Creative Ways to Say Save-The-Date to Your Friend

Creative Ways to Say Save-The-Date to Your Friend 

With the constant change in style and latest trends in invitation cards people and their choices are changing too. Wedding is one of the biggest events of anyone’s life that has changed drastically over a period of time. Not only the ways of getting married has been changed but also the food culture, decors, photography, and rituals – everything has changed and become more attractive and interesting. Among all the way guest send invites have changed immensely. Couples still send the invites to their friends and family who stay out of town or overseas like before. But the style has changed a bit. Now people have become more innovative to make the traditional wedding invites memorable than before. Especially when you are inviting a friend you can go any extent to make it interesting and funny. Below are the few creative ways that will make your wedding invitation memorable. Before sending the invitation card you must be aware of do’s and don’t of it.


If your friend is a bookworm then this will be the best thing to do. Place both of yours photo and a short save-the-date message on the bookmark and send it to your friends who are book lovers. Not only will they love it also they may keep it to themselves till they lose their eyesight to read a book.

Water colour cards

Your wedding invite should not be dull but colorful like your wedding. A bunch of bright colors can be used in water colored cards saying cute or funny save-the-date message for your friends. If you are a pretty good painter and have planned to paint the card on your own then it will be awesome idea to make it personalized. Though it consumes a lot of time but for the friends who stay away from home it is not impossible. Isn’t it?

Creative Ways to Say Save-The-Date to Your Friend

Miniature figures in mini boxes

Miniature figures like a wedding couple, a mini bottle of champagne, some flowers and a nice save-the-date message in a tiny little box can make your friends awe as well as smile. That pretty little box will carry the biggest news of your life and that will be one of the nicest things to do when inviting a friend.

Paper plane

Do you remember how you friends used to make paper planes during the maths class? And then throw them to your professor’s desk? If you do and cherish the moments you have spent with your friends then the paper plane save-the-date is the best idea among all. You can have some prints like world map, maths calculations or your photos on it along with your humorous save-the-date message to make it look more attractive and memorable.


Calendars are the most important thing in our daily life. It can also be one of the most innovative wedding invites for the friends. Make a one page calendar with both of your photos on it and mention the big date you are waiting for. Convert a simple calendar into a creative wedding card for your friends. For making it more interesting you can add messages under other dates like your friend’s birthday and such. You can simply send a table customized table calendar showing the wedding date and a small lovely save-the-date message.

Movie posters

Who does not want to be a movie star? If you too want it then it is easy to be one today. With movie poster save-the-date idea you and your partner can be movie stars. Pick any of your favorite movie posters which you want to have as your customized wedding invite. Place both of your photos and a message for save-the-date and send them to your friends. It is innovative and of course will make everyone feel good, especially those who are movie buff.


Whatever you are writing on a piece of paper can be recorded in your own voice. You can make a video message for your friends to invite them over. It is not only easy thing to do but also it will much more personal than any other wedding messages. It can be considered as visiting your friends’ house overseas and invite them personally as they can see you in your funny and humorous save-the-date video. Make it funnier by putting clips from your past, with friends, with your partner or some other funny moments that you have spent together. The video message will not only make your friend emotional but also it will be unique one.

Scratch cards

People love surprises and your greedy friends who have always spent your money on their food and movies are the beggars of all time. You know even if they are settled outside the country and earning handsome money still they wish for a scratch card that brings a free prize like a biscuit packet, a 10 rupees discount on next purchase or a 20% sale on a bottle of foreign liquor. Yes, it is the same old scratch card brings a free dine with wine on your wedding for your childhood friend. Let him scratch and find out the save-the-date message and cherish how the prize they have won today that is their best friend’s marriage.

Flip books

Flip books are the substitutes for photo albums these days. Though the concept is same as before, still this new era photo albums aka flip books make a lot of difference in your invite. Capture all the moments you have spent with your partner and make a tiny flip book saying the save-the-date message in it. The flip book is surely a high class fashion yet carries a traditional style.

Luggage tag

Another unique and innovative idea of save-the-date is luggage tags. Luggage tags are the things no one even notices. Either people throw them off or they keep hanging till your next tour. When you pick a luggage tag save-the-date card your friends will definitely give you one extra brownie point. Picking up a luggage tag as your wedding invite is way too innovative and signifies latest trend.

Printed hankies

Pick a fancy hankie, print your date and message and send it to your friends. It is easy yet creative way to say save-the-date to your friends. Of course this printed hanky idea will work effectively on your female friends more than male friends. So, if you have your female pals out of the town or even in your town but you want to make them smile by this creative invite then pick any floral printed hankie with lot of colours and make it a nice and attractive save-the-date card.

Message in bottle

Send your message in a closed bottle is an old yet fashionable idea to say save-the-date to your friends. Select your friends’ favorite brand of liquor bottle to send the save-the-date to your friends who were not only your classmates but your best bar-partners. Let your friends cherish the Patiala peg moment with you and save the date for your wedding day with this immensely popular way of inviting your friends for your wedding. To make it more attractive and colorful one can use beer bottles as well.

Printed balloons

Balloons can also be picked up as a creative way to say save-the-date to your friends. Balloons are the elements that each and everyone enjoy to play with. If your friends have children at home then this printed balloon idea is one of the finest ones to attempt. Print your dates and messages (you can also have your tiny photos on it) and send them to your friends to invite them.


Magnets that are common things in every house whether it is a refrigerator magnet or it is for your book shelf, magnets can be easily converted to a nice way to say save-the-date to your friends. Your friends can keep that with themselves unlike other traditional wedding invites for a long time as memoir of their friend’s big day. There are many fancy magnets with various shapes available in the market, you need to just print your name and date and finally send them to your friends.

Key chains

Key chain is another old thing but carries new style of messaging your friends. Key chains are also useful and common element that one needs in day-to-day life. Whether a home key or car key or even key to the cupboard, a fancy key chain is required everywhere. Make this always-useful element one of the most innovative ways to say save-the-date to your friend.

Match Box

Your friend is a smoker, then gift him a customized match box to say aloud save-the-date for your big day. As match box is considered to be a dangerous product, attach a message with it “if you can’t make it on the date, I will burn you with these match sticks”. It will not only be humorous but also be unique and creative to invite for your wedding.

This is one of those things anyone can forget to budget for.

Finally overall the ideas can be summarized as follows:

Make your save-the-date message unique yet simple
Pick up things that are easy to find and easier to send over the seas
Keep it creative and personalise so that your friends can enjoy reading it
If you pick up video message make sure to add lovely photos and clips in it
Select traditional ways and make them trendy

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