8 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Guests after Wedding

8 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Guests after Wedding

When you have an event tied around you and you have to say thank you to all your guests, it can be pretty tough. But saying thank you to each and everyone is necessary. It will go a long way to make the event a success. After all you want people to leave feeling satisfied don’t you? Please follow the link to decide the number of guest you need to send invites.

To do this, you will have to prepare yourself – even include the ‘thank you’ part in your day’s schedule. When you have prepared everything beforehand, you will not be tensed anymore. It is very important to be genuine when you are thanking somebody so make sure that you have managed to have some time in your hands before you go ahead and thanked the people in your guests list. You can also hire somebody to do it but that will not be genuine and people can feel a cold letter when they have one. However, you can also save time by thanking them in some other ways.

8 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Guests after Wedding

You can prepare these things to make sure that your guests leave feeling nurtured:

  1. Wedding favor or return gift: A wedding favor is a tiny little gift that the guests can take back with themselves. Now one might think that the guests don’t notice this, but they do! The guests are swept over by something extra and believe it or not, it will make them feel special. If you think they deserve it for making your day special, then give them a wedding favor. You can invest in tiny souvenirs. They can be matched with your wedding theme. These will be the perfect items to remember your wedding by. Also, these will serve as good souvenirs from the wedding, if you can get your guests return gifts, it will be a memorable event – since everyone likes to get gifts whether they say it or not. But get them gifts that they can practically use or perhaps one that has some sentimental value attached to them. If you do that, then your guests will totally be bowled over and your efforts will truly be appreciated. You can invest in tiny souvenirs. They can be matched with your wedding theme. These will be the perfect items to remember your wedding by.
  2. Personal cards for the guests: if you are a couple who wants to send personal thanks to everyone, then what better than cards to say them? A personal card also takes people aback because they are never expecting you to send them such. It can go a long way in seeking blessings from your loved ones. Personal cards are a good way to send heartfelt wishes. A handwritten note can make things a lot more personal. You might think it won’t matter and people won’t notice. But it does and people do notice. You can use sweet stamps to cover the cards. But remember, giving cards to the guests can be a tedious experience – especially if you have over a thousand guests invited for your wedding. You will have to send out the cards to hundreds of places and you will also receive incessant calls about them after your wedding. So be prepared for all the happy calls if you are into it. If the people who visited are a close knit group of friends, you could get them a personally handwritten letter.
  3. Be thoughtful about events: do you have a night of fun and frolic planned? Give them flip flops so they can dance in peace. Make sure that you have thought about every little need of your guests. It will go a long way in assuring your gratitude. If you will be saving them an extra flip flop to make them comfortable, or, if you have extra umbrellas for the rainy season wedding, your guests will not be short of thankful to you. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. This is also another great way of showing you are thankful.
  4. Surprise cards: You don’t have to go all the way out or do extravagant things. Remember: the greatest thanks come unexpectedly. If you can place the thank you notes in the guests’ dinner table, or put thank you card hand fans out for them, they can be caught smiling. Make sure that the guests have the thank you note on the table – and that they do not miss it. So you will have to arrange it in that way. You can keep a person holding out the thank you cards in the entrance or the exits.
  5. Little bags: the little bags are the other version of wedding favors – only bigger. Hey, you have gone all the way to make your wedding success, now why not let people feel happy too? Care to spend a little extra? Go for the welcome bags. You can include little grooming kits or champagne bottles in them. Alternatively, you can have a box made of candy bars and chocolates (everybody loves chocolates!) to say thank you.
  6. Wedding day itinerary: when you are at a wedding, no one really has a clue of what is going to come after what. Always make a checklist of the things you need to carry.Everybody knows vows will be exchanged, but will there be a dance party later? Will booze be served later or early? Everyone is asking each other these questions, or perhaps is shying away from asking too many questions. A great way to make them feel welcomed is to show them your day’s itinerary. Then everybody has an idea of what to look forward to. It makes them feel welcomed – it makes them feel thanked.
  7. Wedding hangover recovery: Even though your best friend doesn’t get super drunk at the wedding, somebody else just might, it is always best to be in the know. Therefore it is best to always give them a recovery kit. It is also one way of telling them “thank you for coming”. Trust me, when your guests would be trying to get rid of the hangover the next day, they will thank you for this thoughtful gift. You must not leave this good opportunity.
  8. A thank you speech: you can also go old school with a little thank you speech after the wedding. It costs nothing, but make sure that it is heartfelt. A thank you can be said in a lot of ways but making sure that it is heartfelt is the only way it will be effective. Otherwise, it can be a downer.
  9. Tip: Saying thank you to your guests should always be heartfelt or mindful. It should be genuine. If you are not sure about doing it, then it is best to do it in different ways or leave it altogether. A thank you speech is the best way to thank the guests that have made time to come to your party. Needless to say it is a lot cheaper than the other means and when done right can win you hearts.

This is how you can make the perfect end of your wedding.

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