Do’s and Don’ts while selecting the invitation cards

Do’s and Don’ts while selecting the invitation cards

There is so much to pick from when it comes to choosing your invitation card. But before choosing the invitation cards you must have to decide the number of guest you need to send invites.There are so many elements of a wedding invites that one is bound to get confused. Whom to leave and whom to include is the question that might baffle many. Although it is good to be presented with so many choices, sometimes they can be overwhelming. When you are confused, you are more prone to making mistakes.

Invitation cards are one of the most important aspects of any ceremony or event. It is also equally important which generally wedding planner forget to budget for.The invitation cards can set the tone right for the rest of the arrangements. This is why making sure that you choose the right card becomes important. There are many things that need to be the part of the card and many things need to be excluded. Here is some insight into the basic do’s and don’ts of an invitation card. This should help you make the right choice at any time.

Do's and Don’ts while selecting the invitation cards

DO – Choose Colour Theme and Scheme Wisely 

  • It is important to consider the colour theme and scheme of the ceremony while choosing the invitation card. For instance, if you are looking for the cards for the wedding, keep in mind the colour scheme you have chosen for the wedding. Please follow the link to know about the wedding themes to make your wedding awesome.
  • If you are going for a multi-coloured theme for the ceremony, make sure that the same is reflected on your invitation card as well. It would be best if the invitation card features the same patter as the colour scheme of the ceremony.
  • If you do not have any particular colour scheme for the ceremony in mind, then choose the invitation card that goes well with the style of the ceremony. For such events, classic and traditional styles are suited the most. Colours like white, black, and cream can be used quite well.

DON’T – Don’t choose formal style for casual event and vice versa 

  • As above mentioned, the invitation card sets the right tone for the upcoming event or ceremony. Therefore, it should carry the same essence as you want to bring out during the event.
  • If your event is going to be casual, do not choose the formal invitation card. In the same way, if the ceremony is casual, then make sure you only pick the casual styled card and not the formal ones.
  • It is important to give the right idea to the invitees. The card will make them decide whether to dress up formally or casually. A guest showing up all suited up at the event where everyone else is chilling out in shorts and tees will feel pretty awkward.
  • If you are going for a mix of formal and casual or semi-formal, then talk to the card designer how you can make the card to suit the event.

DO – Include postage on the RSVP envelopes

  • New trends have come up for the invitation cards in the past decade. Many cards do not even include the RSVP envelopes anymore. Some of them which have it do not have the stamp. But including RSVP cards is a good idea.
  • With RSVP card, you can have the fair idea how many guests are coming and how many are not coming. Also, you would know whether they would come alone or bring a guest. They can inform you either via the email or phone.
  • People are not adding the postage on the envelopes anymore. This could work when your event is small and rather casual. However, if the event is bigger, then you should definitely include the postage on the RSVP card. Postage does not cost much. Especially when you are spending so much on per person at the event, you can spend a little more.
  • Including the postage is a matter of etiquette. Some of the guests with traditional mindset may even feel offended.
  • Above all must be aware of latest trends in wedding invitation cards.

DON’T – Label stickers to address guests

  • Invitation card experts say that using the label stickers to address the guests is a bad idea. There are many other things available that can save you both money and time. Your guests may not like it and it may appear cheap.
  • There are many reasons why you should not use the labels on your invitation cards. First of all, it may not go well with your guests. It might appear to them that you did not give the detailed attention to the planning. You may come across as lazy at best and clumsy at worst. This may make them prejudiced about the actual event as well.
  • The other reason is that labels may not be a good option when the cards are being posted using postal service. If there is any moisture, the labels may come off the envelope.

DO – User personal handwriting or hire a calligrapher

  • If your budget allows you, it is best to hire a calligrapher and have them write down the address to the guests. However, if you want to save money, you can address your guests in your own handwriting. Addressing the envelopes all by yourself can save you money. If you think that your handwriting is not good enough, you can always take the help of a friend or a family member.
  • There is one more option for you. There are many beautiful calligraphic fonts available for free on the internet. You can download one such font and type the address on your computer. You can then print it, cut it out and use it on your envelopes. You may make mistakes at times. So, just make sure you have the extra envelopes with you.
  • You will be surprised to know that there are a few companies out there that provide the calligraphy services. You can use their service to match the fond which has been used on the invitation card.
  • Thankfully, their prices are much lower as compared to a solo calligrapher. These companies have the top-grade printers and can directly print on your envelope. The end result could be quite mesmerizing even to the guests. They can even save time for you by placing the card in the envelopes.

DO – Choose a style that matches your personality

  • Explore a number of options before choosing the invitation card. Choose the style of the card that matches with your personality. There are many places you can check some really top-quality and highly creative invitation cards.
  • You can look up for the inspiring invitation card ideas on the web. You can search the engines like Google. You can also go to image portals such as Pinterest to find the card that suits you the best. Before you make the final decision, you must also visit the local stationer. Seeing the cards in-person can give you a much better idea. You can gauge the true look and feel of the card when you see it with your naked eyes.

DON’T – Over stuff your card 

  • The text on the card helps guests get the idea as to how the event is going to be. Therefore, you must include the most important details. For instance, it should include the nature of the event. The time, venue, and dates must be clearly mentioned.
  • Make sure that you do not over stuff the card with unnecessary details. A lot of people do that in order to impress the guests. But that is a bad idea. Your invitation card must set the tone right without being too crammed with text.
  • The purpose of the event must also be clearly stated on the card. You must also specify at least one contact person whom the guests can get in touch with in case they have any questions.

Do not forget to post a copy of your invitation card to make your wedding album creative.

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