Different ways to make wedding Programme sheet

Different ways to make wedding Programme sheet

Wedding takes months and months and sometimes years of planning. From the dresses to the food and to decor, you want it all perfect. However, the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests take is the wedding programme sheet.

So here are some ideas you could design your programme sheet and give a perfect start to your wedding celebration.

Different ways to make wedding Programme sheet


Before we proceed, here is a little heads up. Just because it is a piece of paper, does not mean you take it lightly. You do not want to end up with silly spelling mistakes and give a bad first impression. So consider duly.


Although, Indian wedding planners are not big on writing the details of the wedding ceremony, however times are hanging and it is all about new and fun ideas. So here is what you should include your wedding programme sheet:

  • Time of the arrival of the groom
  • Pooja/holy recitation
  • The Bride’s arrival
  • The muhurat/nikkah time
  • Any other religious rituals
  • Aashirwaad/Thank you notes to both parents
  • Dinner time
  • Vidai


This is one my top favorites, which means it lands itself the first spot on this list. Chunri is native to south Asia and if you are looking for a traditional theme wedding, this would be perfect for your programme sheet. All you need is 8.5″ x 11 65lb card stock of your favorite color, the design, which you can download online, text in MS word and a printer.

Print the design out on like color paper sheet, preferably A4, and then paste it on the card stock, the next thing is to print out your text and paste it on the card. You could also print the text directly onto the card stock and decorate the card with chunri style cut outs, in case you cannot find a chunri pattern online


This is a pretty popular trend these days, plus if you are all for glittery things, this is it. There are many ways you could include glitter into your programme sheet. Some of the easiest ways is to border your card with glitter. If you are going for a white theme wedding, you could use white feathers to stick to your cards by tip-glittering them, this will give a nice contrast and not to forget the shimmer you want. You could also use glitter paper to cut out into various shapes and use on your sheet. Not to forget, smearing the cover of your sheet with glitter is not foreign to anyone.


Hand fans or pankhi are one of the top handicrafts of India. Pankhi style wedding sheets are perfect for a colorful desi wedding, especially if it is Punjabi. If you are fan of the fan (read: hand fan), this is answer to your prayers, not only could you pick from the Indian styles, hand fans are used all over the world which means you could pick many other foreign styles as well. Pick your favorite pattern and cut and go for the DIY wedding sheet design project.

This is would be best both for a good first impression and as props for pictures.


Photography props, funny cut outs, happy exclamations are all what the modern wedding photography is about. Here is a two-in-one deal, use one side as props, the other for the details. You could also design them to serve as fans to keep your guests cool.Please read the article to know the different pre wedding shoot props.


You can portray the whole wedding and basically make your guests go through the entire wedding ceremony before it has actually happened. This is a super fun idea, because you could also illustrate each and every member of your family and have a little banter over it. After all, wedding is all about fun. Please read the article to know what can be the different wedding songs those keep you dancing till end.


Make a flip book of mixed up paper choices. You could use the contrast of colors, textures and even patterns each or all of them together. Pair up what you think would go well. Of course, if you use a coarse texture for the paper, printing a pattern onto it or smearing glitter would not be a good idea. So, it is better to not print anything onto a heavy texture, rather just a favorite color in that texture. Choose one flap for each programme and choose the other details (colors/patterns etc.) accordingly.


Let there be no mistake as to whose wedding it is. Re-live the best moments of your life on the most memorable day of your life. Put throw back photos of your engagement, your first date or any other silly and lovely photos you took together. Choose your favorite quotes or print the romantic things you both said to each other, to give the extra edge.


Make your mark with elegantly calligraphed custom stickers. The bride and groom could either have their initials printed as a sticker or an even better option is to come up with a portmanteau couple nickname (Saifeena, anyone?). This can be a super personalized and unique-to-my-wedding kind of thing. At least, I will be all for it.


Hunt down an artist from among friends and family, pick a popular painting and have them paint your programme sheet around that theme. For example, you could transform Van Gogh’s ‘Almond Blossom’ or ‘Starry Night’ or just have them paint what you would like.


Choose different fonts for you quotes and the names and rituals. Pair it up with a cut of your choice; however, it is preferred to use a simple booklet style, for dramatic works best with simple. Create a unique modern look with printing your own words or your favorite dialogues or popular love quotes. To give something extra but worthy, get a large poster of your most favorite quote and place it at the venue.


The job does not end at preparing the perfect programme sheet; you have to present it the right way to give it the execution your efforts deserve. You could fill up a basket, antique trays or in pails, whatever works with your wedding style, with the programmes and place it at the entrance, the guests can grab one as they arrive. For an outdoor wedding place each on the chair, put a candy on top to keep them from blowing away. Have your friends or family greet and hand out or have the ushers do it.

The crux:

Pay due consideration to avoid mistakes Chunri patterns are the best. Either download from the internet or draw it yourself, it is a win win
Know your style Like it all shimmery, go for it. Wedding is all about the bling!
Do not miss out on anything so make a list before you begin Indian, Chinese or Japanese, hand fans are the cutest

Present it well

Use them props to snap the best snaps and programme the best programme
Make the guests picture your wedding animated style and later show them the real deal
Create a multi-colored, multi-textured flip-book
Show the world the history of your love by putting your pictures in the programme sheet. It would be a unique and romantic idea
Design your own exculsive to your wedding sticker to be pasted on your programme envelop
Want a complete customized DIY sheet, go for your own hand painted motif
Typography is a popular trend nowadays, which means you could totally use it to grace your wedding

Wedding programme is an important aspect of the wedding, and now that you have so many ideas make it a point to choose the best.

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