Bollywood celebrities’ real life proposals

Bollywood celebrities’ real life proposals

If you dream to be proposed on a glacier inside an igloo in Iceland, totally Eskimo style, well you should know you are infected by the highly contagious Bollywood movie style love scene (by the way, this actually happened). Please follow the link to know the romantic messages you can sent to propose a girl for marriage. If you still think Bollywood style over the top proposals happen only in movies, you are wrong.

Here is why:

Bollywood celebrities’ real life proposals


This proposal for sure had something to it or else staying married for 42 freaking years, is one to pull off. Amitabh first saw Jaya on a magazine cover and fell in love with her. It was only after that they were offered a film together, (God work in strange ways, Doesn’t He?) and their blossomed love to another level. Amitabh revealed that he had promised to take Jaya on a trip to London if his film Zanjeer becomes a hit, which it did. But, Amitabhs father refused to let him take unmarried Jaya to London. So, they got married in 1973 and took the trip to London. This was still very gutsy by then standards.


When two of the most sought after actors become a real life couple, feels almost like a prayer answered. In case of Hema Malini and Dharmendra, it was the same. The actors fell for each other on the sets of “Tum Haseen Mein Jawan”. Despite being already married, Dharmendra’s love for Hema overpowered him and he married her. The couple is very much still in love and Hema has said on record that Dharmendra still looks at her the same way he looked at her when they first met. The two had two daughters, Esha and Ahana.


Let’s dive into kind of a recent past. Bollywood most talked about proposal is no secret for anyone. Not just the way Shahrukh expressed his ultimate love for Gauri, but even their still-very-much-alive relationship is an evidence of their love.

Shahrukh and Gauri fell for each other when they were still in their teens. However, Gauri broke up with him when things got a little intense and went on a holiday to Mumbai with her friends. Shahrukh of course, madly in love with her, followed her right behind to Mumbai, found her at a beach and they both realized how much they missed each other. It was then that the teary weepy proposal took place and both decided to spend their lives together.


Hrithik with his Jesus like looks and Susanne pretty damsel herself made for a lovely couple. Although not together anymore, their love story is super cute to be over-looked. Hrithik saw Susanne on a traffic signal for the first time. It was like love at first sight for them. Hrithik revealed that after one year of dating, he bend down on his knees on Valentine’s Day at a beach and proposed to Susanne. Too bad their fairytale love story ended after 17 years of marriage.


Safeena, as they are popularly known together, did not quite think they would marry each other. I mean why otherwise would Kareena attended Saif’s wedding to Amrita Singh? Doesn’t matter she was still a little girl. But, like I said, God works strangely, after so many years of Saif being married and kareena growing up and then being in a relationship with Shahid, they both broke up to get together and tie the knot at the end. Doesn’t it sound like a hit romantic Bollywood movie? Totally does.


Dear Lord! Don’t you just love these two? This one was more of a natural one; I mean, you will know what I mean. The ‘love him/her’ part of relationship is of course natural, but the proposing part is one that in making it the perfect one tends to become too un-organic. Imagine someone being allergic to red roses has to force a sneeze back and a smile out (physically impossible) when he presents you one. Already give me chills.

It is almost like Ritesh and Genelia made it a point to let it un-fold itself, or else why would it take them freaking 9 years to realize they should become husband and wife. They become friends over discussion over architecture, which later blossomed into love, no formal proposals were made, what did I say about their organic nature of their relationship? It was in 2012 that they finally tied the knot. To this day it is unclear who proposed first.


Being Indian and not have an arranged marriage. Don’t know what in-your- head world you are living in. Not just the ordinary people, like you and I, even this Bollywood celeb surprised us with following the tradition. Shahid and Mira’s family met at a religious gathering and knew each other ever since. It was time Shahid’s parents thought it is a good time for him to get married, Shahid felt the same way and Mira looked like a good match. So the rishta was arranged and soon both got married in a lavish manner.


This young couple has made it to our list as well, here is why: when first met, these two only had differences, but when it is destined it happens. Kunal never thought that he would click with a princess who is also an oxford grad, but turns out he did. The two soon moved in together, things flourished slowly, until one day on a trip to Paris, Kunal proposed to his love of life with a ring and the two married in 2015.


Since, this is one of the most recent proposals and yet to be married couple of Bollywood, we cannot ignore it. While Bipasha’s both long term relationship with John Abraham and short lived one with herman bahweja did not transform into marriage, despite solid speculations, she can now breathe a sigh of relief, because someone actually bend down on his knees to propose to her. Yes, you heard it right, actor Karan Singh Grover, who happened to have done a film with Bipasha has proposed to her and they are all set to marry end of this month.

Karan proposed to his lady love in a traditional style by bending his knees and presenting her with a solitaire ring, to which she of course said yes. How uber romantic that must have been?

So overall it can say that there is always some pros and cons to propose a girl for marraige

Amitabh married Jaya something a good beta would do But, he is Amitabh, breaking a norm here or there would have been so badass
Whether marrying Hema was a yay or nay, it is upto them, but our concern is only the proposal, which could have been better. But we still have to give it to them, since it was the 80’s
Chasing after your love more than a thousand miles away is all yays. Hats off to Shahrukh No nay nay for this one
Everything is yay from the way rithik and Susanne met to the day they got married Only nay nay is their divorce
Wedding was all yay Proposal was ummm just okay!
I am all up for yays when it comes to Ritesh and Genelia The favorites get no nay nay
Shahid did go to Delhi a few times before marriage despite being an arranged marriage, so it’s a yay Arranged marriage, so not so much nay
Kunal took it to city of love, Paris, with a rock. Definitely a yay Nothing not cool about this one
He bend down to her with a ring is a yay Bipasha should have gotten more than that.

Needless to mention that what matters most is not the lengths you go to propose the love of your life but the feeling behind it.

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