Are Zardosi shoes good enough to wear in wedding?

Are Zardosi shoes good enough to wear in wedding?

Weddings are special and these are perhaps the only time when you will get to wear grand ethnic items. So you are probably thinking of wearing everything ethnic right from head to toe, right? If this is the case you must have wondered what it would be like to wear those gala Zardosi shoes. You are not alone! Zardosi shoes are pretty common among brides and grooms. These types of shoes are often worn during the main day of the ceremony. However, given the fact that we have never worn them for so long in the past, you must be wondering whether it will suit you or not.

It is no doubt that various hassles come with style, but when it comes to the big day, you ought not to compromise with your look. Many a times the Zardosi shoes have been looked down upon with suspicion as some people think these are not comfortable. This is a myth per se – because nowadays you can totally wear a Zardosi shoe and still maintain your comfort. Often times the mistakes that we do while buying a Zardosi shoe is what makes it uncomfortable to wear. You can also read the article to know different hair style ideas for engagement.

A smart bride or groom of 2016 can totally hack the wedding shoes without compromising on comfort, by asking these questions:

Are Zardosi shoes good enough to wear in wedding?

Does it fit right?

Among the various things you are trying out, your shoes should not be the last thing. Remember, you will be on your shoes probably the whole time during the ceremony and while you pay attention to the jewelry and the dress, make sure the shoes are a close second to the priority as well. So while you are walking with those shoes in the store, make sure that those fit you perfectly. If they don’t you will have to suffer badly at the big day – nobody likes a bridezilla, especially when they don’t understand that it is your shoes that makes you uncomfortable. The phrase “give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” is pretty accurate.

Bottom line: Make sure the fittings are absolutely fine.

Should I go for heavy or minimal?

The thing about Zardosi is that it could look pretty heavy when it is done minimal. So if you are looking to get something a la carte, then go for the heavily adorned ones because they will truly outshine all the other shoes in the ceremonial house. However remember that the more intricate the carvings, the more the pressure will be on your feet. It will make the shoes slightly heavier. More so if you chose a high heel shoe – then the pressure on your feet will be a little more than usual. With this you should choose the right outfit for ceremony.

Bottom line: Choose minimal but neat designs to keep health and style together

Does it complement my dress?

One of the things that Zardosi shoes do best is complement your dress. You want a grand wedding with a beautiful lehenga or saree there is nothing better than the Zardosi shoes to go along with your dress. But you have got to make sure that it is in sync with your dress. It is also very important to choose it as per the different dresses bride is going to wear. For this do the following things

  • Always buy your dress first: This is necessary so as to ensure that you have chosen your dress and shoes thoughtfully. After all, your dress is your main attraction for the day. Please read the article about the things you can buy and rent on your wedding.
  • Choose the shoes according to the dress colors: Many people make this mistake while choosing the shoes – they dress too heavily and forget about the shoes altogether. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistake when choosing your shoe.
  • Keep the colors contrasting, not matching (if possible): A matching shoe might not be the most beautiful of all things with your wedding dress? Keep them complemented to one another.

Does it have a high maintenance issue?

Unless you are walking down a mud land or place filled with sharp objects, you are good to go. It is a myth that the Zardosi shoes have to be worn with care. At the end of the day it is the patch work that is in danger – you choose the patch work with care and you are all set for fun.

You have to understand the shoes are always subject to wear and tear and since these shoes have been preserved for a special occasion, they are already in their best condition. Unless you have chosen a shoe which is really heavy with all the intricate work, you are good to go.

Bottom line: Those with high embroidery, tend to come off easily. Choose quality shoes to ensure its ssafety

“Jutti” or Louboutins?

Many brides dread the high heels under their already heavy lehenga and therefore go for the much comfortable Jutti instead. While the brides who don’t want to miss a day of this wedding experience, try really hard to pull off the Louboutins. Since Zardosi shoes are available in both Louboutins and flats, you will not have to worry about a variation here. But the real question is what will feel more comfortable to you.

On a side note, it will be smarter to pick a really nicely adorned Jutti etched with embroidery to match your bridal dress. This goes for the men too. If they are choosing Zardosi underneath their sherwani, they should choose comfortable ones that are etched in the same color.

Bottom line: Juttis for comfort. Louboutins if you are the unconventional bride.

Are they varied enough?

We talked about the flats and the heels, now it is time to look at the various different kinds of things you could go for when choosing shoes. You can also choose your mehndi design in this style.Here are some of them:

  • Embellished Wedges: what is the best thing about wedges? They are pretty, they are comfortable and they have flat heels. If you are a bride that loves wedges in the normal day, your wish is granted as these are available in Zardosi designs as well.
  • Kolhapuris: A nice flat Kolhapuri on your big day isn’t bad either. The minimalist in the bride must show during the wedding day too. Let your shoes be a reflection of your everyday choices. Also, a simple kitten heel would not be too bad with the Kolhapuri Zardosi shoes either.
  • Kitten Heel Zardosi: Wear a Kitten Heel only if you are comfortable wearing them in your day to day life. For all you know you will have a slippery floor and you don’t want any accidents. It is best to stick with the trends and the things that you know than trying something new on your wedding day.

Zardosi for men

For men, the variety in shoes can be a little limited. However with the Zardosi work you will never find a dull moment in your selection of shoes. Literally there are different styles and colors when it comes to the Zardosi shoes and the best part is that they go extremely well with the desi style Sherwani or dresses. You can even mix and match the Tuxedo with the Zardosi shoes for an extra cool appeal. Please follow the link to know the different footwear style groom can wear.

So the things we have learnt about Zardosi shoes are:

Serial no Things to consider Points to Remember
1 Do they fit right? Ensure you wear Zardosi that fits right
2 Should I go for heavy or minimal? Go for minimal but neat designs that go with your style
3 Does it complement my dress? Keep the colors in contrast, buy the dress first and mix and match the colors with your dress
4 Does it have a high maintenance issue? A high maintenance Zardosi shoe is a myth
5 Jutti or Louboutins? Jutti for comfort. Louboutins for edge
6 Are they varied enough? Available in at least five styles: Jutti, Louboutins, kitten heel, flats, Kolhapuri
7 Zardosi for men Enough variety, suits every style.

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