Bride and groom matching dress color combination for reception engagement wedding

 Bride and groom matching dress color combination for reception engagement wedding

Getting married is not only about rituals, functions or having fun. It is a lifetime promise that both the bride and groom have to maintain till the end of their life. Sharing life and being a better half of someone is not only adopting a new life but also matching up with their steps in paths of life. Talking about wedding and matching up steps with your partner brings the idea of matching dresses of your wedding ceremony. Following today’s fashion trends, colour coordination between bride and groom in several wedding occasions is popular and amazing. There are certain colours that are made for wedding ceremonies. Red and Golden are the two best colours that are widely accepted as the wedding colours. Most of the brides go for red attire while the grooms pick up Golden colour.

Bride and groom matching dress color combination for reception engagement wedding

Colour coordination:

There are several wedding rituals and functions related to wedding ceremony where bride and groom come together in a common platform. Engagement, Ladies Sangeet, Wedding and finally Reception are the functions where bride and groom take part together while Haldi ceremony , Mehndi and other rituals are performed alone in different places. Sometimes Sangeet takes place differently, but engagement, wedding and reception can be the functions where bride and groom must coordinate colours. Coordinating colours does not mean you will wear same type of colours all the time. There are some Dos and Don’ts of coordination.

What to do for colour coordination:

Select colours carefully:

The first thing in here is to select colours carefully. Wedding is one such occasion where brides and grooms take up their best looks. Be it the makeup or jewelry or dress, one has to look best on this day. Before selecting your colour, make sure this goes well with your complexion, make up and jewelry.

As mentioned, red and golden are the apt colour for wedding, it is not anymore. As the time is flying by, clue, green, maroon, grey and other dark shades are getting popular as well. If your complexion is fair then any dark colour can be picked up for either of the occasions. However the problem arrives when one of you has different skin colour. Your colour may not suit your partner. In this situation one must settle down to a subtle colour. Also make sure that the colour you are choosing must be compatible with the jewelry you are wearing. You can also read an article to know about Fashion jewellery a bride can wear on her wedding|imitation|kundan|meenakari|antique| temple

Go for bright colours:

Wedding is a happy occasion. There must be bright and positive colours that suit both of your personality. As said that golden and red are the two colours that suit the best in wedding. However some of the grooms prefer to wear black suit on reception party. Unfortunately brides don’t wear black on any wedding rituals as it signifies unlucky. In this case, the groom can go for black suit combined with white shirt and red tie while the bride can go for red and white gown, dress or lehenga for the reception party.

For the wedding occasion, golden, red, orange, pink and maroon will be good choice. They are extremely bright and positive. Pink does not consider as men’s colour, so to match up with pink, groom can pick up semi-deep violets as well.You can also follow our page to know more about Wedding (Shaadi) Dresses

Choose your colour according to the theme

Colour coordination of bride and groom also depend on the theme of the wedding. It is not always the look of the duo but also it has to be matched up with the other elements of the occasion as well. If you belong to southern part of India, then white and gold are the precious colours of the occasion. On the contrary in Northern side you will find multi coloured and noisy colour coordination.

Talking about theme weddings, if you have selected beach wedding theme, then choosing noisy colours for coordination can go out-of-the-box. Same thought goes for royal Rajasthani wedding. You can’t pick up baby pink and plain white for royal wedding.

Choose your colours smartly

If you are not sure what colours to choose or how to coordinate with each other on the special days of your wedding then you can go for smart selections. Many of the brides and grooms choose multi coloured dresses. Most of them have bright colours like red, gold, blue, yellow and burgundy as well clubbed with shabby colours like grey, bottle green, dark brown and such. If you choose this sort of multicoloured sherwani or lehenga, it will be much easier for your better half to match up with it. Most of the multicoloured dresses are dominated by yellow, red and maroon colours which are also perfect to match up gold jewellery of the bride.

What not to do while coordinating colours on wedding

There are few things that one must avoid while coordinating colours on their engagement, wedding or reception parties.

Never go for contrast colours:

If you are thinking just because your complexion is not same, then you can go for contrast coloured outfits for the occasion then you are miserably failing here. The one must-not-to-do rule for choosing colours for wedding functions is, do not go for contrast colours. If the bride is wearing pink and you pick up blue then it won’t be a nice idea. Both of them must be in synchronisation.

Choosing contrast colours will make you look parted more than together. It does not mean you have to always wear same colour even after marriage, but on your special day you can always go for same shades to look brighter and out-of-the-crowd.

Don’t choose same saturation in same colour

When you are coordinating colours of your wedding dress, it is natural that you will choose same colour. However try to avoid same saturation of both of you. As for example, as a bride you can go for dark and bright pink shade for your lehenga, but it will not suit the groom irrespective of his skin colour. Alternatively he can pick up lighter shade of the same colour to match up with you.

Don’t miss out the tones

This is another mandatory rule for coordinating dress colours. If you are choosing different colours for your wedding day (which is not a crime) then you can still match up with your partner by choosing same tone. By same tone it means emerald or may be pastel can be chosen for the big day of your life. As for example if you are wearing light baby pink coloured lehenga with golden pastel work all over your choli and dupatta, then your partner can pick up golden sherwani of the same tone for the day.

Can’t match the colour of the dress, go for matching accessories

What if, your lehenga colour and his sherwani colours are not same? What if your favourite colour is completely different from his choice of colours? Nothing to worry as you can always go for accessory matching your problem will be solved easily. If you are wearing a red dupatta for your wedding day, then your partner can club his gold sherwani with red dupatta or red pagdi. With these colours coordination the groom can also wear accessories like Mala made of pearls to match up with the bride.

It is not necessary to wear same colours for your engagement or wedding or reception. But it is necessary to look gorgeous and different from the crowd. Gone are those days when there was one or two shades f each colour that one had to pick up from. Now as the fashion trends have changed, the colours have changed too. There are innumerable shades are available for a single colour. You can pick any of the colours or shades to match up with your partner. In the era of internet you don’t even need to run from one designer to another. Visit any of the designers’ website and choose the best colour that suits you and your partner the most to make your special day more special.


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