Double Dupatta with Bridal Lehenga and Draping Styles

Double Dupatta with Bridal Lehenga and Draping Styles

Draping a dupatta on you could be a grand affair. In fact, the dupatta is the single most important piece that completes your costume and it adds grace and gorgeousness to it. So draping the dupatta in the right way is of foremost importance. It frames your face and completes your look.

Double Dupatta with Bridal Lehenga and Draping Styles

Nowadays the brides are draping the dupattas in the double dupatta style. It has brought back the craze with dupattas because it makes them looking more glorious in appearance. Hence, double dupatta draping should not be ignored. In case it is giving you budget confusions, you may want to go with a smaller dupatta style just for the head.

How did the double dupatta trend start?

In 2013 designer Sabyasachi brought back this trend. According to this trend you are to take a regular dupatta over your shoulder and take another lighter dupatta over your head. This goes against the traditional way – where brides took the same dupatta and pinned it down their shoulder. Now it has become the norm and from what it seems like – this trend isn’t going away any time soon. So let us learn more about it.

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Dupatta draping styles

Here are some of the dupatta draping styles that are blooming right now. You must have seen them at your friends’ wedding. These styles are for every bride. Check them out, you may like one or two of them for your wedding –

  1. South Indian Style
    The South Indian style is where the dupatta is draped in over your shoulder. The ends are tucked in securely at your shoulders. You can also do pleats to get a more even Saree look. This style is known as the half-Saree look anyways. You can also read an artilce to know about Latest Makeup Trends for South Indian Bride
  2. Front drape
    The front drape style is pretty common where the bride will wear the dupatta in chunri style. The front portion lies in V shape over her bosom. The rest of the dupatta is taken over her head and wrapped in a veil. You can take a lighter dupatta for the front drape for an even look.
  3. Lehenga choli style
    There are many ways in which this can be worn .Typically you can tuck one end over your hip while another end is taken over your head. Take some chiffon or satin material to do this style because it will bring out the essence of the lehenga. It won’t be very difficult to carry either.
  4. Pakistani Style
    The Pakistani brides take a very gorgeous dupatta over their heads and take the rest of the dupatta on their wrist. You can take a light gold colored dupatta on your wrists while taking the heavier one over your head. The Pakistani brides’ dupatta draping style makes it really easier to incorporate the double dupatta trend.
  5. Color Contrast
    When you are getting two different dupattas why not play with a little bit of color here and there? Several brides are trying out matching colors for their head and shoulder dupatta. Red and green are the main colors in trend. But you can also try out a blue and red color combo. In any case, you must keep the lighter shade for the head gear.
  6. Saree Style
    In this Saree Style double dupatta both the dupattas are exactly the same in color. They are often made of the same material too. The only thing separating them is the different piece of cloth. It is usually done when you want to give your lehenga choli a Saree style appearance. You can also read an article to know about Latest Saree Draping Style Technique Idea step by step
  7. Punjabi Style
    The bride usually wears a heavily embellished dupatta at the top of the head. This actually defies the trend if you want to go with the double dupatta style. Here the front dupatta you take is lighter compared to the head dupatta. But this could be the key factor that separates your style from the rest.
  8. Bengali Style
    Another style is to drape the dupatta from the front. This style is called Bengali style because it comes from behind and goes over the shoulder – just like Bengali Sarees. If you want to make a double dupatta out of it, you can put a very small size dupatta at the head. This dupatta should preferably be of lace work or netted to bring out the essence of the whole dress.
  9. Simple Drape
    You can see that the bride has cleverly taken both her dupattas in the same color here. But although the colors are the same, the shoulder dupatta has a broader border while the head dupatta has a sleeker border. The heavier one is pleated so that the most is extracted out of its gorgeousness.
  10. Wrist drape
    The brides draping the dupattas on their elbows make them look very sensuous. If your dupatta is very simple and your outfit is very gorgeous then it definitely needs more attention. So this is the style you must go for then. But bear in mind, this style is not for the faint hearted. If you are a bold and self confident bride, then go for it.

Should you really go for a double dupatta style?

  • If your dupatta is relatively simpler because that’s within your budget, then an additional dupatta will instantly glamorize your look. Same goes if your dupatta is too heavy then go for a lighter second dupatta to even out the look.
  • If you are going the Pakistani way or the Nizami/Mughal look, then another light dupatta over your head could really enhance your appeal. Plus, a light dupatta over your head will make it easier to carry it throughout the day.
  • If you have a single tone lehenga and you want to add some color to the lehenga overall, then it is the best option. The second dupatta should have perfect color contrast only then it will enhance the look of the lehenga.

In general, a second dupatta looks good on your head. But if you have a light dupatta with your lehenga, then you probably don’t need a second one.


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