Face Pack For Bride’s Glowing Skin

Face Pack For Bride’s Glowing Skin

A wedding, at any part of the world, Bride is the one who steals the show. She is the one people wait for to see. Since such is the case, Brides too look after themselves because they know people will be looking at her. Here are, some ways to help, the brides to be, to get the glow on their skin.

Face Pack For Bride’s Glowing Skin

Oily skin

Some of the homemade face packs are mentioned below. These are for oily skin:-

  • Sandalwood powder mixed with rose water works wonder since primitive times.
  • Tulsi has anti bacterial properties and when mixed with multani mitti, does good to your skin
  • Turmeric powder, mixed with chickpea flour adds glow to your skin.
  • Potato is very good for tan removal, juice of it, when mixed with turmeric powder, repairs and rebuilds your skin.

Acne prone skin

All the sources that have lemon or properties of yogurt are real effective on acne prone skin. Some homemade face packs are mentioned below:-

  • Multani mitti is very effective for removal of excessive oil from your skin; plain simple face pack will be good. (Adding lemon juice to it, during humidity will be better).
  • Chickpea flour mixed with curd, when applied is known to add glow.
  • Honey though has got moisturizing properties but when mixed with lemon and applied as a face pack, has already proven its mettle.
  • Mints leaves, grind them and mix with chickpea flour, multani mitti and add a little bit of rosewater, results will be magical.
  • Cucumber, be it the slices or the paste of it, will give you cooling effect and remove dirt and excessive oil from your skin.
  • Neem leaves, grind them to make a paste, either apply it directly or use any of the sources/options here, to add in the glow to your skin.

Skin whitening

We all want that flawless skin, clear from blemishes or marks, and if we have the glow, we are bang on. Some homemade face packs are here to help you have brighter and whiter skin:-

Milk powder, mixed with lemon juice is one of the lesser known facts.

  • Oatmeal mixed with sour curd, the pack works like a scrub and helps is removing marks on your skin, giving a clear and whiter skin tone.
  • Potato and Tomato are age old known sources, for helping brides to get the brighter skin they want.
  • Chickpea flour, mixed with potato and tomato juice, the face pack made, will bless your skin.
  • Simply rub tomato on your skin, if possible add in a little bit of potato juice as well and see the magic.

Yogurt face pack

Yogurt has got lactic acid in it that removes dead skin and keeps your skin wrinkle free. When mixed with chickpea flour and honey, the face pack is known for the after effects. It is best you apply it at night. Post washing, use some oil free facial cream and then go off to sleep, you will have the skin you always wanted.

Mix cumcumber (grated) into it, and see the benefits. Cucumber has is cooling agent and yogurt, being a milk product, soothes and heals your skin. Cheers to lactic acid, which keeps your skin wrinkle free as well.

Oatmeal when mixed with honey and Yogurt not only exfoliates your skin, but repairs and rebuilds it too. Get all the ingredients to experience the magic all these ingredients have to offer.

Aloe vera

It has anti ageing and anti oxidant properties. It makes your akin supple and smooth to touch. While rejuvenating your skin, it also keeps your skin hydrated, heals it and re-builds it. Not just for skin glow, you may use it as an anti inflammatory to reduce pain caused by insect bites.

Aloe Vera, honey, milk, turmeric and a little bit of rose water, when mixed and formed a paste, it heals, rejuvenated and rebuilds your skin. TO be precise, it adds glow to your skin.

If plain juice of aloe vera is mixed with lemon juice, it will remove tanning and in turn add in the glow, making your skin look neater, brighter and shining.

Aloe Vera gel when mixed with only rose water and applied, is very good for reducing and removing pigmentation. Mixing the same gel with mashed mango and lime (mind you not lemon) juice is awesome treatment for detoxifying your skin.

Chandan powder

The powder is an age old secret when it comes to skin glowing and face packs. It has fragrance worth each penny you invest on. It is very good to be used during summer. It can be easily found in Indian stores and the face packs are very easy to be made.

If the powder is mixed with lime or lemon juice, though the results will be awesome, but remember, chandan powder is a cooling agent and lime/lemon juices are vitamin rich sources, for tan removal. It is best to use at humid regions and especially during summer.

If you have dry skins then mix the powder with honey and turmeric. Apply this pack and observe the changes thyself. Having an oily skin, this is the powder made for you. Simply mix the powder in adequate quantity with rose water, yogurt and lemon/lime juice. What you will have is a glowing brighter and better skin.

How to use?

Majority of all face packs, have to left on your skin for 15-20 minutes maximum. Another time to remove them is when it all dries and your skin starts to itch. But! Aloe Vera Gel does not dry. Though the face packs are for good results, but ignorance is not always blissful. Lime and lemon, if left for longer may irritate your skin and damage it too. The red rashes are not something you would be happy to see on your skin.

All these points of concern need to be kept it mind because you are the bride to be. It is just for one day but every single effort you make, will be worth the memories you are going to cherish throughout.

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