Goa – A trendy latest dream destination for wedding

Goa – A trendy latest dream destination for wedding

Goa is a dream destination for all the young people – be it an outing with friends or a trip with cousins, Goa is known to be one place where the youth can really let themselves free. But is it a good destination for a wedding? This question baffles many. If you are from an Indian conservative family then you might want to consider why and when it is good to have a Goa wedding.

Goa – A trendy latest dream destination for wedding

Truth being told, Goa is surreal and having a wedding there can be an experience of a lifetime. If you can plan it, you can do it. One of the best things about destination wedding is Goa is the fact that you get to experience the spirit of the festivity in its true sense. But anyone who has had a Goa wedding will tell you that planning a Goa wedding is very tough task. As they say – anything worth having does not come easy. You might have to do a little bit of strategic planning in order to get it done, but it will be worth it at the end that is for sure.

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Things to note before having a Goa wedding

  • Permits: Permits are important. However if you are planning your wedding within the perimeters of a hotel then the permits fall under their criteria. Make sure the hotel has the permits though. However, if you are having the wedding in an open beach, then you need to worry about the permits. Also make sure all the norms and the beach criteria are followed by the guests and yourself
  • Accessibility: You are having a destination wedding as it is, if that destination is inaccessible to your guests then you will not be able to complete it successfully. You need to make sure that the place you are having your wedding in is accessible from the nearby hotels. Make sure it is close to many hotels or the hotels which you are arranging for your loved ones.
  • Hiring professionals: Will you be able to complete your wedding successfully with the wedding planners you have hired? Will they be able to deliver what they have promised? Make sure that you check their testimonials before signing up.

What are the best hotels for getting married in Goa?

Now that we have taken into account the different things that we should be doing before planning a destination wedding in Goa, it is time to find the right place to begin with. There are always some hotels that are more preferred than others. However, you are at a sea side and some would say that it is best that you get married by the beach side of the hotel instead of indoors. If this is what you are looking for then you have a wide range of 3 to 4 star hotels that have a large coastline to offer.

If you are more interested in the capacity of the venue instead of the location then you better go with the lawn venue hotels. These are not situated along the coast line but can hold a spacious number of guests – which is ideal for receptions and post marriage celebrations.

Independent venues are also present if you want to try out something extra. If you want to have a venue all for yourself, then try out the independent venues. These will accommodate your little list of guests – ideal for a private and intimate wedding. Organizing your mehndi or sangeet, while overlooking the sea, is something that you could do rightfully over here.

What about the pocket pinch?

A dream wedding calls for a superior budget, or is it? Some would believe that the budget for the wedding would be skyrocketing. However that is not the case. If you are looking for a destination wedding at Goa, then there are many ways you could make it budget friendly.

The first thing you must ask yourselves and discuss with your spouse is – how much does an average destination wedding cost? Now you have to fix your budget according to your requirements and then there will surely be a handful of wedding planners that will fall under your scheme of things.

The budget will of course include the number of guests that you have invited and their accommodation and other costs. Let us assume you have invited 100 guests. You book 50 rooms with double occupancy each and they stay 2 days and 3 nights including all meals.

If you are booking it this way then the hotel costs may go as much as Rs. 13000 to Rs. 20000 per person. It depends also on the hotel you have chosen for the guests stay. Some of the top hotels that are chosen are The Lalit, Park Hyatt, Leela, Taj Exotica, etc. Some of the other hotel options that you have are Holiday Inn, Ramada, RadisonBlu, Planet Hollywood, etc.

Also, add a venue charge (beach or lawn) of Rs. 75000 to Rs. 3 lakh per event taking place at the venue. Some of the hotels do not allow corkage and you have to take liquor from the hotel itself.

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Other costs that include

Some of the other costs include the photography costs, the cost for the makeup man. This cost alone can be between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 1 lakh. Then if we take the details into account then the costs will further rise up.

Remember we are talking about all the three events – wedding, sangeet, mehndi and even reception over here. If you are to tackle only one event at Goa then the costs would further reduce down.

There are also other costs such as henna makeup, sky lanterns, fireworks, and some additional costs for other stuff. Including all of these the costs alone can be as much as 15 to 3 lakh if you are looking at a regal wedding.

Overall costs including the makeup artists and the hotel and venue charges, the total cost can come down to Rs. 30 to 50 lakh for the three day accommodation and wedding services.

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What is the best time to plan a Goa wedding?

This is a good question. It is true that weddings in the Hindu customs are carried out by taking the detailed advice from astrologers, but if you are keen on knowing the weather conditions then the best time to get married here is between October and April. Thankfully most weddings start carrying on from October and go on till March. So you do have a feasible bracket to do your wedding in.

If you are on a budget we suggest you chose a hotel close to the beach but on that is necessarily not a seaside hotel.

What is the advantage of a seaside wedding?

If you are having a seaside wedding then you have two advantages – firstly, you have the advantage of beautiful scenery. Hence the photographs are bound to come clearer and better. Also tying the knot by the sunset is something only dreams are made of.

Tabular overview

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1 Seafood in the area Beach Shacks
2 Local performance Goan live dance
3 Unfavorable time June to Sep
4 Book venue A year in advance

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