Bridal makeup tips

Bridal makeup tips

Wedding means a whole day celebration – without frequent chances of touch up. This means that almost the whole day you have to remain in that makeup that you do. You will also not get the chance to highlight your lipstick or fix your kajal amidst the whole crowd pulling you around to take pictures.

Bridal makeup tips

On top of that, guess what? You have to look stunning. You have to look the prettiest! All eyes will be on you. So your makeup game has to be really shrewd. You must makeup in such a way that you don’t need any touch ups and still kill the wedding photographs.

How to do that? We’ll tell you step by step.

Start with pre wedding preps

As we already know – the thing that makes the bride look the prettiest is a good base. So the better you can keep your skin, the better your skin will oblige on D-day. Your face should have that no-makeup look glow well before your wedding day. To have this, you must follow a cleansing routine. Also you can use deep cleansing twice a week.

At least 3-4 times a day cleanse and moisturize your face. Use a moisturizing lotion to protect the skin from the dust particles that might cause blemishes or acne breakouts.

After this, apply a face pack so that the oiliness from the lotion and skin oil is removed. Make sure that the face pack does not cause any redness though. Use a face pack that suits your skin type. Follow this regime regularly for two weeks before your wedding day.

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Bridal Makeup Tips

Now that you have prepared your face for the wedding, let’s get started with the face makeup. These are the different areas that will be of prime importance and therefore you will need to deal with them individually –

Face Makeup:
First of all pick a foundation that is of the right shade. Match the colors with your neck and then choose the correct foundation. Don’t forget to apply a very light primer. The primer should not be all gooey – then the makeup will look cakey. Just pick a light primer that will last very long.

If you are going for a winter wedding then choose a darker shade for foundation because skin tends to become dry. Also, is your wedding during the day or the night? Check the color of the foundation in daylight and see how it suits. Usually a light mousse foundation suits all Indian skin types.

So the next step is to get the concealer right. If you have a lot of dark circles which just won’t hide, then apply a color corrector. Usually with the Indian skin tone the orange color corrector works best because it has yellow undertones that set the color closest to the skin color. Above the color corrector use the concealer to completely hide the dark circles.

Now if you are going to be under the sun all day in day light, once again you must use pressed powder. You can use it even for night wedding, especially on the T-zone if you have oily skin.

For the blush, check with your dress. Always match the color of your blush with your entire outfit to give it a more natural look. A pink blusher doesn’t go well with a maroon lehenga. With darker shade use a bronzer and with lighter shades go with pink.

Lip Makeup:
Wear a lipstick if you have a day time wedding, wear a lip gloss if you have a night time wedding (ideally, rest is up to you). You can also give your lips a gradient edge by dabbing a little bit of white eye shadow at the middle of the lips. The gradient lips make the makeup look subtle and natural. If you prefer a different look, go for it.

Always use a lip liner to start with the Cupid’s bow lining. From there you can line the edges and match them all together and continue from there. It is a very good way to get started with the lip makeup actually.

If you have a night time wedding and you still want to add a bit of jazz to your lips, add some lip gloss of the same shade at the center of your lips. This will make your lips look fuller. Here it must be mentioned that the pinks and the red shades are most commonly used. But you can choose beige or brown too if that is what goes with your complexion. But always make sure that your lip color is giving a stark complement to your dress, just like the blush color.

Eye Makeup:

Now that we have told you about the rest of the face, the eyes will grab the most attention. Only the eyes are left to shine. For once, do the eye makeup at the beginning because a lot of eye shadow keeps falling when you do the eye makeup and you don’t want that ruining your face makeup. So do the eyes first and then wipe the rest of the face with a clean brush and continue doing your makeup.Apply an eye primer first and then go on to apply a neutral color on the crease. This will open up your eyes. Now that the crease has been applied with a neutral color you can start by applying a strong color at the end of the eye lid in a 45 degree angle. Just apply the eye shadow till the middle of the pupil of your eyes in that angle. Use red, maroon, and black, brown for this one.

Now if your eyes are hooded or if you want to make your eyes look bigger, just take a very glittering color and apply it on the rest of the eyes. Make sure this color does not go beyond 1mm above the crease. Don’t blend this one. Just put it there to rest so that it sets there. Now this color can be golden, red, blue, or anything vibrant.

Once you have done this you can apply fake eye lashes. For applying fake eyelashes always keep your head turned upside. The original lashes should not be drooping. Keep them upwards and just drop your lashes above it.

You know the drill – first you have to brush your eyelashes with a comb or an eye lash straightener and then apply the mascara. Over this you can put the fake eye lashes.

Common makeup tips

Now we have told you the very basic things about long sustaining makeup. But here are things which you should know as a bride –

  • Schedule a test makeup. Test it in day light to know if this makeup will suit your skin during the day because at the night you can really experiment.
  • Always choose either your eyes or your lips, don’t highlight both. Now if the bride has better lips she will highlight those. If she has better eyes, she will highlight those.
  • To make lipstick last longer, first moisturize, then exfoliate and then reapply the lipstick on your lips.
No. Makaup choices
1 Lip color Pink, beige, red
2 Eye shadow Golden, blue, brown
3 Foundation Beige, pale white

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