What should be diet of groom before marriage?

What should be diet of groom before marriage?

Everyone wants to look their best on the wedding – why should only brides have all the fun right? But you have put on a few pounds and your wedding is only a few weeks away. Unlike the bride you haven’t paid attention to your weight for the longest time. Now is the time to take back the reigns and get started with the diet of the century – to look and feel your best at your wedding.

What should be diet of groom before marriage?

Before your get started, follow these simple tips so that you don’t go overboard and don’t feel de-motivated in the midst of the weight loss journey:

  • Set proper goals: You want to lose 4 kilos in 2 months? 2 kilos in 4 months? What are you trying to achieve here? Get it out front at first, then start keeping a food journal. It has been seen that people who keep a food journal are more successful in reaching their goals than the ones who do not. Nowadays there’re apps which are much like Fitbit. Track your fitness goals and keep your eyes on the goals should you ever deviate.
  • Now make a strategy: Now since you have just started eating healthy, you might want to go ahead and devise a strategy because it is easier to break down your goals into little parts than just eating plain foods mentioned. Make a big batch of recipes and store them in your refrigerators. They will be your go-to when you don’t have enough time to prep or you feel like having snack. This way even the snack you have is going to give you some good boost. Plus, it’s always good to learn to make some recipes yourself – if not help, you can at least wow your would-be. You can also read the article to know the diet of a bride before marriage.
  • Adjust it to your schedule: Okay everyone has a batch of food items that are available locally. Rather than having broccoli or parsley, you might go with the sarson ka saag that is available near you. It totally makes sense – if you make the recipe your own, you will be able to stick to it better. Don’t just stick to online recipe guides make it your own and don’t be afraid to tweak it as it suits you.
  • Add fiber and nutrients to snack: This is a little bit that will help you in the long run. Working late at the office and want to grab a bite? Try a fibrous snack instead of a burger. This will keep you full for a long time and will also not pile on extra weight. Just substituting your snacks with nutrients goes a long way in losing weight and staying in shape.
  • Foods to avoid during cleanse: Foods you should avoid during the cleanse are processed sugars, anything with “processed” on the can, dairy and gluten items. I know a lot of Indians believe that dairy products, especially milk, causes stamina to increase for libido performance, but that also comes with bloating, weight increase, and a host of other gluttonous causes. So you choose. Also, since it is a “cleanse” try and steer clear of alcohol and coffee for good.
  • Consult a physician: Before beginning any fitness programme, it is a must that you visit a doctor. It is also a good routine checkup. The doctor can suggest you some ways to keep in shape even after your wedding. Also, if you have any chronic disease, it is always best to consult your doctor before taking any decisions.

So what’s the diet plan going to look like?

  1. Proteins: Include, fishes (they contain omega 3s which are excellent for burning fat), eggs, and poultry to your meal. Steer clear of dairy products even if they contain protein. The more you consume proteins, the better your muscles are going to develop – you will look like a hunk on D-Day and all eyes will be on you. Plus, proteins help burn fat and make sure that the weight loss is due to fat loss and not muscle loss. This way you can truly be sure that all that gym is making a positive impact on the right places.
  2. Healthy carbs: Eat healthy carbs. There are superior and inferior carbs that have different effects on your body. You can switch between different types of carbs. However make sure that the most part of your carb is coming from vegetables and not processed food or added sugar.
  3. Drink pineapple juice: Pineapple is a great fat burner. It is known to burn fats at the same time and makes your skin glow. You want that perfect photo clicked beside your princess you will have to start drinking some pineapple juice. It will boost your overall health and will actually give you a detox. However don’t go about adding any extra sugar into it. Also try to juice fresh pineapple at your own home instead of buying the added preservatives one from the market.
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids: Include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. It is going to make you be healthy and fit. It is also going to detox your internals. You will lose any toxins in your body and it will give you an overall recharge before your wedding day. Now you know how important that is.

If you cover all of these, then you have the best diet plan you could ever have.

Weekly plan for the groom

Week 1: Let this week be about legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and seeds. You can add some oil or seasoning as per taste – but go light on the oil. Use olive oil since it is known to be the most health friendly. Right from the breakfast, you will have to begin your day with juices and smoothies then during the lunch you can have some vegetables that boost the liver and pump up your metabolism. All of the recipes for this week shall be gluten free and dairy free.

Week 2: After detoxing for the whole week now it’s the time for the groom to take his diet to the next level. This is where the fun begins. Add some animal proteins and whole grains. Add some sea food too, to lift your energy levels.

Week 3: now go the gluten free grains and add them with heartier proteins like sardines, salmon, etc. Go with brown rice now if you feel like. You will now start to feel satisfied and will build back your stamina. Make a breakfast soup ahead and make batches of it.

Week 4: Now is the time to add eggs and tofu to your diet. Pay attention – are they suiting your detoxed body? No? Then stop having them, but if they make you feel good, then it is the time to keep having them. Consume organic soy and eggs. Now you must focus on tips given above and include only healthy carbs and good proteins and veggies.

Now is the time for you to continue eating such foods and keep this habit.


Sl. No. Schedule Ideal food to have
1 Breakfast Quinoa Porridge, Red lentil soup
2 Lunch Orange salad, smoked salmon
3 Dinner Shitake Mushroom with brown rice

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