Belly Mehndi Designs Latest Trend

Belly Mehndi Designs Latest Trend

Mehndi has become hugely popular among the young generation today. Not only in wedding or traditional occasions, young girls grace themselves with mehndi art in all events and sometimes they don’t even need any specific occasion to apply mehndi. With growing popularity of having henna art on hands and feet, these days girls are getting this art on belly and other body parts as well. Before mehndi, it was paint brush, sticker and normal tattoo colours were used to have temporary body tattoo which gets washed away after 6-7 days or maximum 10 days.

belly mehndi designs Latest Trend

Mehndi was always a major part in weddings and traditional occasions like Puja, Deewali, Eid and such. But in recent times, mehndi has become one such important part of body art or body tattoo. Talking about belly mehndi, it is considered as belly tattoos. Belly tattoos are not a new concept but having henna art on belly is definitely a new one. I have collected 10 trendy Belly mehndi designs that you can try.

Short & Simple

Belly is that body part which has the maximum area where you can have a beautiful art. Making it short and simple can also work if you are wearing a heavy Lehnga or a crop top. If you are wearing a crop top and a pair of low waist jeans then short belly mehndi design will give a trendy look to your personality. So before choosing belly mehndi design for wedding first choose the wedding dress you can wear with it.

You can have geometric shapes, leafy motifs or any other small and tiny designs around your belly button. But make sure your design should not be large should not be too small to notice. It must be going with the crop top or choli you are wearing.

Designs with names

Having a name in your tattoo is something that is most common since ages. Name in mehndi is yet another common and meaningful thing that everyone knows about. So having your name in your Belly mehndi design is one such common yet trendy thing. You can surprise your beloved by having his / her name painted around your belly button with henna colour. Because it is temporary, you can get rid of the design if it does not suit you further. With simple lace glove heena design you can mark the name in between.

Religious signs

Religious signs like Om, Swastik, Moon, stars and other signs can also be made around your belly button with henna. The designs are in demand for quite a long time. We have seen people having these religious signs in their mehndi to celebrate different religious occasions or patriotic days. If you are celebrating a patriotic day and wearing a beautiful saree then you can easily have these signs in your belly mehndi designs.  You can use arabic mehndi design here.

Mehndi design during pregnancy

A lot of women get their belly painted with henna, as it is temporary, during their pregnancy to welcome the new member to the family. As we know that Baby-bump photography is getting much popular these days, women opt for belly mehndi, or call it a temporary belly tattoos, to have more interesting photos.

Having ordinary designs like flowers leafs and shapes are common, but in recent time, the latest trend in belly mehndi designs during pregnancy is having patterns like tiny hands, little feet, a small palm under two adult palms and such. Also you can go for text as well like ‘coming soon..’, ‘we’re waiting..’, ‘i’m coming..’ and so on.

Glitters and colours

Using different vibrant colours and glitters will give an amazing trendy look to your belly mehndi. Colours can go with any attire. You don’t always need to wear western outfit to have glittery or colourful belly mehndi. If you are wearing a bright coloured lehnga-choli for your best friend marriage or cousin’s anniversary, then having matching coloured glitters in your belly mehndi will be totally fashionable and trendy. Adding colored stones on it make your mehndi unique.

One tip for using glitters and colours is you should not have a large design. Having a large design will require lot of glitters and colours that can ruin the beauty of your dress. Even if you wear a short length choli, make sure to have a small and short design around your belly button.

Lords and Idols

Having lords and idol pictures in mehndi is same as having religious signs. Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga and so many other idols can be painted on belly. I have recently seen an 8th months pregnant lady had Lord Krishna on her belly painted with henna. She said she wants a baby boy to come so she has made Lord Krishna. You can also apply peacock feather pattern on your belly.

Asymmetric designs

Asymmetric designs like graphical pictures, unusual shapes, wavy designs, curves and lot more can be included in your belly mehndi design. If you think that you can only have round shaped mehndi design around the belly button then you are wrong. You can have any of the shapes and size of mehndi design making your navel a centre. You can even have Arabic design mehndi on your belly.

Floral and Leaf Pattern

Floral and Leaf pattern consists of designs like flowers, wavy leaves, petals, curvy stem look-alike designs and so on. They are old yet trendy. We often see these patterns in hands and feet mehndi but having it on belly is something very new. If you want to have large designs then floral designs will be apt. Either you can have a big round shaped flower around your navel or you can have multiple tiny flowers on the curves that run from one side of your belly to another.

Lower Belly Design

Lower abdomen tattoos are sensuous. Especially for those who love to wear low waist trousers. Even when you are not wearing a crop top you can easily show your tattoo off. Lower belly mehndi designs generally consist of diagonal patterns. You can cover two sides of your lower abdomen or can have one sided design. You can also extent your lower belly mehndi design to your waist and steal the evening by flaunting it. Here you can use theme based mehndi design.

Nature, Animal, usual objects

Most common designs for your belly mehndi designs are discussed under this point. Natural objects such as birds, animals or trees are often used in mehndi or body tattoo designs. Angels, butterflies, swords, snakes, scorpions can be considered as usual objects too in case of belly mehndi. However they still looks trendy and immensely sexy on any girl. If you ask me about my reference I would choose a scorpion. That is definitely not the point, the point is what you like and what makes you go beyond words. These designs, especially angels and butterflies are definitely the best option for any party.

Dont forget to read the ways to keep your mehndi long lasting

Belly mehndi designs Things to remember
Short designs Make sure to have moderate size, not too small to notice
Colours and glitters Use multiple colours and don’t have large design
Mehndi during pregnancy Have large sized design to cover the belly and don’t forget to ask your doc whether mehndi is good for you or not
Unusual mehndi designs Don’t have large designs it can look messy, have small and multiple shapes to make it look good.

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