Benefits of applying Aloe Vera for Face Pimples before Wedding

Benefits of applying Aloe Vera for Face Pimples before Wedding

If there is one thing that you could apply to keep pimples at bay it would be Aloe Vera. We know during weddings you are in a rush. Everyone wants you – you are the star of the occasion. In such a hustle bustle you seldom have time for yourself. Yet you have to take out time for yourself because the bride cannot look second best on her D-day right? She has to look the best and for that she needs to take care of her skin.

Benefits of applying Aloe Vera for Face Pimples before Wedding

If only there were some ingredients that you could quickly apply and keep all worries at bay. Thankfully, we do have an option to go for Aloe Vera gel compound.

Why Aloe Vera Gel?

You’re getting married during the winter season (most people do). Your skin tends to become the driest during this season. Aloe Vera gel contains 99% water and 1% vitamins, glucomannans, amino acids and sterols, etc. So by moisturizing with this compound you are already rehydrating your skin. Plus, you have a heavy dose of vitamins, amino acids and skin enriching compounds to make your skin brighter.

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If you have dry skin, you can also opt for the Aloe Vera skin cream which has similar benefits.

Reducing face pimples

No bride wants to wake up on her D-day with the nightmare of a pimple on her face. With Aloe Vera gel you can not only rest in peace knowing you are in good hands, but rightfully so. Why that is you ask? For the following reasons –

  • Aloe Vera is the best antiseptic to apply to your skin. It contains six antiseptic agents including cinnamonic acid, urea nitrogen, sulfur, salicylic acid, etc.
  • So no matter what the nature of infection, rest assured it will not affect you. These antiseptic agents will kill any malicious fungi or bacteria that could otherwise harm your skin.
  • It is a natural astringent lotion. You can also apply it in place of astringents. It balances the pH of your skin thereby reducing chances of breakouts.
  • The excess oil and dirt also get separated because of its balancing properties. Thereby the acne breakouts reduce gradually.
  • The anti-inflammatory effects are another that is highly commendable in this type of gels. A new compound called C-glucosyl chromosome has been found in the Aloe Vera gel recently.
  • This compound contains anti-inflammatory property which is highly beneficial in removing acne. Not just this, it is also rich in magnesium lactate which reduces itching sensation.
  • It contains compounds which increase the collagen content of your skin. Hence the healing power increases. So even your previous acne scars get removed.

Home remedies for removing face pimples

“So how do I get started?” You might be thinking this right now. We have a few home remedies in store for you which you can use to apply to your skin to get the enriching benefits of Aloe Vera Gel. All these home remedies mentioned below are perfect for acne removal –

  1. Start by applying topically
    If you already have acne, start off by applying acne on your face topically. Take a pure Aloe Vera leaf and break it down. Take the portion of the cut off gel and apply it on your acne directly. You can also buy an organic pack of Aloe Vera gel from the store.After application, leave it till dry. Once dried, wash it off. Do it twice – once in the morning and once at night before going to sleep. Watch acne disappear within a day or two.
  2. Lemon masks
    Another way you could make your skin glow is by pairing up the gel with lemon. The ascorbic acid present in lemon really is a disaster for acne. Combine that with Aloe Vera Gel and you know you have a powerful acne fighting weapon in your hands. It not just helps you get rid of acne but also help in cleaning skin clean. It cleans the pores. Yes, it does the job of a cleansing lotion. So you can just create a face pack filled with 2-3 drops of lemon and Aloe Vera gel. It will suppress and kill bacterial infections.
  3. Aloe Vera and Turmeric mask
    Just like lemon turmeric too has its benefits. You already must have heard how turmeric is immensely anti-inflammatory. Anyhow, you will have to apply turmeric before your D-day itself if you are a desi bride. So why not try it on before too? Jokes apart, turmeric is one of the best face masks you can create and apply on your skin. The sebum build-up not only causes acne but also blackheads and other problems. So it will act as a two-in-one relief for the infection.
    If you find that your acne is not getting removed by any other means then try applying ½ tsp of turmeric with 1-2 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel. Add 1 tsp of gram flour. Make a thick paste and apply it. Leave it on till 20 minutes at least and see the difference. Wash it off with cool water and pat dry your face to see the difference.
  4. Neem and Aloe Vera
    No kidding! Neem and Aloe Vera are together so effective that they are extracted and used in chemical forms to cure acne. Use them daily and not only will you have acne-free skin, but also a brighter skin.
    Add some honey if it gets too dry for your skin. If you have an oily skin you can skip the honey part and simply apply a paste of neem leaves. Mix everything in a bowl and apply this to your face and neck. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Use this face pack on your skin for 2-3 times every week.

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Overtime doing this would have immense effects on your skin. Do this and ensure that your skin stays healthy and well hydrated. You will flush out toxins with better water intake.

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