How to decorate ring ceremony tray at home

How to decorate ring ceremony tray at home

Decorating ring ceremony tray at home is really easy. Most of the times, people decorate the tray at home. All you need is some creativity and some packaging items which can be found easily at local gift shops or flea markets. Also you need to have some time at hand. This is why the first basic step is not to do it at the last minute. Take your time and start preparing the ceremony tray such that it is ready to place the rings in. you can then tuck it away and bring it out when you are prepared to conduct the ceremony.

How to decorate ring ceremony tray at home

There are different types of trays which you can prepare. We will tell you about those types and the step by step method at home –

Ring on a frame

This is one of the easiest frame options. It will also look really sophisticated and glorious. It makes the ring stand out as the hero. Many a time it happens that the ring gets de-glorified under the decoration. But this design makes the ring stand out and it is also very easy to make. All you need is –

  • Cardboard: You will need to cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape. Make sure the rectangle is not too long. It should be average frame size on which the ring shall be kept.
  • Ribbon: Now take decorative ribbon – you can purchase it from flea market. The color can be pearly white or red (anything of your choosing). Cut it in a long shape.
  • Pin: We will attach the ring on a pin. So you need a pin and you need to attach a pearl bead on one end and stick the other end of the needle to the cardboard.
  • Glitter: After you have attached the pin on the cardboard, fill the rest of the cardboard with glitter. Paste some glue over the cardboard and then keep on sprinkling glitter.
  • Fixation: After fixing the glitter, paste the ribbons at the end of the rectangle, making a frame-like cut out overall. This will give you the shape of the frame. Then put the ring on the pin.

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Simple Décor

For this all you need is the original ring box and a platter. Of course you will need other decoration items. But this is rather simple and very easy to make. Actually you can also make it on the last day of the engagement. It won’t take much of your time. Here’s the really easy process to make it –

  • White platter: Take a well rounded white platter. You can also take a sponge platter on which you can place the other items. But since you will be taking the ring box, it is better to go with a plain white plate.
  • Coin decorative item: Based on the size of the plate, you will need six to eight round decorative ornaments. These are really easy to purchase and these are for the outer ring of the platter.
  • Small plastic flowers: Color coordinate the flower with your ring box. Take red, maroon or pink flowers and arrange them in circles right inside the coin circle. Make sure there’s still some place left for the box
  • Ring box: Now that you have created concentric circles, place the ring box right in the middle of the flowers. You can also add perfume to the fake flowers to make it extra splendid. That’s it! Your tray is ready.

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Winter Frost Tray (Two-Tier)

You can do a fire and ice theme on your wedding ceremony tray. On one side there will be winter frost while on the other side there will be a Christmas like tree. This will complement the nature of the bride and groom – because opposites attract. Also this will be a two tier ceremony tray so you need some extra decorative items.

  • Cardboard: Take a cardboard and cut it in well rounded shape. It should be a full circle. You can also take a round tray if you have one. The latter will be a stronger platform. You need a smaller cardboard to make a small circle on which we will place our ring.
  • Buttons: you need red and blue buttons. Depending upon the size of the circle, you need about six to eight buttons (3 each or 4 each) of red and blue buttons for decoration.
  • Pearly dots: You know those transparent white bindis? You will need them – in abundance. We will make the outer layer of the ring with that one.
  • Christmas flowers: Christmas flowers are available in the market. You can also buy red and blue ones because we will need to hide the steps with it. So buy four Christmas small white leafs and take two red and two blue fake flowers.
  • Silver or reflective paper: We need silver paper to give a skiing effect to the tray. So buy one full silver paper and one reflective paper from the market and cut them in circles.

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How to make 

  • Cover the tray or the cardboard with silver paper and then make a circle within the circle. Measure the size of the leaves and the rings and make sure that they fit within the circle.
  • Start by adding the pearly dots at the edge of the tray. Cover the entire edge with them and then add the dots at the middle in 4 rows. After you have added the rows, cover the inner circle with reflective paper.
  • Cover the area surrounding the reflective paper with pearly dots as if to make the boundary. Once done, now you come to the easy part. Add the buttons of alternate colors to the reflective paper.
  • Place the Christmas leaves on the interior portion of the buttons. You should still have some space left. Cut four legs from the cardboard. Make them circled and fox the smaller circle on top of the legs with glue.
  • Now glue a small portion of the reflective circle on the top tier. Now you can place the two rings here in their respective boxes. Add pearly dots around the edge of the top tier as well.

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