Arabic Mehndi (Henna)design- Can be a good option for bride

Arabic Mehndi(Henna) design- Can be a good option for bride

Mehndi is also known as henna. The Mehndi is a good option for bride and mainly used for weddings as well as many other traditional functions. The popularity of mehndi body art is gone viral in recent few centuries especially in many western countries like United States and many European countries. Though, people have a crazy over tattoos still traditional mehndi body art has its own uniqueness and many people loves to apply this mehndi design during their occasional events.Before we start you must know how to search the best mehndi artist in your town.

Arabic Mehndi Design: Can be a good option for bride

While analyzing the mehndi design history, one can clearly understand that mehndi is one of the integral parts of Indian tradition. Mostly during wedding occasions, brides and grooms family have separate ceremony for applying mehndi. In fact, still in Indian marriage arrangement special packages has been included by many wedding organizers for celebrating this mehndi functions which includes dance, songs and many other physical and traditional activities in-between brides and grooms family members.

Apart from India, mehndi patterns and designs Middle East countries commonly known as Arabic Mehndi design are so popular. Because of its unique design and patterns people all around the world especially women loves to apply this beautiful body art. This Arabic design is extremely popular in most of the countries such as South Asia, North Africa and Middle East all because of its unique patterned designs.

When you are applying henna, the design plays a significant role that needs to decorate the entire hand carefully. When you try the Arabic designs, it does not usually cover the entire hand as well as feet.

How to choose the perfect Mehndi design for wedding women?

The Mehndi is a tradition fashion in most of the countries in Asia and Africa. In recent days, this tradition is becoming trendier due to a variety of beautiful patterns. Actually, the Mehandi application has originated more than 500 years ago. Over the years, the Arabic Mehndi application has gained popularity among people through the internet, so they can easily approach with much interest from all over the world. Without Mehndi application, the weddings and religious functions are considered incomplete.

Today, there are several varieties of Arabic Mehndi designs available on the internet that you can easily download via the web. If you are a beginner and want to know the way how to choose the best Arabic design for a bride, below are the step by step instructions to be followed that include:

  • First of all, you can do fine research on the web and find the best Mehndi design.
  • These Mehandi patterns can be used as a guide while applying designs and then transferred to your hand directly with the carbon paper.
  • If you are a new comer, you can use the pre-fabricated stencils of applying Mehndi designs, which is a great option.
  • The most important step is to practice the designs on a paper first and then try it in your hand.
  • Probably, the Mehndi is all about the practice as well as creativity and also need much patience to make a wise design.
  • Once you try the few basic designs, you can make practice with the innovative patterns. This will automatically flow in your mind.

Commonly, there are four types of Mehndi designs available such as Indian style, Pakistani patterns, Arabic designs and African designs. Among these, the Arabic Mehndi designs are highly recommended by people and especially used for a bride. These Arabic designs have medium sized motifs of flowers, vines and leaves.

In olden days, these Arabic mehndi designs are drawn using palm leaves and other natural elements but now, the modern and creative designs are drawn artificial pins and so. Modern designs are more scattered and differs from other mehndi design which are in practice. You must also know how to keep the mehndi long lasting.

Most beautiful Arabic Mehandi designs for bride

During occasional functions like wedding, the bride gets henna designs on her arms, hands and feet. The main purpose of applying these designs is to make the bride looks much pretty. If you are a big fan of Arabic designs, there are numerous types of patterns available to choose from.

The amazing thing about Arabic Mehndi design is that you can make any kind of loops, flowers, swirls and even simple lines that looks good as well as unique. Based on the bride interest, the bridal Mehndi designs can be applied that may be simple or grand and light or heavy patterns. It is all about the bride’s interest. However, these Mehndi designs are not only used for wedding functions, but also widely used in various special occasions and different traditional functions.

During the wedding function, every bride would like to get their hands decorated with innovative designs. When it comes to choosing the Arabic Mehndi designs, there are so many catalogues available such as florals and small designs, stones, peacock mehndi patterns, Lace glove henna pattern and many more. These designs usually end up with narrow pattern up to the forearm. So, there is no matter what the occasion of Mehndi designs can be, but it can add more beauty of young bride.

Things should know about Arabic Mehandi designs before creating

The Mehndi is also a fashion art. Recently, the Mehndi designs have been growing popularity among people. One of the major growths of this art industry is increasing awareness of various forms of design art.

1 Origin of henna (Mehndi) Design India
2 Approximate Date of mehndi Origin 5000 years ago
3 Shape in which Henna paste Provided Cone – Shaped Tube
4 Duration in which Mehndi paste gets dried. About 15 to 20 Minutes
5 Formation of Color behalf of Mehndi Design Oxidation
6 Color formed owning to Mehndi Paste Reddish Brown
7 Usage of Mehndi Paste Pre-wedding and Post-wedding ceremony
8 Arabic Design Contains Veils and Flowers drawn across the palms and the arms
9 Arabic Design Involves Floral and Animal Motifs
10 Modern Arabic designs are made using Match Sticks and Safety Pins

If you look for the wedding Mehndi designs, you can have much variety available such as traditional, Arabic designs, Indian art and many more. These varieties are made up of simple lines, shapes and designs. For bride, the Arabic designs is a good choice that brings fantastic look and more appealing, so it becomes much popular ones in these days!

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