Wedding gifts for couple|bride|friend| guest| and how to buy online

Wedding gifts for couple|bride|friend|men| women| guest| and how to buy online

When it comes to weddings we are all excited because we get to look pretty and visit some of the people we love. But no one thinks about how tiresome it could be to pick out the right gift and the right gift has to be within the right budget and it should suit their needs. If you don’t know the person very closely it can be difficult to pick out the right gift. This is why so many people choose to gift cash instead. But common… Cash doesn’t have the magic or the message that a thoughtful gift has. You have to be creative this time. Don’t worry we will tell you where to buy these creative gifts too.

Wedding gifts for couple|bride|friend|men| women| guest| and how to get them online
If you aren’t the type to find gifts, then don’t worry. We have assorted some of the best gifting ideas for couples and friends, especially for the wedding occasion. Now you know if it were just your friend, you could gift them something really off and they would laugh it off – but this time a second pair of eyes would be judging your gift. So you have got to be really careful in picking out the gift. Here are some options you could try –

For the couple

The couple is beginning a new life and they have also had a stressful few days. So what can you gift them? Literally anything that would ease them into their new life.

So for couples there are several options to pick from. But here are the best ones –
•    A spa voucher for two: A spa day would be very much welcome by the couple as they get to spend some time alone and away from the crowd after the stressful events. They will also be able to rejuvenate themselves. It is a very thoughtful gift.
•    A holiday/getaway voucher: This getaway can be anywhere and you can browse online catalogues to find the one that suits your pocket. This can be redeemed by the couple after their honeymoon in a quick vacation. For example, on their quarter anniversary when they want to escape their workload and just enjoy themselves. They’ll thank k you later.
•    Practical gifts: Practical everyday things like bed sheets, an assortment of toiletries, a cutlery, etc, can be a good idea since the couples are starting their lives together. These are very old fashioned but actually very useful.
•    A gift card: don’t know the couple well? Think they’d be better off with shopping for themselves? Give them a gift card! Actually many people are thankful for a gift card nowadays because they can actually buy stuff that are useful for them. So yes, don’t shy away from giving them a gift card – it is thoughtful too.

For bride

Want to give something to the bride? There are a thousand ideas that you can pick from. Personally I think picking a gift for the woman is much easier than picking for the man. Here it is the bride we are talking about! She is going to live a life of her own in her “sasuraal” and there are several things she will need. So it is easy to figure out what you’d need if you were getting married. Here are a few clues for you –
•    A spa day: Trust me the bride will appreciate it more than anyone else will. After staying up late – preparing for wedding, sangeet, greeting the guests, and adjusting in her new home, she will need to blow off the steam some time. So a spa day gift will be god’s blessing for her and she’ll thank your soul for it.
•    A personal care basket: A basket that contains an assortment of her favorite personal care items such as a moisturizer, a body lotion, an anti tan lotion, a body scrub, and so on. All of these items will be very useful – if you can get her brand right, she’ll be super happy.
•    Kitchen items: a new bride will try to impress her husband with her cooking skills or maybe she will be in the kitchen for the first time in her life. Either way she will need help. You giving her a microwave oven or a voucher to purchase her own kitchen items will be a blessing for her.
•    Jewelry: Go classic. Go with jewelry. It never goes out of fashion. If you gift her neckpiece or an earring, she will be grateful all the same. It is a gift that will make her happy for sure.
For the man
So your buddy is finally getting hitched – despite your repeated warnings. He has decided to join the gang of married men. You better make sure he is armed for the battle! How do you do so? You pick out some of the best armors he will need –
•    A lazy couch: You know your bro. He has a knack for the laziness – but he also functions well on that couch. So you give the man a really comfortable couch. Perhaps for two people if you deem necessary and they can both enjoy the comforts of it.
•    FitBit for two: You are a man of fitness and your bro has been taking fitness advice from you. It is your responsibility to ensure that the couple stays fit and you absolutely have to give them a FitBit which they can sue when they go to jog daily. This will actually encourage healthy lifestyle and the bride will thank you for this gesture too.
•    Sandwich maker: A sandwich maker works best when you know that both the bride and the groom are inexperienced in the kitchen. The grooms can then actually go ahead and make the sandwich and surprise the newlywed bride with a breakfast in bed. Make sure to give him this idea too – they’ll both have a great time.
•    Personalized cuff links: A personalized cuff link is a great gesture to tell the groom that they’re special too – often times the focus is on the bride and the engraved cuff links bring back the feelings that they’re special in this occasion too. You can also go ahead and have the cuff links match the engraving of any occasion you both hold dear.
Where can I buy them?
Now that you know that you have got to buy these things you can go ahead and find a good online shop to pre book them. One of the things you can do is, order them online – have it gift wrapped and delivered to their place with a personalized message. This can be done only through online gift portals. For regular shopping portals, you will have to buy it gift wrapped first and then pout your message on it.
Once you have the message engraved, you can send them the gift to their address. Make sure that you buy from portals that have received good reviews from users. To get more ideas, you can check out online portals dedicated to gifting.

Serial No. Gifting dos and don’ts Things to gift
1 For friend Personalized gifts
2 For Guests Thank you cards, a memento
3 Common gifts Cutlery items
4 Strict no-no gift Chocolate

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