Best themes to décor your home for bachelorette party

 6 Best themes to decor your home for bachelorette party

Someone, somewhere, once said, a woman crave a perfect wedding more than a perfect marriage. Well, if a wedding includes a kick ass bachelorette, it sounds like a fair enough idea. Bachelorette party is the new trend; almost everyone wants to have one. It is another way of saying “one last time”. This article aims exactly at the phrase by helping you choose some of the best themes for your bachelorette party. But first;


DIY (do it yourself):

Had to write the title the other way around, since most of us today are familiar with “DIY” much more than what it actually stands for. But really, DIY is one of the best ways to plan your party. It is cool, creative, heartfelt and most of all, cheap. Since you are already planning a wedding, which takes up a chunk of your money, you do not want to go over the board with the rest of the wedding planning. Plus, DIYs are way more fun than if you shop at a party shop.

So, now that we have established the fact that you should take up the challenge yourself, we can move on to the next step.


The color: every theme comes with a color, but if not it should be the first things you should decide. Bride’s favorite color is an obvious choice, so it should not be a biggie.

The drinks: whatever the theme may be set aside a table for drinks. It is a top essential. There is always do’s and don’t of serving the drink.

The invitations/guest list: if you want people to come over to your amazing party, you do not want to miss this step. You should always  know the number of guest to send invites.

The goodies: it is going to be one boring party if the goodies are missing. You want your girls to be happy and giving away favors is the way to it.

The special gift: remember, the party is to make the bride feel special. So you do not want to let her go without a present.


 6 Best themes to décor your home for bachelorette party

Slumber party

If you are on a budget, this theme is for you. Slumber party can be a lot of fun if you plan the perfect decor and activities. Of course you are not in middle school now, but refreshing those memories is not such a bad idea. All you need is a nice spacious room inside your house. Then arrange your mattresses, put like color (disposable) table clothes over your mattresses to make it look like camp tents, set up Christmas lights, and bam you have a decor. If you want to go badass, just build a fort. Arrange for a big screen, get yourself some man-candy movies and enjoy. As for the food, popcorn, ice cream and my personal favorite, slipper shaped cookies with theme color frosting will be great. You are never too late for a pillow fight, so get those unsewn pillows and go crazy. Set onesie the dress code. Please follow the link to know a planer forget to budget for.

90’s Theme Party

You can throw the ultimate 90’s parties. If you are getting hitched in your twenties, you probably are a 90’s kid. So why not try it. Since it is natural to you, it will be a piece of cake to pull off. Make some fortune teller garland and use them as wall hangings. Splatter paint background for photo booth is perfect. Use VHS tapes as tray or risers to place things on. Do not forget to make a guest book and glitter pens for them to write you nice, emotional messages. Use an old school Polaroid camera to take pictures. To make it a trademark 90’s party, include candy bubble lollipop to the treats.

Spa Party

If the bride has done most of her wedding planning, chances are she needs a relaxing day. This makes a perfect chance for the hosts to give her the best 6 Wedding themes to make your wedding awesome. For this you will have to go to a nice spa, but you can always do a lot at home. You can set up a nail art booth, print some shirts with sassy Coco Chanel quotes and even have them cutout to hang around the party area. Lit her favorite flavored candles. You can have bath robes as dress code. Lipstick, nail polish shaped cookies would be perfect treats. For party favors give out theme colored nail polishes, nail filer, scented lotion, loofah and nail polish remover. Do not forget to take a picture with masks on.

Retro theme Party

If you are a kid who truly wish they were born in the 80’s, this is your time. Use the old school cameras; take picture using the retro filter. Oversized shirts with neon leggings would be impeccable for a dress code. Big crunched, crinkled and frizzy hair would be a definite 80’s theme validation. Put a polka dot background for the photo booth. DIY the balloons with glitter polka dots. Since, we are big Bollywood fans, hang the heart throb posters of your favorite heroes here and there. A disco ball will give it the extra glam. Finally, no 80’s theme party is complete without the hit 80’s music, so go ahead and play all your favorite music.


This, I think is one of the most interesting party theme ever. You could extremely glamorous with it or keep it low profile, your choice. However the whole idea of mysterious masked face is but amazing. You can keep it a dark themed party with a black dress, red lips and dramatic eyes. Dark dried roses and lots of candles will be the ideal atmosphere. One of those Roman candle holders would work too. Cut outs of rabbit heads can be covered with glitter and hung around (give a heads up to the girls before they fret). Cupcakes with edible mask décor will be perfect. Plan out games and give beaded necklaces to the winners. Swing to some jazz or ball music to make it fun.

 Desi Theme Party

Well o well, if you are a bride getting married in this part of the world (South Asia), you probably have already thought of having a typical (desi) Indian country girl party. If you are going by this theme, you should know lots and lots of colors are involved. Which also mean that you can finally put to use the most colorful dress your mom bought you for your aunt’s wedding, thank God. The dress code could be salwar kameez with colorful gajraas in the hair. Use a carved wooden mirror frame decorated with gainda flowers as photo booth. Put a stand with colorful bangles, it will look perfect. You can use flowers and dupattas to decorate the walls. Hire a henna artist, get tattooed. Arrange for some rainbow barf gola and henna decor cookies, they are the cutest. Last but not the least, set up a dance floor put some Bollywood music and gather all the appreciation for your thumkaas.

Whatever the theme may be the bottom line is, you enjoy. Thus, the focus should always be more on fun and less on every detail of the party, because unexpected imperfections are always more fun.

You can always keep some naughty and fun game at Bachelorette Party

Now, here is a quick review of all the ideas

DIY everything that you can. Best way to save the extra money
Make sure you have the essential checked off your list
Slumber party is your best bid if on a budge
Get all nostalgic by reviving the 90’s
Every bride loves to be pampered so a spa day is good option
Let’s face it, we wish we were born in the 80’s. So what if you were not, and even if you were, revive all the trends on your bachelorette.
Be mysterious and go for a bling-y masquerade theme
Never forget the roots. The desi style is always the most fun.

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