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Beach Wedding Ideas

If you are planning on getting a beach side wedding, first of all kudos to you. You have won the best wedding venue choice award. Who doesn’t want to get married beside the unending ocean and the mesmerizing view? There are a number of things you can toy with here. Right from the wedding dress code to the seating arrangement and the table decorations – a beach wedding theme compensates for all. You can set your imagination free here.

Beach Wedding Ideas

Below is a list of all time favorites and new ideas that will give you some pointers. Personally I don’t like things that are too nautical, but if you love them, then go with it. There are those shells and sands that you can decorate with. Things that go out of the box like a vintage country theme go really well with the beach side. So unleash the creative genius in you and don’t be afraid to take a hint while you surf across our clues here.

  1. Implement ocean blue: Getting a wedding cake? Get it in blue hues, or else to match the tables set up get blue linens. This will contrast the ocean theme and give an overall ocean feel to your wedding. If you don’t want to go with seashells and anchors are not your thing, then substituting them with blue hues will literally go a long way. Colors are brighter than small props any way. You can do this even if you are doing the other decorations. Go with cloth instead of too many flowers.
  2. Leaving a “message in a bottle”: If having a guest book at the wedding is not a thing for you then you can leave this one out. But just for curiosity’s sake you can ask your wedding invites to leave a message n a bottle for the two of you. Later you can put the messages in a neat box and see them later to cherish them forever. It is also a very discreet way of sending a message across the bride and groom since many may hesitate to write something out in a guest book for all to see. So a message in a bottle is a fun, interesting and mysterious outlet for your guests. You can also read the article to know creative ways to send the thank you note.
  3. A candle lit dinner table: Seriously who would want to go otherwise? Thinking about a wedding, a dinner table, a romantic night out and guests – make it a night to remember by adding floating lamps and candles into the equation. Go open air and soak the surroundings in. candles are beautiful by the beach side. You need a good round table and candles surrounding it to make the best of the moments. It is the perfect night out for the guests and you will love it too.
  4. Fans to go with the seats: Okay beaches can be hot! Giving out hand fans for the guests will show that you care for your guests. You can also give out welcome bags that contain sunscreens, flip flops and beach gels. These will be the perfect gift for your guests especially if they have had to travel long distances to be there. Spruce up the decorations with little fans and other beach requirements so that they look extra friendly to your guests.
  5. The seating arrangement: the best part of the beach setting is that it can go totally crazy and fun. You can have fun with the seating arrangement too. You can make them out of haystacks and instead of the regular chairs; you can go with stools to make the seating. The chairs can have their legs getting dipped inside the sand. The stools can be a lot more comfortable for some guests. You can also do stools covered in Mexican blankets. These are apparently a thing right now.
  6. Keep the beverages in a cold canoe: Your guests want to have a drink? Make a separate sphere where they will be able to grab a can or a bottle. This can be a kayak which can have loads of ice. Keep it separate so that it does not get affected by the scorching hot sun. Otherwise it is a good idea to store it like this. Make sure the guests know that it is an arrangement and not a place where you dump cans after the wedding. So there is always some do’s and don’t of serving the drink on wedding.

The dress code

When it is the wedding, you will have to have a dress code for your guests as well as for yourself. So what do you wear when you are out there trying to keep it all together? The traditional Indian wedding dresses apart, here are a few suggestions in fabric and style:

  • For the groom: Ask them to wear anything in linen. Basically the thumb rule of a beach wedding is to wear and showcase linen. So right from the decorations to the groom’s tux everything will suit you if it is linen.
  • For the bride: the bride will have a lot of flowing dresses to match with the theme of the wedding. The Indian bride who is Hindu can go with lehengas and even patialas for her wedding. Actually anything that is loaded with jewelry doesn’t match the beach theme. So if you are trying to have a beach wedding go with the Christian gowns. A country chic dress will look fabulous. Please read the article to know what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding?
  • For the guests: Ask your guests to dress for the wedding theme and see what they come up with. Some might actually surprise you. You can set a color theme – red or blue for example, to make it go with the overall setting.

Things to keep in mind before arranging a beach wedding

Now that we have learnt all about the arrangements, what are the things that we should check before we finalize?

  1. You need to ascertain if there are some license requirements or permits to be obtained or not. Beaches are mostly public domain. So you need to be sure that you have the necessary permission to conduct a marriage on the beach.
  2. If you are serving alcohol or hosting a bar at the ceremony, make sure that you have the permits to do so at that specific region. Always have a license in case of doubt and do proper research on the locality.
  3. If you are looking at a destination wedding then you are planning wedding from outdoors. Hire a local wedding planner to help you assist. Ask them what restaurant and hotel packages are recommended. Give enough time for your loved ones to plan – announce your wedding adequate time before so that they can visit you. Recommended time to announce your wedding would be 6-8 months before.
  4. Always have a backup plan in case the weather goes haywire. Beaches are known for being moody. Hence, always have a plan if it gets windy or cloudy or stormy.


More ideas:

Serial No. Ideas Decorations
1 Tropical envelope liners With fragrant orchids
2 Shell bouquets A cluster of local blooms
3 Sea glass snacks Candies
4 Plates Shell platters

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