16 Best Songs For Mehndi Ceremony

16 Best Songs For Mehndi Ceremony

Indian weddings are incomplete without songs and dance – so much so that we have an entire event dedicated to just dance and fun. Yes, this is the mehndi ceremony we are talking about.  Even though the ceremony as usual revolves around the bride where she is getting her hands pointed with the mehndi tattoos, the relatives and the aunts of the bride make sure that they celebrate her with dance and songs. You can also read about Mehndi designs for wedding.

16 Best Songs For Mehndi Ceremony

Now mehndi ceremony mainly takes place among the family itself. So the music list should also be chosen keeping in mind the mood of the gathering. However since it is a fun affair and it is wedding related, you are allowed to have fun. So don’t hesitate trying to pick some new Bollywood songs – unless they have very rude lyrics they will be celebrated with open arms at the mehndi ceremony. Here are a few top picks for the mehndi ceremony that you can choose –

  1. Ainvayi Ainvayi
    This is a very popular song which has been going around for many years. Just when the tempo has dropped down a little on the dance floor, play this son and watch the savages jump up on the dance floor – even the ones who you never thought danced might start dancing.
  2. Navrai Majhi
    This is a song to which the mother of the bride dances and it usually either comes at the end or at the beginning. But it is a must that the mother of the bride has to dance and this song has just the right lyrics for the mother of the bride to dance to.
  3. Dilliwali Girlfriend
    This is one song that both the bride’s side and the girl’s side can dance to. It brings out the vivaciousness of the event altogether. The beats are such that one cannot resist the song at all. Bride can choreograph it with one of her cousins and perform it.
  4. Gal Mitthi Mitthi
    This song is one for the groom’s side. It has funky beats which are not very hyper like the “ainvayi ainvayi” yet has subtle tunes to which you can groove. The groom gets his perfect “vibe” on with this song playing and the entire family can shake a leg to it.
  5. Mehndi laga ke rakhna
    This song never seems to get old. It is one of those timeless songs that will forever be played on weddings and mehndi ceremonies. With this song the bridesmaids and the groom’s men can play and flirt with each other and it is a complete given that they will. The bride and groom can have one or two flirting moments here and there as well.
  6. London Thumakda
    Talking about mehndi songs how can we forget one of the most iconic mehndi songs of our recent times? London Thumakda is on the top list of many wedding playlists – for obvious reasons. It has a great tune and is totally danceable with the whole family as it is shown in the movie.
  7. Maahi Ve
    This is the “Kal Ho Na Ho” song we are referring to and not the “Raaz – the mystery continues” one. This song is iconic and has been going around for decades now. It brings the mehndi ceremony vibe perfectly. There is also a mother‘s solo sequence in this song. So it in itself is a complete mehndi ceremony song.
  8. Banno
    Okay here’s a tough one – it has pretty bold lyrics. But you can also beep that part out and play the overall funky song. It is quite awesome set aside that one word that might get eyebrows rising in the event. The fact is that it is loved by people of all generations so just go ahead and play it on your wedding.
  9. Jad Mehndi Lag Jave
    This is a new song which does not hail from a very popular movie but is very catchy. It is the perfect song for the relatives to tease the bride with. It is peppy and you would be found blushing at the edge of the seat if you are the bride when this song is played.
  10. Sajan Ji Ghar Aye
    If the previous song was about relatives teasing the bride, then wait for some more blushing because this song is sung by the groom’s side of the family. The song tells how the groom has come to the bride’s place to take her and it points out how the bride is shying away. So no need to hide your face while this song is playing.
  11. Desi girl
    This is the final word in wooing the bride! If it is the NRI groom or bride then this is just the end word when it comes to announce your love for the bride in front of the audience. Rest assured the bride will feel on top of the world when you play this song to her in the event.
  12. Radha
    This song is yet again a peppy song which the bride can sing to the groom and dance to. This song tells how ‘Radha’ likes to have fun and it also warns the groom that he must take care of her or else she ‘wants more’. Overall this song is playful and nothing serious.
  13. Chhalka chhalka
    This is yet another song that tells the girl to stay a while before she goes off with the groom. In this song you describe whatever is going on in the bride’s mind before the wedding. So you expect the bride’s friends or sisters to dance to it the most.
  14. Mauja Hi Mauja
    There is not a single person who won’t fall for this one. It is a song that still pulls the crowd when played in the pubs. It has the perfect traditional feel to it therefore whenever it is played you can expect the people of all ages to gather at the dance floor and have the perfect time around.
  15. Bachna Ae Haseeno
    No wedding is complete without the groom’s men dancing to this song. You will find that the groom’s buddies are all rocking to this one. You will then know that you are at the right function. It is also taken as a song that describes his days as a bachelor.
  16. Saddi Galli
    Finally when it is the time to end on some high note, the Saddi galli song will come to your rescue. This song is just awesome in its composition and lyrics. It can be played on a loop as well. You can take the house down with just this one song.
  Song Name Album/Movie
1 Ainvayi Ainvayi Band Baaja Baaraat
2 Navrai Majhi English Vinglish
3 Dilliwali Girlfriend Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
4 Gal Mitthi Mitthi Aisha
5 Mehndi laga ke rakhna Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
6 London Thumakda Queen
7 Maahi Ve Kal Ho Na Ho
8 Banno Tanu weds Manu 2
9 Jad Mehndi Lag Jave Ghayal… Once Again
10 Sajan Ji Ghar Aye Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
11 Desi girl Dostana
12 Radha Student of the Year
13 Chhalka chhalka Saathiya
14 Mauja Hi Mauja Jab we met
15 Bachna Ae Haseeno Bachna Ae Haseeno
16 Saddi Galli Tanu Weds Manu

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