6 Things A Bride Must Eat During Her Wedding

6 Things A Bride Must Eat During Her Wedding

Wedding is the most crucial time of your life and therefore your diet plan for the same day should be very carefully carved. Make sure that you eat properly and stay amply hydrated. Of course you will forget to – this event is all centered on you. You probably have the photographer coming at 10 AM and the beautician coming at 11 AM. Your mother is busy managing some important aspects of the wedding. Meanwhile you are missing the eating part. Please follow the link to know how to choose right photographer for your wedding.

Some brides prefer to remain empty so as to prevent bloating during their wedding. But it is not healthy to starve yourself at any time. Yes, there are foods which can help you stay afloat without bloating, but during the wedding times, who has the times to manage their food, especially, when the world seems to be hell bent on feeding you with all sorts of sweets and mithais?

Also there is the pressure of keeping yourself fit and not to put on all those calories which you so tediously lost in the past few months. So, how to hack your wedding diet? There’s a way to do it.

6 Things A Bride Must Eat During Her Wedding


Pre Wedding ‘Nourishing & Enriching’ Food

If you have been following a strict bridal regime to stay fit, so that you can look perfect when different wedding dresses you will wear.Don’t forget to add some focus on your skin as well, because sometimes we tend to lose our skin’s glow while dieting too much. So while you have been trying to lose those extra few kilos, you can do these things to keep the glow on your skin intact and be the most energetic bride on your big day:

  1. Water: It is a no brainer really and having 8 glasses of water to enrich your skin is not a myth. It makes a difference with your skin. However, what really makes a huge difference not only in your skin but your overall system is having lukewarm water right in the morning when you wake up. So ensure that you have a glass of water right after waking up every morning – to flush out the toxins from your system.
  2. Fish and Tofu: The basic idea here is to get high quality protein into your system. So Fishes such as salmon and tofu are the perfect examples of these. Poultry, Halibut and Trout are also ideal examples of these. So you have to just ensure that you not only eat proteins but you aim for high quality proteins, because these are the ones that make that difference in your skin. If you are an Indian bride, you probably will feast on poultry and all sorts of chicken kebabs and chicken tikkas before wedding. This is perfectly ideal as this will add to your skin’s glow.
  3. Oatmeal: The idea here is to cut back on your sugar intake so that you are not in an emotional roller coaster during your wedding dates. Right from six weeks before your wedding, till the day when you actually tie the knot, having an oatmeal breakfast is highly recommended. Also, keep your sugar intake in check, be it in any form tea or beverage. Please follow the link to know the creative ways to say ‘save the date’.
  4. Salads: Waking up with puffy eyes on the day of your wedding is not photogenic. You could help your body lose the extra water by having special salads. For best results, toss a half sliced cucumber into 1/4th cup parsley and add a tinge of lemon into it. It acts as a natural diuretic and removes the excess water from your system with perfect ease. Having it every morning before your breakfast is recommended.
  5. Tropical Fruits: Binge on the tropical foods, because the one thing which you are going to need during your day to day activity is energy and not having enough liquids could leave you feeling extremely tired, especially when you have been forbidden from having beverages and soda. So, to keep yourself rid of the toxins and stay energetic, have tropical fruits like papaya, lemons and mango – which are even better because these are rich in potassium which balances your body’s minerals and fluids.
  6. Chia seeds: Befriend the Chia seeds for they are the source of immense nutrition for your skin. These small seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and nourish the cells. This is how it helps your skin have that extra glow on your wedding day. It is like a magic ingredient to a glowing skin because it retains the moisture into your cells and keeps the toxins out. You will not have to worry about a pimple or any other break out on your skin during your wedding day if you are rejuvenating it from the inside.

Additional tip: Have Oysters

If you want to have a sultry night of romance post your wedding then keep having a lot of Oysters. It has been shown to increase the testosterone levels of your system – a hormone that has been liked with enhanced libido in both men and women. Apart from this Oysters are also packed with the mineral Zinc which makes them the best option to consume to balance both the minerals and the hormone in your system. You could gorge on Oysters with some champagne toasting on your wedding or have it added to one of the meals before your wedding.

On your wedding day

Too many women seem confused about what to eat during on D-Day and end up either eating no food or eating the wrong food. Here’s what will help you stay up on your feet and feel fresh on your big day:

  • Pre breakfast: Wake up and sip on some ginger lemon juice. This will do two things – first up it will clear the toxins in your system and secondly, the fresh lemon, vegetables will charge up your nerves for the hectic day ahead.Please follow the link to know ways to use vegetables for decoration.
  • Breakfast: If you really love your cuppa, enjoy one cup for rejuvenation – too much could lead to unnecessary jitters and anxiety, if possible, steer clear of your coffee altogether. Instead, have some fresh lime juice or green tea to stay up and running throughout the day. This will really go a long way to ensure a balanced day.
  • Lunch: Let the lunch be light. Have some green vegetables along with fish or poultry – but don’t eat till you are brimming. Eat light. Take half a cup of dessert if you must or avoid it altogether. This way you will not feel drowsy or bloated.
  • Snack: Were you going to miss this part altogether? Don’t! Snacking is essential on your wedding day as any other day. It helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced. But there’s one thing you must keep in mind here – don’t gorge on the sugary stuff. If you are an Indian bride and everyone around you is having the delicious jalebis, you will be tempted to have one. Worse still, you might have someone come and push one down your throat. Don’t let that happen to you, keep a handful of dry fruits and churn on them. Show people that your mouth is already full.
  • Dinner: Then comes the dinner part – your official meal with your husband, right with the people of the society. Out of all the other meals this is probably the one you will have the least control over – since it will depend upon what the menu is on your wedding day. But even here you can ensure that you do not eat to make up for all the diet you have had in the past few weeks. Eat light so that you can happily take part in the post meal dance schedule you have fixed.

Additional Tip: Have a lot of water, to just on your wedding day but on each day leading up to the wedding. But also ensure that you take little sips instead of having a bottle at once. This will ensure that you have to take less frequent trips to the bathroom and that you do not bloat.

We know there will be a lot of guests to attend to and a lot of things that will need your attention, but right after the ceremony take one or two glasses to stay hydrated. Also, drink a glass of water before you hit the dance floor so that you can stay feet tapping for a long time. Using these tips you can look perfect on your honeymoon.

Foods to avoid during wedding

  • Artificial sweeteners: Bubble gums, drinks and some juices have this. No matter how tempting it is to gorge on the sweet candy or the cookie – have naturally sweet items like papaya, guava, etc.
  • Carbonated Drinks: When it comes to carbonated drinks like soda – even diet soda is bad for your health. It will expand your stomach so that you look bloated as well as feel bloated. So it is a strict no-no for your wedding day.
  • Cauliflower: Even though good for your health, this winter vegetable is difficult to digest and therefore causes gas. It is best to steer clear of this item on your wedding day to avoid any embarrassing moment.

Let’s take a quick look at what we learned, in this table:

Pre Wedding Wedding Day Food To Avoid Additional Tip
Start with lukewarm water Have lots of lemon juice and ginger lemon tea Cauliflower, Broccoli Have Oysters, they are good to boost your libido.
Gorge on high quality protein like fish and tofu Enjoy light lunch with little or no dessert Cheese, Fatty acids, Butter, Ghee, etc. Steer Clear of Carbonated drinks like diet soda and beverages
Have Salads, fruits, chia seeds and oatmeal Dine finely to enjoy the post ceremony dance Spicy food and caffeine Drink lots of water – but drink water in little sips. This will help you avoid bloating.

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