Gangaur Special Mehndi Designs

Gangaur Special Mehndi Designs

Gangaur is a special festival celebrated in Rajasthan. The female folk celebrate this festival in honor of Gauri – the wife of Lord Shiva. Hence they adorn themselves with special ornaments and mehndi. Since the festival is mainly orchestrated around Rajasthan, the mehndi design is exclusively Rajasthani. So the Gangaur special mehndi design has its roots in this Rajasthani festival. As you might have guessed there is a mixture of spirituality and tradition in this mehndi design. So what are the special types of design that bring auspiciousness to this mehndi?

Gangaur Special Mehndi Designs

Simple Design

  1. Floral: You can always go with the simple floral mehndi design in this part. There are leaves and flowers decorated on the fingers. Some women like to draw the patterns on the back of their hands with a little bit stretching onto the upper portion of the hand. Similarly the floral design is drawn very intricately along the forefinger, leaving the middle area as negative space.
  2. Circles: Circles are not uncommon in the Rajasthani mehndi design. They look very traditional and what’s more? If you have skinny hands, they compensate for it and make you look thicker. These circles are extremely easy to draw and they are perfect for occasions like Gangaur when you like to do light mehndi designs at home.
  3. Leafy patterns:The leafy patterns are also one of the most common items. They are found in southern and eastern mehndi designs also. The leafy patterns should be done with a small -mouthed mehndi cone. This way the lines are sharper and they can make your hand look very rustic. These are so easy that anyone can do it themselves.

Elaborate mehndi designs

In case you want to go a little overboard – it is the Gangaur after all, then you can try these mehndi designs (mentioned below). But make sure that you have the right design for your hands. Many a times women fail to get the right mehndi design because they don’t match the design with their hand frame. We will tell you about that and more –

  1. Photographic mehndi design:This is the trend that has come in the market. The photographic mehndi design looks very rich and artistic. Also it takes a long time to fade off. But the best part is that this is one of the most gorgeous looking mehndi designs out there. The best way to get them done is through a professional. This type of mehndi design suits everyone. To know more about this you can also read an article Latest Mehndi Design Looks Like Photograph Negative
  2. Peacock mehndi design:When we are talking about Rajasthani mehndi designs, it is impossible that we don’t talk about the peacock mehndi design. It is the birthplace of this design. But it is true that drawing the peacock is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, every hand is not suited for the peacock mehndi design. Due to the round edges of the peacock’s tail, it is best suited for someone who has a wide palm. It gives enough room to draw the wide feathers and the roundish tail. You Can also read an article to know about Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love
  3. Checkers and SegmentsThis falls under the lightly elaborate segment, because it is easy to do but it looks very rich and complicated when finished. To do this type of mehndi design, all you need is a very good segmentation technique. You can divide your hand into parts, which will be left vacant and parts which will get the dots of mehndi. It is not compulsory to do the dark checkers in all areas. You Can also read an article to know about Moroccan Mehndi design

Some professionals believe that you can squeeze in the mehndi very lightly in some parts. This is why this type of mehndi is also called the light and shadow. But inadvertently you have to make use of some negative space on the hand so that the design looks more effective. We have yet another design which looks good in all types of hands.

  1. Accessory mehndiThis type of mehndi is drawn in such a way that it looks like you have worn a jewelry. This is why it is sometimes also called the jewelry mehndi design. The strokes are usually very blunt. Unlike the other mehndi designs, there is a lot of plain work here. The intricacies are not explored. But overall it turns out to be looking absolutely stunning because dots are connected. This is like a spiral running from the beginning to the end. The designers ensure that this type of mehndi design always have a flower at the central part. So it looks somewhat like a corset, but only henna tattooed one. Those who have round hands, make this look good. The rounder the hand, the more space there is to draw the details of this design. To know more about this please read an article Latest jewellery inspired mehndi design
  2. Mixed full handIn the mixed full hand design, you find a little bit of peacock design, a little bit of floral and a little bit of leafy. So you have a combination of all the simple design types. Although it is not very complex to draw, the end result makes it look like a graphic design. This mehndi suits those with tiny fingers. The richness of the design makes their hand look gorgeous. But it only looks good if you have left some space. Usually designers tend to leave some space at the middle of the hand so as to make this design appear even more precisely. You can also apply different mehndi designs on your nails.
  3. Black mehndiThe black mehndi design makes the Gangaur Special mehndi designs even more beautiful. These designs are drawn with a special type of mehndi. But make sure you quality check before you buy the black mehndi. It is blacker because there are some materials added to it. The chemicals can cause a reaction if they are cheaper in quality.
    Once you have the accurate product, start making small mehndi patterns around your palm. This type of mehndi looks good on anyone with a fair hand.
  4. Shaded mehndiThis is a notch up from the regular mehndi because it not just has patterns but also shaded regions. Usually you need an expert because if the slightest bit goes wrong, the whole mehndi falls apart. This one is characterized by the markings of mehndi in the flowers. You notice these mehndi designs around the elbows and palms because they need a large area to be completed. The shaded mehndi is very famous for its elaborate artistry. It looks good on all types of hands and feet.
  5. Traditional RajasthaniThe last and the final one is the traditional mehndi design. It is not just simple but also very easy to draw. The fingertips are shaded so that they appear darker. The rest of the hand has repeated patterns. Usually there is a dome like design towards the end of the elbow in this one. Yes, it extends to your upper arms. But in case you don’t want to go with such an extensive design, you can follow up with the other designs.

Before getting the Gangaur special mehndi, make sure you have manicured hands. Mehndi usually lasts longer if they are painted on clean hands. Also, squeeze some lemon on the design once it dries up. This will help you get brighter colors on them. Gangaur festival calls for a little bit of attention on your mehndi after all.

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