Baahubali 2 actor’s Prabhas wedding

Baahubali 2 actor’s Prabhas wedding

Baahubali was a huge hit and its sequel is coming out in April this year. Apparently, right after the movie releases, the actor Prabhas is going to tie the knot. His female fans are heartbroken after this news. Prabhas always acted in romantic films. He swayed the ladies and therefore became a real charmer among the women folks. However, he has now decided to tie the knot and settle down breaking hearts of his fans.

Baahubali 2 actor’s Prabhas wedding

It was only from the movie Baahubali when Prabhas’ romantic hero appearance changed to action hero. Since Baahubali was a huge success, Prabhas became a household name not only in Southern India but also in other parts.

Arranged Marriage

If you are to believe social media, the news of Prabhas’ marriage is true. He is apparently tying the knot in Indian style arrange marriage. His parents have found a suitable woman for him. As we all know, Prabhas is one of the most respected actors in the Telugu film industry. One of the reasons for his fame is because he has always stayed away from linkups. He does not have any relationship news or gossip rumors. We don’t know yet if his would-be wife is Telugu or not.

Jailed for rumors?

As we already said, Prabhas hasn’t been linked with anyone. But Prabhas is close to Congress leader Sharmila. His closeness landed two people in jail. Apparently they were trying to create rumors of his linkup with the latter. Since there is so much news about his controversies, we wonder if the news about his wedding is true.

Wife’s details

His would-be wife is from the Godavari district. The lady is known to belong to an influential family. Hence the rumors are still kept under wraps. Baahubali actor will tie the knot with the girl his family has chosen for him. The girl’s family is apparently from Vishakhapatnam. Both the families are keeping the girl’s identity hidden for now.

When can the marriage take place?

If we are to believe the media, apparently Prabhas’ uncle Krishnam Raju already revealed some details. He said that he will tie the knot right after Baahubali 2 release. The actor’s next film is Sujit for which he will start shooting soon. He plans to finish with the wedding before he commits to Sujit’s making.

The news also suggests that the wedding date is almost fixed. Right now the families are only looking for the right time to make the announcement. The actor remains forever shy to discuss his marriage on camera. There has been no confirmation from his side. But fans are expecting an announcement from the families soon.

Wedding Vows and Possible Venue

The wedding ceremony will be a formal Hindu one. The actor or his family has not confirmed this yet. But both the boy and the girl are Hindus. So it will take place in the traditional Hindu form. The actor’s parents were really worried about him since he has kept away from marriage. This is why they were also looking for someone who can bring back the roots to the family. They were looking for a girl from their hometown Bheemavaram. It is likely that the wedding will take place in Bheemavaram.

Prabhas has been called “the most eligible bachelor” of the Kollywood film industry. He ruled out marriage in the past. He was busy making a saga called Baahubali. But now that his professional venture has come to a halt, he seems to have the time to get hitched. As the second part of the movie awaits its release, we are still waiting for an official announcement.


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