Fashion jewellery a bride can wear on her wedding|imitation|kundan|meenakari|antique| temple

Fashion jewellery a bride can wear on her wedding|imitation|kundan|meenakari|antique| temple

What is the best thing about weddings? Jewlry! Some women would swear by it. In fact, earlier in a not-so-old date, women used to be lured with jewelry to tie the knot. That being said regular jewelry and wedding jewelry have a lot of difference.

Fashion jewellery a bride can wear on her wedding

The wedding jewelry is supposed to be gala – it s supposed to be the one thing that makes you the tar of the event. Hence, there’s a lot of royalty in those jewelry items. People like to get them custom made as per their tastes. A lot of times the wedding jewelry is handed down as an heirloom in the family.

There’s a lot of sentiment and emotion attached to the wedding jewelry. Years down the line women look back to this date and cherish their wedding adornments to heart. This is why it is one of the things that you must choose wisely.

So as an Indian bride you have a gold mine (pun intended) in your hands. There are so many different types of jewelries to choose from. Check out the following different types of jewelries that are a total must have during the wedding. You can choose a mixture of these or just one single type. It’s up to you –

  1. Kundan: The Kundan jewelry is loved by women because it is the purest form of gold. It is the most expensive of all forms of jewelries that a bride can wear. The gold in this type of jewelry is 24 carat pure and can be worn around the neck in a very lavish manner. Usually celebrity brides wear this type of jewelry. Often times they are embedded with precious and semi precious stones making them even more elaborate and beautiful. This type of jewelry has come down since the Mughal and Rajput era and has a bit of the Royal feel to it.
  2. Jadau:You must have heard about the Jadau wedding ornaments. The Kundan and Jadau ornaments are often named in the same breath. This is because they are such popular jewelries for the wedding events. The Jadau is known for the different kinds of pearls and precious stones embedded in it. The ‘Jadau’ literally stands for the embellishments. There are polkis which are basically uncut diamonds around the center of the stone. These polkis form the main central piece and give it an ethereal glow, while the rest of the neckpiece is embellished with pearls. Even in this type of embellishment one often finds the Meenakari work. What is Meenakari you ask? Let’s see.
  3. Meenakari:Meenakari is not for everyone, it is very different from the traditional Kundan or the semi traditional Jadau. A meenakari will have your transformed in no time. If a bride is of the bright and beautiful tastes and she wouldn’t mind sporting bold colors to catch eyes on her big day, then this is the ornament she should go for.
    A meenakari originally is from Rajasthan but it is so beautiful that over the time entire India has accepted it. Therefore it has seeped into a part of weddings and is thereby being used in many wedding events since then. The most common thing you will find on a meenakari is the peacock symbol – it looks beautiful too. A pearl embellished meenakari with a square pendant looks marvelous on the bride’s neck.
  4. Pachchikam:A classic Pachchikam with a maang tika looks really gorgeous on the bride. If you want to wear a jewelry that has a lot of the authentic Indian charm, then a pachchikam is the best way to go. It is just a piece of really elaborate jewelry that stays close to the neck. This type of jewelry is specialized in carving elaborate designs close to the center of the neck.
    This is why many brides who prefer to wear subtle looks on their wedding day adorn this piece. A pachchikam is often passed down the family as an heirloom and it does look and feel old. It is antique to say the last. Sporting such an old fashioned jewelry might be off putting but it could also bring out the traditional feel of the event.
    The jewelry originated in the Kutch – in Gujarat. Plus, it is really affordable. If you are tight on the budget and still want to maintain a classy style then this is one for you. It is made with silver instead of gold but the heritage is what speaks for itself here.
  5. A solitaire set: A solitaire set is something that would ‘wow’ every girl. Whether it is necklace, earrings or bangles, if it is made ion diamonds, it would make the girls truly ecstatic. Therefore diamonds are preferred by many brides whether it is in the earring or the necklace department. The uncut diamonds, like the ones Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore in her wedding, are gaining popularity these days. These are cut in a different manner and this is what makes it so alluring for the most part.
  6. Lac jewelry:
    Lac jewelry is one that is very preferred during these ceremonies. Usually brides will sport them at their Sangeet before the big day. This is also one of the best worn jewelries because it can be sported with a lot of dress options. Also if you are looking to cut costs on the jewelries, then Lac jewelry is a good option.

    They have roots in Rajasthan but because of their colorful nature and traditional touch, they are now popular all over the world. Originally known as Lacquer, they have now been called Lac for the most part. Usually the Lac jewelry is worn to strengthen the other forms of jewelries. You can wear a gold necklace and combine it with a lac bajuband or maang teeka. Making one part of the jewelry colorful and glorious is what lac basically does.

    In fact, in many parts of the country the bangles are usually made of Lac because they are considered auspicious. Yes, this means Lac is auspicious touch to the wedding. What else do you need to wear this on your big day? The bangles made of Lac are usually brightly red colored and have glass fillings inside them.

  7. Imitation jewelry:
    The Imitation jewelries look pretty decent as they are the golden in color. The best part is that they are not heavy at all. Usually the wedding jewelry can become really heavy but the imitation jewelry is very light and they can also be worn in different occasions.
    If you are looking for a really budget jewelry shopping then go with imitation jewelry. They can be bought with the best of budget saving. The best part is that you will get really Bollywood style designer jewelry sets in very good prices. You can also shop online to buy the best.


A wedding jewelry is very close to the heart. There are sentiments associated with it. Choose them wisely because these are going to last a lifetime and they will not just have gold but also precious memories.

Here are a few things –

Serial No. Origin Design name
1 Rajasthani Lac
2 Gujarati Pachchikam
3 Mixed Jadau
4 Mughal Kundan

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