Benefits of drinking coconut water daily before wedding

Benefits of drinking coconut water daily before wedding

Coconut is a heavenly fruit and coconut water is literally “holy water.”This is because there are several benefits to it. Right from anti ageing to anti wrinkles, coconut is your holy grail for everything. So it is quite natural that during your wedding, when you probably need the best skin of all times, you need coconut water beside you.

Benefits of drinking coconut water daily before wedding

Drinking this everyday has its own benefits. In fact some would say that it is a great home remedy to drink coconut water daily before your wedding. There are different beauty benefits for skin and hair. This is why coconut water should be consumed daily. Why? We will tell you!

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How coconut water benefits skin

Apply a thin coat of Coconut water on your skin and watch it glow from within. It will just take an hour for the effect to show. Not just that, unlike harmful chemicals, whose effect wear out immediately, coconut water will make your skin glow throughout the day.

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But if you want some of the best benefits then here are those –

  • Pimple relief: It lets your skin be free of pimples. You don’t want to have an acne face on your wedding day right? Coconut water will make sure that there is no chance it happens. Not just that, it will also act as a very mild moisturizer for your skin.
  • Even tone: Do you want to have an even tone on your face throughout? Then you have to go ahead and wash it with coconut water daily. Slowly you will start to notice that your skin feel soft and supple and also smooth.
    To do this better, you can also make a paste of sandalwood paste turmeric powder and coconut water and apply it as a face mask. It will make your complexion flawless and even throughout. Apart from this, drinking coconut water will make your skin get the benefits from within.
  • Opposite of oily: If you have an oily skin or if your skin feels greasy, then please drink this daily. It will take out all the excess oil and dirt from your face and leave you feeling refreshed. In fact, it is mostly recommended to those with oily skin. If you have a dry skin then don’t put coconut water but drink it for the same benefits.
  • Cure tanned areas: Some women have pigmentation near their mouths – especially desi ladies have this issue. You can also have tans around your cheek or forehead. Coconut water drinking daily can help you get rid of this at least. It can give you the smooth, even tone that you need.
    If you want to cure tan in just one application then add multani mitti to it. Make a face pack and leave it on for 20 minutes. This will add a radiant glow to your skin.
  • Prevent blackheads: Do you suffer from blackheads or whiteheads issues? This happens mainly because of the grease that accumulates under the skin. So to get rid of this you will have to consume coconut water daily. It not just helps you get rid of blackheads, but also prevents you from having them till the time you wed. You will visibly see the blemishes reduce as you splash some of that water on your face daily.
  • Dull skin: If you have dry or dull skin and you don’t want to apply moisturizer, then you can go ahead and use this. It rehydrates your skin instantly. Coconut water contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants. Hence, splashing coconut water instead of plain water is a lot more recommended.
    Drinking coconut water can also rehydrate your skin. When your body is dehydrated it is not able to get itself rid of the several toxins. This causes pimples, blemishes and dull skin. So rehydrate your system with coconut water and then steer clear of such effects.

Practical benefits of drinking coconut water

Now there are a lot of other issues that creep up before the wedding. This is how coconut water can help you fight them with ease –

  • Control indigestion: you know those wedding woes? Yes, you actually end up eating more than you should. This is why you must use coconut water to keep your system cool. It contains natural enzymes and fiber which control acid reflux and indigestion.
  • Boost your metabolism: for those days when you had to eat more than your dietician allows you to – coconut water is your best friend. It gives a jolt to your metabolism, and therefore, lets you stay on track on your weight loss journey.
  • For sugar crazies: It might taste sweet, but it contains much less sugar compared to some fruits. Also, it has lowered calories. So you get both – the sugar rush and a mild snack at the middle of the day when you are planning for your wedding fully fledged.
  • Keeps appetite in control: Once you drink coconut water you will feel as if you have become full. It contains very little carbs (which are actually recommended for people between 20-30 years). At the same time, it gives you a full-ish feeling. This allows you to stay on track and keeps you from gaining weight before your wedding.
  • Healthy heart: If you have a low blood pressure, then drinking this is a must. In total, any kind of heart related problems are reduced by drinking coconut water on a regular basis.
  • No viral fever: With coconut water, you will keep your system clean and clear. The bacteria and virus will leave your system as soon as they enter, so you will not have any viral attack. Plus, it will strengthen your body’s overall immune system.

Here are more reasons to drink coconut water in a tabular section –

Serial No. Does How it helps
1 Healthy hair Effective against lice and dandruff
2 Hangover cure Contains electrolytes
3 Nourishment Contains minerals
4 Keeps clean Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial

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