Beautiful sangeet song those will force you to dance till end

Beautiful sangeet song those will force you to dance till end

Ladies Sangeet is the grandiosity that weddings deserve and this gala arrangement would not be complete without some kickass numbers, after all the Sangeet is all about shaking a leg. There are some Sangeets which are too traditional and which often tend to bore the guests in their dire attempt to stay fixed to the roots, while others are so haphazardly arranged that the guests seem totally “not in tune”.

With the proper selection of the songs and keeping something in store for all types of guests will ensure a successful Sangeet. You will have to take care of the different types of people and their tastes. We know that it is a little difficult for you to do amidst the thousand other things you have to take care of for your wedding. This is we have brought you our assortment of the best songs for Sangeet keep your guest dancing till end and these are all the happening songs which you must play part by part, for your young and old guests.

Beautiful sangeets song those will force you to dance till end

For the Gala Group Dance:

  • London Thumakda: Let them shower you with all the adoration with this song. Also, this song is perfect for the older guests to shake a leg and set an example for the younger generation. This is the perfect song to begin your Sangeet with.
  • Punjabi Wedding Song: This will once again set the tune as this mellow track is perfect for the families to have a merry time.
  • Gallan Goodiyaan: Let your family kick it together the desi style. The party gets to its crescendo with music of this style and rhythm.
  • Banno (Swagger): Now when it is the time for the bride to shake a leg, this should be your introductory song to the dance floor. Let them bring you down to dance altogether as you sizzle and show those moves with total Swag!
  • High heels (Ki & Ka): this is a latest entrant in the charts and will completely take your audience by surprise as they tell you “tu badi jache” lip synching with this song.

To prepare all these in sequence you must have to prepare the perfect anchoring script.

For those who are too cool to twirl to ‘Thumakda”

  • Radha on the dance floor: This amazing number from Student of the Year still grabs the cool people on the dance floor as Alia Bhatt did to the original song. So don’t worry, those aren’t dancing yet, will be all over the dance floor with this song.
  • Girls like to Swing: Don’t they? Yes, those that got up with the next song will not be able to help themselves but dance to this tune as it comes up. So get ready for some madness on the dance floor as they “swing it”.
  • Radha Nachegi: This is the new era of Radha and she will dance till she rocks your Sangeet. Add this song to your list and the cool band of girls in your family will totally thank you.
  • Raita Phail Gaya: Raita Phail Gaya from Shandaar is one cool song even the elders will twirl to.

For the Bride and her BFFs

Make sure you and your BFFs make a statement on the dance floor and not leave any stone unturned to make these moments the most enjoyable – after all this is the only time you get to unwind among the wedding anxiety and panic. So grab your girls and hit the dance floor. Ask the DJ to play these songs:

  • Desi Girl: This is totally an all time hit among the bride and her pals. Grab them and swirl with them to this song. You can also throw the question: “who’s the hottest girl in the world?” and get all the adoration.
  • Phatte Tak Nachna: Your BFFs know the weird side of you and with them you can totally let yourself go. This is the perfect song that will help you relish your wild side and have fun with your “gal pals” as a bachelorette.
  • Gulaabo: Just the way Alia and Shahid sizzled to this song on the screen, make way for your girl gang to do the same. You can also ask them to prepare something for you around this song if you wish to. It will totally make the crowd crazy and fill the air with some wedding appropriate fun.
  • Lat Lag Gayee: Your girls know what you’re addicted to and now they have to dance to it. Don’t worry it is a good song for your Sangeet – when you are having fun with some chicks.

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For the Groom and his Bros

Meanwhile the groom and his bros can hit the dance floor with some fun songs too. Already the enthusiastic ones are hitting the dance floor, but it might be a little bit tough to get the shy ones to dance. Play these songs and watch them roll:

  • Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi: This new entrant from the movie Airlift has a good pace to get the dance floor crowded. It is like a simmer before the real rock and roll begins.
  • Hor Nach: This is the song that will build up the tempo. However there is a chance that this song gets a bit too raunchy for the occasion. If that happens, skip to the next song.
  • Badtameez Dil: you will never ever get it wrong with this song. What’s more? It will bring back the memories of the time you had around your pals with this song. It is the perfect song for the friends of the groom who want to show their dancing skills to impress the crowd.
  • Most Wanted Munda: Check this song out from the film Ki & Ka. It is going to totally make your friends and relatives pick you up and dance.
  • Kar Gayi Chull: Get this song from Kapoor & Sons to your play list and watch the cool ones hit the dance floor.
  • Lungi Dance: This is a well known song and chances are that people were actually waiting for this number!

For the upping the crescendo

Played all the songs and now your friends and relatives are tired. It is inevitable. But have they taken a break and now won’t budge from their seats? Get them to the dance floor once again by playing all these kickass songs:

  • Tu Meri (Bang Bang): This song is a powerhouse of energy. There’s no way your sangeet guests will be able to resists this song on the dance floor.
  • The Disco Song: The Disco Dewane revisited song from Student of the Year is a classic and must play for all occasions.
  • Tumhi ho bandhu: it doesn’t get any more musical and upbeat than this. Tumhi ho Bandhu has been rocking the charts ever since it has hit the musical notes and you have got to have it on your list.
  • Abhi to Party Shuru Hui Hai: Actually you can play this song before the others. It gives the clear message to your guests: “abhi to party shuru hui hai”.

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This is the final list of the songs according to the different types. Check them and jot them:

Serial No. Types and Audiences Song List
1 For the Gala Group Dance London thumakda, Punjabi wedding song, Gallan Goodiyan, High Heels, Banno (Swagger)
2 For the ones too cool to twirl to ‘thumakda’ Radha on the dance floor, Radha Nachegi, Girls like to Swing, Raita Phail Gaya
3 For the Bride and her BFFs Desi girl, Phatte Tak Nachna, Chittiyan Kalaiyaan, Lat Lag Gayee
4 For the Groom and his Bros Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi, Hor Nach, Most Wanted Munda, Kar Gayi Chull, Lungi Dance
5 For upping the crescendo Tu meri (Bang Bang), The Disco Song, Tumhi ho bandhu, Abhi to party shuru hui hai

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