10 Gujarati Mehndi Designs For Wedding

10 Gujarati Mehndi Designs For Wedding

Gujarat is known for its extensive design and pretty elaborate mehndis. If you must, you can check out the grand mehndi designs we have assorted for you below. These are the epitome of wedding mehndis. If you are looking for something delicate and pretty for your wedding then this is it. In fact no just weddings but these mehndi designs look perfect for any occasion.

Bridal Gujarati designs have been used by not just Gujarati brides but brides all over the world simply because they are pretty like that. The details are very rich and they can easily hide the name of the groom.

10 Gujarati Mehndi Designs For Wedding

But which are the best for wedding?

Given the fact that there are so many designs to choose from, lets find out which one is the best for wedding. The wedding occasion is one that will give you a wide range of mehndi options. But among them if you want to choose one that is traditional yet trendy, you have to go with Gujarati. You see the Gujarati mehndi designs have evolved over time such that the tradition is very well sided with modernity. No wonder the Gujarati brides look so pretty in them.

Here are a few of the best mehndi designs you can choose from –

Simple with gaps:  As you might have seen with this design, there is a distinctive amount of gap in the mehndi design. This means that your palm will be more visible. Any brides no lot like the intricacies of a very complex design. With this design you can clearly avoid that and you also get a really charming palm. the bride that has a thin hand will really be in awe of this type of design. It will make her hand look thicker and will give texture to her fingers. This type of design can be made light or dark as per your wishes. So you have a really high variety design you can work with.

Checked Dulhan Mehndi:  This type of mehndi pattern is called Dulhan mehndi because it has been drawn on the palms of the bride for a very long time. It looks really gorgeous when you remove the mehndi and it does really stay for a long time. People also like to do this with the black mehndi because it brings out the texture of the intricate patterns. The patterns too are so drawn such that they can really complement the attire of the bride on her big day. The floral as well as the peacock patterns that make the trademark of the wedding mehndi can also be found here.

The kalki design: The Kalki is actually the peacock tail symbol which is very common in wedding mehndi designs. The bride that thinks “elegance lies in simplicity” can go with this design. The design entails a center piece that is the kalki design and there will be a lot of designs on the side but the main design stems from one side of the hand. this is the uniqueness of this design – that it is slightly turned and yet it looks as if it bends on your hand and fills the entire area there.

Fully covered design:  This type of mehndi design has the whole palm full. Now to some brides elaborate means richness and if this is your belief as well, you can totally go with this one. It has just the right amount of  intensity for your D-day. The style is totally traditional and will go with your gala traditional wedding. You can use black mehndi to make the colors come out more prominently.

On the fingers:  This is the deign whose main focus is on the fingers. The design is a perfection because of the attention to detail given into the whole thing. It is a nice design to be drawn on your hands if you have a medium frame. It will really be exuberant if it is given a proper texture and allowed to sit for more hours and made dark and bold. Mehndi designs are usually dark but this one will be darker and the best part is that it is wrung around your fingers in such a way that it makes the hands look gorgeous. Also it will go perfectly well with your nail polish since it winds around the top of your finger tips making the nails a center of attention. To read more about it follow the link 13 Mehndi Designs For Fingers Only.

Ankle design:  This type of ankle design is perfect for the bride. It brings out the elegance of the feet and whenever you pull your lehenga up to walk, it will look really graceful because it is a traditional design. It is one of the most common traditional designs around and you can see that the motifs have been used quite a lot in Indian traditional mehndis. All in all there are checkered patterns which make the feet look evened out.

Full hand rangoli:  The full hand rangoli design is the perfect one for a dreamy bride. It is your wedding after all – why not spoil yourself by indulging in some really deep mehndi art? This is the design that will give you that.  It can be really elaborate at the back of the hand as well – as you can see. It not only covers the inside but is also very lavishly carved on the back of the hand. The finger tips are left unindulged with as you can see. This is a rich design and it is openly for the bride that won’t be satisfied with minimal on her wedding day.

Symmetrical delicate design: This is a symmetrical design that is very delicate as you can see. The design does not have the harshness or the richness of the other designs you have seen so far. Hence it can be an ideal design for those that are looking to avoid any deep dark design that will sabotage the color of their chosen dress for the wedding. But even then the motifs are so gentle and soft that it would be an ideal design on the bride’s hand.

Bangle style mehndi: The bangle style mehndi is very common in the Gujarati mehndi designs. It can be found on several occasions. The bracelet mehndi design can be drawn either thickly or thinly given the preference of the bride. The peacock motif on the top part of the design will grab your eyes and for the rest, the bangle will seem to dangle from the wrist of the bride and it will make it look really natural and pretty. To read more about it please follow the link Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles

Simple motifs: We showed you some really pretty motifs today and some of them are drawn with black mehndi designs. But this one is drawn with really reddish brown mehndi. So the natural color of the mehndi will be enhanced on this one. You can see that it can be drawn on ;literally any kind of hands. However, you have to give it ample care to make sure the color comes forth.

Peacock motif Simple gap design Design usually for the D-day
Black mehndi Ankle design Suits the minimal feet profile
Traditional design Full hand rangoli Best for traditional style

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