Wedding anniversary ideas| gifts| theme|quotes

Wedding anniversary ideas| gifts| theme|quotes

When it comes to anniversaries, you are bound to forget a few but make sure you don’t forget the first because first impressions mean everything. Make sure that your partner knows that you haven’t taken them for granted – which is so important in relationships and especially in marriage and give them a good time that will set the foundation for your relationship in the coming years.

Wedding anniversary ideas| gifts| theme|quotes

Anniversaries are a good time to celebrate the special bond that you have decided to share with another person for the rest of your life. However it might be a little tough coming with fun and romantic ideas these days. So much is cliché and so much is overdone – and you just can’t seem to put your finger on the right thing to do for your partner.

Today we are going to give you so many options that you will definitely find something among these interesting enough to be done. Let’s start with fun things to do first, later we’ll tell you gift ideas.

Romantic ideas for anniversary

  1. An “impromptu” getaway
    By impromptu we really mean a getaway that you had planned for quite some time. If you know your partner is of the sporting kind you, sir, have hit jackpot. They will just gobble this one up. Plus, everyone loves surprises and maybe they really need a break from their tough schedule back at the office. This can work if you have anniversary falling on holidays or weekends. Just get away from the rest of the world two of you. If you have children above age 3 or 4, you can let them stay with their grandparents for the weekend. Make sure you give your spouse complete attention on the tour. You have brought them here to spark the romance – switch off the phones and cuddle or just have a lovely dinner just the two of you.
  2. Revisit old moments
    During those days you have done so much to win your wife’s/husband’s heart. You have cooked them a good meal, you learnt the guitar for them – maybe you proposed to them under the stars on a silky beach. Recreate those old moments, maybe even add a bit more into the mix and let them know that they still mean the same to you.
    In marriage we tend to take our partners for granted often because we live with them. Recreating old moments make them feel that they are special to you and will always be. It is a good way to solidify the relationship and maintain the spark for as long as possible.
  3. Remember to Forget
    On the day of your anniversary, wake up. Brush your teeth. Do your regular chores. Make them feel like you have forgotten the day. Go to your own offices and take leave an hour before they usually come back. Arrange your home and get someone to go come and decorate your place even before you arrive. Then come and help finish off the things. Keep a check on the door – whether your partner is on the door or not.
    Just as they open the doorknob, yell SURPRISE! They will be astonished and will also be elated at the most. Make sure you have all your friends and relatives in on it though. So that they cannot make anyone have an attempt at reminding you of the day. This will work with men mostly because they are so accused of forgetting anniversaries.
  4. Marry them once again!
    Ever heard someone say “I could marry you twice, thrice, over and over again if I have to!” If you truly feel this way or if you were too distracted by the crowd and the pomp and the show during your marriage ceremony, have it your way this time. Take them to a small temple and renew your vows. Don’t tell anybody that you are doing it and to keep it even more discreet, go to another city or town where none of your relatives reside and have the marriage according to your wishes.
    You could also choose to get married in another style or in another religion. It would be fun and then it would renew all the moments of your marriage once again.
  5. Spread the joy
    Help someone in need or volunteer with an NGO. If you find it difficult to get started with an NGO, go out and find people to help in the streets – you will find plenty. This is the most blessed way of starting the second year of your marital life together. This is for the couple that has spent years together before marriage and have really achieved all levels of companionship goals. Now it is the time to return to the society.

Spend the day with kids in the orphanage. Take them to the nearby amusement park. Cut a cake with them and then end the day with treating them to their favorite food. You will both feel a lot more accomplished after spending your special day with them.

Gift ideas

  • DIY Pillows: Have your marriage certificate printed on a long pillow and let that decorate your living room. Let your spouse open it first. It could be a picture of the two of you on your holiday instead of the certificate too.
  • Personalized cups: you could also get the first letter of your names monogrammed on the cups and then gift it to your spouse on your special day.
  • Jewelry: you know that never goes out of fashion. A classic jewelry – but it should be heavy – will work every time if you haven’t come up with anything else.
  • Combo packs: it should include most of the things that they love – for example a combo of chocolate pack, a good luck plant, one piece of jewelry and a mug. Alternatively, for men, it could be a pack of deodorants, shaving cream and grooming kit.
  • Engraved rocks: An engraved rock with a picture of the two of your smiling will change the aura of the room. Hence, never underestimate the power of a good showpiece.

The party themes can be:

  1. Beach
    This is for the couple that just cannot get enough of its beaches. The beach themed party would suit the couple with similar dress code and it might be fun calling only married friends you know.
  2. Bollywood
    You can throw a Bollywood style bash and ask your guests to come dressed as one or the other Bollywood star and you both also dress up as a popular Bollywood couple – like Ranveer and Deepika to spike things up.
  3. Wedding vows themes
    You need to hand out the guest cards with the vows written on them on their digital e-vites too. You might also have to set up something dramatic to decorate the space to speak of vows of marriage.
  4. Girls v/s Boys
    This is a fun theme for the newly married. In this theme you can call your friends and have them separate dress code according to their gender. It will certainly see some flirtatious notions in the air.

    1 Personalized Mug Candid picture
    2 Key chains Good luck message
    3 Chocolates Their favorites



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