flash mob for wedding types dance dj band

Flash mob Types for wedding

Everybody loves flash mobs. Before you know why we are recommending you flash mobs you have to know what flash mobs actually are.

flash mob for wedding  types dance dj band

So what are flash mobs?

They are basically a group of people who dance together at cue. The steps are choreographed and rehearsed. In the western world it is a way to showing unity and positivity. The move is welcome around the world. But of course for the Desi people this is a bit more than just a concept.

We have grown up watching Bollywood movies where the background dancers would add so much grace to the hero and heroines steps. This is just like that. Just the difference being the fact that here the bride and groom are the hero and heroine. Now you get the idea?

The purpose of such type of flash mobs is simply to have artistic expression. The people arranged in the flash mobs unite quickly and disperse just as quickly. Although the act seems pointless when done on the streets, it is a true expression of art and unity. In the wedding event it gets its true meaning. Actually, you can try it on your Sangeet ceremony.

How would it be for a wedding?

For a wedding ceremony a flash mob is just like a wedding ceremony with a lot of back dancers. The only difference is that here the flash mob will perform for you in queue and no one will see that coming. It will be quite exciting to see your guests surprised wouldn’t it?

The best idea is to involve all your loved ones and get them all too to dance with you on the flash mob scenario. By this time you might either be loving the idea or loathing it. Let me tell you, the idea of having a flash mob is not unique. But your wedding will happen only once and there is a fair chance that you will want to be the star of the event. If you really want that, then go ahead. This is your best option to be the queen of the hour.

How to organize a flash mob for the wedding?

You might be thinking that it is tough to get to many people together, that it is another hassle. But let me tell you, in today’s day and age, it is nothing but easy to organize a flash mob. All you need is the will to do it. We have the following tips which if you follow you can easily get the party started –

  1. Get a good choreographer
    Here’s the thing – you don’t need to spend a dime on the choreographer. Look around you, there must be some talented young dancer in your siblings or friends group. Ask them to do it for you.
  2. Use technology so arrange it
    if your friends and family are not in the know how – use technology. When else will it come to use? Tell them you are planning such a thing. If they don’t know what a flash mob is, send them YouTube links. Invite people on board. Send friendly reminders on weekends. But remember not to get too pushy. People don’t want to be invited to a pushy gathering. Just a simple reminder is fine at the end of a week.
    Also if you are desi, arrange a flash mob with all age groups, be sure to help them figure out the concept of flash mobs first. Talk to them.
  3. Make the steps easy
    Easy is the keyword here. You don’t have to have an impeccable choreography (and that is why stressing on point #1). The idea is to have as many people as possible and to have the dance flow working smoothly. Hence, since you are also inviting a lot of elders into this, you will have to work around some easy steps. This way most people will remember the steps.
  4. Practice enough
    Practice makes perfect! It is fun to dance along with the ones who will be accompanying you to your wedding. So practice, practice and practice! It will be the best way to ensure that you have the perfect wedding with your friends and family. Your flash mob experience will be perfected with enough practice.

    Lastly, don’t worry about the quality of the dance because mostly flash mobs are always a hit. The sheer fact that so many people are dancing together is joyful to watch. Your guests will be impressed. Your friends will have a moment of theirs and you will ultimately be the star of the event.

What are the types of flash mobs I can arrange?

You can arrange different types of flash mobs depending upon the theme you are choosing. But basically flash mobs are of three types. These are –

  1. Musical flash mob
    Musical flash mobs are the ones where the crowd is thrown into sudden fits of dancing while live singing. Also, there is dancing with this singing and the whole crowd dances and sings and the tempo of the room suddenly changes. This is the perfect for the weddings and especially for the sangeet.
  2. Flash mobs with catering staff
    In this type of flash mob arrangement, the waiters suddenly gather around and burst into a dance. This is a unique type of flash mob – much common in the west than in the East. The surprise element is much higher in this type of flash mobs.
  3. Sing only flash mobs
    Dancing is a big part of the flash mob experience, but if you thought that flash mob means only dancing then you are wrong. Singing flash mobs are also pretty common.
    In this type of flash mob, you stand up and sing out loud. The concept is the same – everyone sings together, just that it is done with the limelight on the bride or the groom in case of weddings.
  4. Unique stunts
    This is the type of flash mobs that you arrange to do unique stunts for you. It is best to hire experts and professionals for this as you don’t want anyone to get hurt while doing these. Sometimes the flash mob companies will arrange this for you if you ask for something unique. This too is a surprise package in itself and will take you by surprise.
  5. Dance flash mobs
    How can we forget the good old dancing flash mobs? This type of flash mobs can be arranged in the old fashioned way. You practice dance moves together and then perform.
  6. Bollywood flash mob
    This is actually a variation of the dance flash mob itself. In this type of dance flash mob, you dance to compilations of Bollywood songs. This is the best option for the weddings. It is the best way to get a party started at a desi wedding.

You can get all of these services arranged for you by hiring a good flash mob service. But that’s not necessary – if you can practice together, you can do it together with your friends and family.


Serial No. Preferred type Suggested song type
1 Dance Dance songs, remixes, mashups
2 Sing Romantic vocals
3 Bollywood Item song, Wedding song, club track

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