Arya Samaj Wedding Procedure Cost

Arya Samaj Wedding Procedure Cost

The founder of Arya Samaj, Swami Dayananda stood firmly against any obstacles of religion. He believed that India belongs to every person that stays in it and should not be divided on the basis of religion. Swami Dayananda proved to the society that the Holy Vedas preach of Brahmin, Shatriya, Vaishya and Shudra as different during birth but they should be defined by their profession, none being superior or inferior to another. According to Dayananda the Vedas state that God is omnipotent.

Arya Samaj Wedding Procedure Cost

What is the Arya Samaj?

It is obvious for people to raise questions about what actually is the Arya Samaj. It is a democratic organisation based on certain principles:-

  • God is the prime source of all knowledge, the Vedas teach other people who are unaware of the Vedas they should accept the truth and give up untruth. God is the real reason of existence and everything in this world.
  • One is supposed to perform all his actions with traditional values and Dharma, which means that right is wrong and should always be judged to be distinguished from one another.
  • The most important aim for the Arya Samaj is to do well for all, treat everyone with immense love and fairness, and promote knowledge among every person.
  • The organisation is where help is provided while working for once own betterment and welfare and also following all the rules implemented by the society.

Benefits of marriage under Arya Samaj

People who prefer marrying in a simple and quick ceremony can always go for marriage under the Arya Samaj. Even people who belong to various other castes and religion can marry. In a marriage under the Arya Samaj there is absolutely no question of discrimination by caste.

A huge benefit of marrying by this process is that it is highly cost efficient i.e. it is very affordable. The wedding is fully authentic and the couple can always obtain a marriage certificate immediately after the wedding. Though the rituals that are followed are same as that of any normal marriage, it should be kept in mind that this would be free from any traps of dowry because the Arya Samaj is known to have strictly opposed the system of dowry.

They give certificate of marriage under a condition that the place where the wedding is conducted is in line with the laws that are previously set and registered with the Registrar of Societies. All the processes are same and the couple must make sure that they obtain the marriage certificate because with the high rising demands for certification sometimes it may get difficult for women. If these hassles can be handled properly then it can be easily restricted.

Solemnisation of an Arya Samaj marriage

Arya Samaj marriages can be accepted in any place. High praise and appreciation has always been bestowed upon the theory of marrying under Arya Samaj. This is solely due to the fact that it is a very simple and authentic way to be married under Arya Samaj.

There are laws that allow temples under the Arya Samaj to conduct love marriage, marriage between people of two different castes or religion. This marriage is a very simple process and can be really quick before completion. The documents that are necessary for conducting an Arya Samaj marriage are:-

  • An evidence of the identity of the person, maybe Matriculation certificate , passport or driving licence. The minimum age limit required to be able to participate in these types of weddings are 21 years for all male and 18 years for everyone female.
  • Separate affidavits are required from the bride and the groom where they would state their DOB and marital status and nationality at the time of their solemnisation.
  • The bride and groom will need two witnesses and four copies of passport size photographs along with their ID proof.
  • An affirmation must be obtained where it should be noted that the parties are not related to each other in any manner by the prohibited degree of relationship.
  • A copy of the divorce decree in case of a separation through divorce and death certificate of a spouse who is a widow or a widower.

Small hassles in an Arya Samaj marriage

With people travelling globally and everything going digital, there is an increasing demand of documentation. Marriage certificate has become as essential identity proof for married couples in different agencies like passport office, bank account etc. The only problem is to get witnesses of the marriage if it had been conducted previously. There is also a problem if the couple has moved to a different city after marriage as the place of solemnisation of marriage.

If these little problems can be taken care of, it is very easy for couples to get a marriage certification under Arya Samaj. This kind of marriages have been widely accepted in today’s modern Indian society because they are so affordable and due to the possibility of inter religious marriages. If one is looking for a really quick option of marriage with no buzz then marrying under the Arya Samaj may be the best deal.

Marriage conducted in an Arya Samaj Mandir is peaceful and serene and free of any rush. In Arya Samaj marriages there is absolutely no holidays and marriages are conducted all through the week.The whole process of this marriage is really very quick and hardly require a couple of hours at the most and moreover it does not require any permissions from parental authorities of the people involved.

Who can conduct an Arya Samaj marriage?

Not everyone can solemnise a marriage under the Arya Samaj. One must be a Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Sikh to be able to conduct a marriage of such kind. Since inter religious marriages are allowed to this type of marriage is widely preferred. One can be solemnized if they are not a Muslim, Christian, Jew or Parsi. Not anybody can solemnise such a marriage.

The beliefs held by the Arya Samaj

The Arya Samaj flourished all over India ever since its advent. Here are some beliefs held by people from Arya Samaj:-

  • Arya Samaj believes in three external existences – God, the soul and nature. These three existences are distinct from one another and God is one- omnipotent, he has various names according to his attributes and qualities. He is formless and doesn’t take birth.
  • It is said that the four Vedas are non-illusory and true as they act for themselves as self-evident. Dharma is the only thing that is considered true and just.
  • It clearly denounces idolatry, animal sacrifices, ancestor worship, the caste system, sati system for widows, inequality of women and untouchability. Arya Samaj has set up hundreds of schools and missionary organisations outside India too.

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