6 creative idea to send thank you note for one attended your marriage

6 Creative Ways to Send Thank You Note To Your Wedding Invites

Sending thank you cards to your guests after your wedding can be quite the task. However if you have to send itself, then why not plan things out perfectly? So bring forth the creative person and make a thank you note that they cannot forget. Even the budgeting for this should not be forget by wedding planner.

6 creative idea to send thank you note for one attended your marriage

Yes, you do have to send thank you cards. It is totally depends upon the number of guests you have sent the invites.We know you may not be feeling like sending them post your wedding and honeymoon, but trust us, it’s important. Plus, once you get these creative ideas you will have real fun while doing them:

  1. The traditional style: The traditional style is going with a letter in the envelope. It will have the slightest hint of color and the rest will be words. This is basic and one of the things about this one is that it is the cheapest option around. When going with the traditional style thank you note, you will have to be generous with your wording because with the entire basic template going around, you will have to add on to the effect with your words. But that’s the creativity for the one who loves to write. It will save you money on the prints and your guests will be happy too – just make it from the heart.
  2. Photos from the wedding: Convert one (or several) of your photos from the wedding into postcards and add your own wordings. This is yet another cheap and impersonal way to thank your guests. Plus, it is a good souvenir from the wedding. They will remember those wedding moments that they visited and it is candid.
    Turning the photos from the wedding into postcards is a good way of writing a thank you letter. It somehow includes that the both of you are thankful for the wedding gift. It visually pleases the receiver and the words just add on to it. So it’s a smart way to save money and still get the best.
  3. Order them before your wedding: By ordering them before your wedding you can ensure that your wedding thank you cards have the same feel as your wedding did. It can add the same flavor to them long after the wedding is over – hence making your wedding unforgettable. Make sure to order the wedding thank you cards way in advance. Buying them in bulk will save you a lot of time. You can write the gist before and once the guests have arrived you can then add the thank you for the gifts simultaneously. Please read the article to know the do’s and dont’s while selecting invitation cards.
  4. Why not go digital? Let’s face it half of the people you know spend more time on Facebook and probably check their emails rather than their mail box. There’s a fair chance that the thank you card you send them will just lay there. Plus the beauty digital cards are that they won’t even cost you a dime and you can send them to all at once with just a single click. Of course you will have to prepare the material to write for them separately.
    You can do it on your honeymoon. You can do it when you get some free time in your office. All you need is a template and you can get started. These are much easier to sort through and if you make any mistakes on the rush, you can just press backspace and continue. This is one of the best options, unless you’re really old school.
  5. Hand-paint your own photo cards: If you are the artistic type and really enjoy making crafts then you will love doing this. You will not mind even taking some time off after the honeymoon to make these cards. But we suggest you start with them before. Hand painting your own photo cards will make the pictures so much more unforgettable. Your friends will now have a couple pictures of the two of you. Of course if you are an Indian, you will have to choose modest pictures for sending them to your relatives. Nevertheless these are cute and make good post cards, so you can try them. Please read the article to now the creative ways to say save the date to your friends.
  6. Send postcards from your honeymoon: Let them know that you didn’t forget about them while the two of you were on honeymoon. Also, sending postcards from the places that you visit will be really cool. The people would be able to understand the sentiment and will really appreciate that. There are apps on iPhone and Android smart phones that allow you to send post cards from anywhere in the world. You can use them to send some cool post cards when you are feeling tired from all the sights you’ve visited and are just wanting to Netflix and chill.Please read the article to know how to look perfect on your honeymoon.

Make sure you don’t make these mistakes

  • Forgetting the names of the children: Don’t forget to mention the names of the children of your friends who visited you during the ceremony. With children’s name on the cards, the parents are elated and so are the kids.
  • Writing only generic messages: Don’t be too generic however for saving time, you may have to write one or the other line twice. Don’t be afraid to be informal – you know these people. These are your friends and family.
  • Wrong names: so many people make this horrible mistake of writing the wrong name on the cards. This will have it delivered at the wrong place. Even if you got the address right, you might actually end up making the person seem confused. So make sure the names the correct.
  • Forgetting guests didn’t visit: Umm… yeah sometimes since you’ve already prepared the list, you might want to send them in a bulk and in an attempt to do so, you send it to people who haven’t even attended. This shows that you simply weren’t paying attention. It could actually be a little embarrassing. Make sure you double check everything before sending.
  • Not mentioning the plus ones: Ignoring the plus ones can once again become a little bit awkward. Plus, the person you are sending it to might not actually feel pleased. Always mention the names of the people who came with your guests. Leave no room out for mentioning anyone – be it plus ones, children or the people they live in with.

Let us take a look at the wedding thank you note dos and don’ts:

Sl. No. Dos Don’ts
1 Send postcards in time Forget name of children
2 Mention the item; be detailed Forget plus one
3 Mention everyone even if they didn’t gift Write wrong name
4 Be impersonal Write only generic message

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