Difference between Bridal Kundan and Polki Jewelry

Difference between Bridal Kundan and Polki Jewelry

The wedding ornaments are available in different types. Now you may have heard about Kundan, Polki and Jadau. But do you actually know what these are? Today we are going to tell you the difference between the two most popular wedding jewelries – Kundan and Polki. There are many merits and demerits of wearing them. We will leave that to you to judge. First let us understand what each of them stands for. You can also read an article to know about Satlada: Must have jewelry for every Indian bride!

Difference between Bridal Kundan and Polki Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry

Kundan jewelry is known to be the oldest golden jewelry designs in India. There are however contradictions to its origin. Some say that it originated in the Rajput Royal families of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Some say that it is the Mughal who brought these designs into town. Whatever may be the case, it is the oldest of the jewelries and as you can see it is also one of the most polished. These are known as refined pieces of jewelries. However, today in differs in category and type and the carats of gold used.

Kundan jewelry is created in a very unique way at a very high temperature. Since it is created at such high temperatures, it is believed that the impurities get dusted off. A gemstone is inserted within the golden base. It is an all time favorite with the brides. Hence, it proves that Kundan jewelry is timeless.

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Polki Jewelry

Polki is a type of diamond which is found only in India. This type of diamond when put into the jewelry is in its rawest form. This means that it is uncut and untreated. Hence in a way we can say that it is the most unpolished version of jewelry that we have. Due to its raw nature, it is quite popular in the international market as well.

Polki jewelry therefore, just like Kundan, gives a touch of tradition. Since it is uncut, it shines naturally and therefore it does not have to be polished again and again. This is why women keep it as an heirloom and pass it on to their next generations. In the recent times Polki has been spotted on celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya. Hence, it rose to fame once again.

So what is the basic difference between two?

  • Even though both Polki and Kundan are made of stones, Polki is more expensive. Polki is made with natural, uncut diamonds. However, Kundan is only made of glass. Hence the price difference.
  • It is considered that Polki jewelry style mainly came from the Mughal. It was later taken on and improved by the Rajasthan Royals. However, the origins of Kundan jewelry are solely attributed to the royal families of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  • Polki is preferred because it is cheaper than diamond and it stays in form longer than diamond. Polki is basically the raw version of diamond. Kundan on the other hand is known as the purest form of gold. One is uncut and crude, while the other is refined at its best.
  • Kundan, at least in India, has been in use for the longest time. Polki came much later with the invasion of Mughal. Kundan is genuine and is known to be the real Indian traditional jewelry.
  • The process of making the jewelries is almost same but different. For instance, Polki is made with raw diamonds placed on the gold. Kundan jewelry takes a lot of work with layers and layers of stones, gems and the joint work. So although the basis is the same, but the method id vastly different.
  • Kundan jewelries are more price friendly than Polki. The cost of a Polki choker can range anywhere between Rs. 4 to Rs. 15 lakhs. A Kundan choker on the other hand can come within Rs. 25,000 itself. Hence, the price difference is huge. Polki is also expensive because the cost of craftsmanship is huge.

Where to find Kundan Jewelry?

There is no shortage of place where you can find Kundan jewelries. Yes, it is true that Kundan Jewelry is found in all parts of the country. India is the prime supplier of Kundan jewelry to the world. Yet, Bikaner and Jaipur is said to be the pioneer in manufacturing these. Their designs and their quality is the best. Hence if you are going to buy it, you should watch out for its quality.

Where to find Polki Jewelry?

Polki jewelry on the other hand can be found at myriad places. It is manufactured all over the country. Hyderabad is known as the hub of Jadau jewelry. Many of these places also make Polki jewelry. Hence you can find them at these places for sure. For wedding purposes, you will definitely spot them at the local jewelry shop.

What type of jewelry should I get?

Now there are two instances – one is that you can get Kundan jewelry and another, a Polki. So in case you are going for Kundan jewelry we will suggest you go with earrings and maang tikkas. A golden maang tikka grabs the eye and complements the tradition very well. similarly a Kundan choker also does go well with some brides’ attire.

Similarly, if you are going for Polki jewelry, you can go for either a choker or an earring. Polki earrings are heavier but they make you shine. Many brides sport these during the reception when they are comparatively lightly endowed. But wearing a Polki choker really makes you look grand. You can consider that.

Should you buy Polki or Kundan?

At last, the question is, which one should you buy? We will say that largely depends upon your budget and also on your choice. If you feel comfortable wearing Polki – which is a little bit heavy go for it. Most brides prefer Kundan because Kundan ticks on all boxes. It is both easy to wear, traditional and price friendly. Hence, Kundan is the popular jewelry, but Polki is a good choice too. You can always mix and match and wear them.


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