growing hair long in a month for wedding

Growing hair long in a month for wedding

Probably you had a hair cut recently, which the salon lady cut too short for your liking. Perhaps your wedding is coming up and your hair is too short for your liking. Maybe you are looking forward to an event in the coming month. So guys curry leaves may help you to grow your hairs as well as for weight loss.

growing hair long in a month for wedding

Whatever may be the reason, you want your hair grown fast – within one month – and we have just the right tips for you –

  • Improve your diet. Include more protein in your diet. So you need to rely on chicken and eggs maybe once in a while. But make sure to add some minerals and vitamins too, so that you get a balanced diet. Ensuring you eat a balanced diet is the best way to grow hair faster. Please follow the link to know about what a bride must eat During her Wedding
  • Add Biotin to your diet. Biotin, also known as Vitamin-H, is like a hair booster. Not just this, it also converts fats to energy. So you might also lose some weight if you are on this diet. It is win-win. Take 30 micrograms of Biotin every day to grow hair naturally. Even drinking coconut water may help you to grow hair faster and glowing skin.
  • Try the inversion method
    The inversion method has been sworn effective by the beauty bloggers and vloggers very much. You can try this yourself – it is said that doing this can make you gain one inch of hair every week. You may see new hair on your hairline and they may stand at the tips.So what is the inversion method after all? It is a method when your heart is placed higher than your hear so that the blood flows directly to your scalp. Yes, this means you have to sit on a chair and invert your head. But don’t worry; this is just for five minutes. While doing this, you also have to massage your scalp (trust me, it’s a great stress buster) for 5 minutes. Do this regularly once a day. You can do it at the end of the day to de-stress yourself and also to boost the blood flow on your scalp. Do it for seven consecutive days for 5 minutes per day and see the results at the end of the week.
  • Wash your hair with cold water
    When you wash your hair with cold water you close the open pores. This, in turn, helps close the door for the pores to receive the outside dirt and grease. If your hair is prone to dandruff, this is a must do. When your hair pores are closed, they are more likely to become stronger and they will then help your hair grow faster. In order for your hair to grow you need stronger roots. Although we are getting this from getting a good diet, you might also want to add proper hair care to this regimen. This will ensure that you truly longer and thicker hair and that hair don’t fall off easily.
  • Castor oil is a great remedy
    Castor Oil has been known as one of the best remedies for thicker hair. Cold pressed castor oil on the scalp of your hair can increase its growth rapidly. One of the reasons castor oil is used is because of its viscosity. Now you may not like it at the time it is being applied, but it is the one ingredient which is coating your hair and protecting it from breakage. Add to that the fact that castor oil has high fatty acids and Vitamin E – and you know why this is one of the best remedies to get thicker and coarser hair.
  • Avocado hair treatment
    Apply a mashed avocado, a mashed banana and one tablespoon of oil and mix them thoroughly. Massage this on your scalp and leave this mash-up for about30 minutes – let your scalp soak the nutrients in properly. Then rinse your hair and wash it off properly with a shampoo. Similarly, you can make a hydrating mask with wheat germ oil and leave it on for 20 minutes before cleansing. You can also read an article to know Is it really important to take hair spa before wedding


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