can never be too sure. It is best to have one or two of these in your emergency kit.
  8. Stain remover wipes: You will be able to find some if you Google them. These wipes can save your wedding dress from the attack of the harsh stains. Plus, you can be a kind bride instead of the Bridezilla with these stain removing wipes. These are compulsory for the wedding event and every bride should personally carry one with her.
  9. Pain reliever or allergy medicine: If you have allergies, carry your allergy medicine with you. A pain reliever is a must carry. You have to be thoughtful about the other ones too – if you don’t need them, someone else might.
  10. A full first aid kid: As already mentioned above, carrying band aids is a must for any first aid kit, but just in case, carry the whole mini first aid kit with you with the burn reliever and antiseptic. With a house bustling with so many people and so much hustle bustle around – it is a must to keep safety first. Hence, carry a first aid kit within your emergency kit.
  11. Power banks/ phone charger: Keep your charger and your phone’s charge always the first priority. You might need to call someone urgently and your phone is about to die – this should not happen because the wedding event will not go as planned. If the power bank is too large to fit, the charger will also do the trick always.
  12. Pen and Notepad: Have a tiny notepad and a few extra pens. You can send someone a message or can also write “thank you” notes to the ones who have been extra helpful. You might also need to sign the registrar during the wedding so a pen will always come handy.
  13. Mini Sewing kit: Have extra buttons, threads, embroidery, etc, inside them. Just in the nick of time, having a mini sewing kit at hand will give you a lot of peace of mind.
  14. Mirror: How can we forget about the one thing the brides need the most? A mirror! You will not have to ask your cousin “is my hair alright?” for the 50th time, if you have a mirror at hand. Carry one that can be opened so that the face of the mirror does not get smudged, and enjoy the rest of the day admiring yourself sometimes and making sure you are looking your best.

So, here’s the full list of the things that a bride needs to have in her purse: 

Serial No. Things a bride needs to have These can save the day because
1 Safety pins In case your dupatta won’t stay in position or you need that right fit
2 Bobby Pins You need it to keep your hair in position in case a lock tucks out
3 Granola Bars So that the bride can regain her lost energy and keep herself filled
4 Tissues You are going to feel the need of a tissue or two during your day
5 Band Aid Keep a band aid for the blisters in your feet with the new shoes
6 Antacid Keep antacid to beat that wedding stomach gurgle most brides have
7 Sanitary Napkin or Tampons You must keep them – even if you don’t need it someone might
8 Stain remover wipe This is a no brainer. You will need them in all wedding occasions
9 Pain reliever or allergy medicine Carry all your allergy medicines and pain relievers with you at all times
10 A full first aid kit Keep a full first aid kit with you because safety always comes first
11 Power banks/ phone charger Phone chargers and power banks can ensure you stay connected to the rest of the world and your phone doesn’t die on you.
12 Pen and Notepad Keep a pen or two and a notepad always in your kit. You never know when you may need one
13 Mini Sewing kit Carry a sewing kit with thread, buttons and needles – so that you can take care of emergencies
14 Mirror You need a mirror so that you don’t have to keep asking your friends how to you look all the time


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