12 Different ways of wearing stole for a groom

12 Different ways of wearing stole for a groom

Let’s face it; our desi groom is a true example of an underdog when it comes to Indian weddings. The friends, the relative, even their own family takes them for granted. This also leads to a general negligence towards the grooms, no joke! I mean, how often do you see an article in a mainstream publications or even a blog discussing a groom’s attire for his big day? As a result, the groom himself gives in and ends up not doing much.

Of course, we are not saying that they do not do anything at all. Nowadays, there are exclusive men’s salons, which offer a number of wedding packages especially put together for them. On top, there is a wide variety of outfit options that they could pick and choose from. So we cannot exactly say that men keep it to the minimal for their wedding. But, compared to the limits to which our brides go, the grooms are definitely the underdogs!

Nevertheless, like I mentioned above that there isn’t very much literature (read: do not confuse with the real literature, I just wanted to sound fancy) available for how a groom can dress, this article will hit something rather very few have ho before. I mean you may come across how a groom could dress, what cut of outfit can he choose, but in doing so, we almost, every time, over look the importance of the stole, which is an essential part of a grooms outfit. Trust me, drape the stole the right way and it can make a huge difference to the look. You can also read the article what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.

12 Different ways of wearing stole for a groom

So, here are a few things you should do before you go to the wearing part:


First of all, you should know your style. While you are at this initial step, you should consider a few things:

Culture: many cultures have their own style or a pattern that represent them. If you happen to belong to one such culture, better to rock the traditional style. If no, the there is a wide variety of designs and patterns you could choose from. In any case, we will guide you about ways to wear it.

The length: again, know what you want when looking for a stole. Some even wear the stole as a turban, but that is of course if you want long length. If no, then turban is out of question. Some prefer long lengths too. All depends on what you really see yourself wearing.

The color: matching the color of your stole with the rest of the theme of the wedding is a big thing, now a days. Some matching it with the bride’s dress, if there isn’t a predominant theme color. Key is to know what you want.

The material: choose the material as per what you like. One has to be very strategic when it comes to choosing the right material,, if you are on a heavier side, do not go for jamawar or organza, that will instantly make you look bigger than you are. Plus the camera puts an extra 10lbs to your weight, so you would not want to ruin your best memory for the rest of your life. Choose wisely! It is also important to know the different footwear groom can wear.

Now that you have checked the essentials, you can move on to how to wear it.


Many of us love turbans. It depicts royalty, manhood and in my personal opinion, groom-li-ness. I mean how many people you see wear a turban at a wedding, the only person I have seen so far is the guy whose wedding it is. So that basically validates when I say, it represents groom-li-ness. Wow! They should totally make this a new word in English, shouldn’t they?

Anyway, coming back to the point, turbans are dope. They are totally in and totally the thing of the wedding. So do not shy when option for it. And like I said, many of us come from cultures that naturally inherit some of these trends. In case of turbans, who is it? You guessed it right, the Sikh culture. While many of us struggle to wear it, it is a prime game for the Punjabis. So all you Punjabi Mundaas out there play your roots to the best and rock your wedding with some fancy tilla and gotta turbans. If you still want a separate stole to go with it then no problem you can drape that on one of your shoulders as well.


Some turbans come with a long stole extending behind them. While you wear the turban on your head, you can do quite a few things with the stole. You can either have it loosely hang in front or can throw it over the opposite shoulder, both would work. You could even wrap it around your forearm, which in my opinion is much decent of all the three.


This is the easiest and now that we have so many styles available it is safe to say the most uncreative style to wear the stole. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular styles too. All you do is half wrap the stole behind your neck and let either side so of the stole hand loosely in front. To make it a little more aesthetic and also to secure it, you can use a kundun brooch. This would also help set you apart in case any of your chums are wearing a stole.


This is one the simplest and easiest styles to pull off. Just throw the stole over one of your shoulders and let the one end fall on the back side and the other on the front.


This is again, one of the most popular ways to wear the stole; it is pretty popular in Bollywood, which also means a lot of the guys are big on it. Basically what you do is you half wrap the stole behind your neck, then throw one of the sides of the stole over the opposite shoulder and bam, you have the around the neck style mastered. Thank me later!


This basically a continuation of the preceding style, instead of just throwing the stole over the shoulders, you can loop it once more around the neck and then let it fall loose on the sherwani.


Now this is, hands down, my favorite style to wear a stole. Half wrap the stole behind your waist, but this time very loosely; even pull it down a little bit to give it that loose effect. Once you have done that, take the ends on either sides and throw them over your shoulders, like a horse rein. Take my word for it; it is one of the most attractive ways to wear the stole. It so adds up to your hotness quotient.


This is not as hard to pull off as it may sound. All you have to do is to half wrap it around your waist, bring both ends to the front and throw them on opposite shoulder to each other, respectively.


This is a true gentle man style. Generally appropriate for elderly men, it can also work perfectly for some of those old souls. So here is what you do, instead of wrapping, this time drape the stole going diagonally, going from one of your shoulders all the way to the opposite side on the front. You can then secure it with an a nice brooch close to the shoulder on top, and use an invisible pin near the end, so the diagonal effect would stay like that. Remember, if you are going for this style, make sure the width of the stole is good enough and the pattern is pleasing to the eyes, since it is going to be pretty prominent.


You can then secure it with an a nice brooch close to the shoulder on top, and use an invisible pin near the end, so the diagonal effect would stay like that. Remember, if you are going for this style, make sure the width of the stole is good enough and the pattern is pleasing to the eyes, since it is going to be pretty prominent.


You can also wrap both ends of your stole around both of your fore-arms. Let it loose from the neck and then wrap the ends and you are good.


Some outfits come with a belt around the waist. Those of you who are big on the Mughalia style may opt for this style. If you do, you could tuck the stole in the belt on the front, and let loose the one the back or if you want to tuck that too, it really up to you. Dressing up is no rocket science and there are no hard and fast rules that apply to it. So do as you please.

Please read the article to know the things you can buy and rent on wedding.

In retrospect:

Adhere to the culture Turban is the best option.
Choose the right length, as per what style you want to follow You can even go for turban cum stole or turban along with a separate stole
Color is your own choice. Match the theme or the bride’s outfit, it is up to you If not a turban, go for simple stole let loose on front, or half front half back.
Material is the most important thing. Be wise while choosing You could even wrap it around the arms. One of them or both, totally your choice. Or can ven go for diagonal drape on the front back. Last but not the least, tuck it in a waist belt over your sherwani

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