How Many Gunas Should Match For A Successful Marriage?

How Many Gunas Should Match For A Successful Marriage?

 Hindu wedding is not just a tie up between two people who fall in love. It is a marriage based on strategically calculated gunas, a nuptial tie that is based on compatibility of two people in various aspects who’ll be bound to share their rest of their lives together. Hindu astrology has its own way to determine how perfect the two souls are for each other and involves ‘Gun Milan’ or what we popularly call ‘kundali match making’.  It is also need to know whether kundli matching is necessary for marriage or not

Gun Milan

The basics for a fruitful and successful grahasta Jeevan (married life) is the number of common gunas that the would be bride and groom possesses. Gun Milan is an ancient horoscope match making test. It is 8-fold in nature and is based on the placement of planet moon in the horoscope charts of both boy and girl, who are bound to marry each other.

While there is different scoring for each of the 8 sections of this Vedic test, a maximum of 36 points can be obtained from it by observing the natal charts and horoscopes of boy and girl. According to this Vedic test, when the score is below 18, i.e. below 50% then the marriage is bound to fail, on the other hand if the score is above 32, the marriage will be simply tremendous.

Number of Matched Gunas Significance
Below 18 A poor match; Very meagre chances of successful marriage
18 to 25 Good match for marriage
25 to 32 Very good match for marriage; Marriage shall thrive
32 to 36 Excellent match; Very successful marriage

Another important aspect while checking marriage compatibility is ‘Manglik Match’, which determines well-being and the success of the marriage.

In simpler words, Gun Milan is a thorough speculation to measure success of marriage in future otherwise issues such as difference of opinion and ego problems can make the marriage fail eventually. There are so many people those even decide their honeymoon destination based on zodiac sign.

How To Calculate Gunas For A Successful Marriage?

A number of factors are observed which together make up 36 gunas. According to Vedic texts, weightage is given to the combination of various gunas in the charts of male and female partners.

Example to show scoring of gunas of the couple- If the female’s horoscope chart rates higher in terms of intellectuality, physical strength and mental level than that of a man, then the score would be low. On the other hand, if a woman’s chart shows her ability to raise a family better than her male partner then the couple’s score will be higher.

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Here is how the scoring is determined via 8 tests of Gun Milan:

Mental Compatibility (Varna)

The maximum score of this test is one. It determines individual’s basic potential, his inherent skills and various abilities. It also measures the compatibility of the couple on the basis of their personal egos. You can also read an article to know about Importance of Gotra in marriage

The Vedic texts have divided the personalities of an individual in four categories based on which their inherent gunas are calculated in this test:

Brahmin or Priests: Brahmins or Priests are considered to be intellectuals and philosophers. Hard physical labor is not expected of them. They have high spiritual and mental abilities.

Kshatriya or Warriors: Kshatriyas are considered to be the leaders, the powerful rulers and protectors of society. They are considered to possess courageous abilities and high mental decisiveness.

Vaishya or Merchants: Vaishyas are known to possess great abilities in money matters. They are considered skilled in various crafts, business and other money making professions.

Shudra or Service People: Shudras are categorized as hard working and responsible people who possess remarkable sense of service.

Note: The mentioned categories are listed in the Vedic texts and do not relate to any caste or creed in Indian society.

Power Compatibility (Vasya)

This test can yield a maximum of 2 points. It defines the power equation between the man and woman in a relationship and determines who will be more dominant in a marriage. You can also read the article to know how to define your wedding based on sun or moon sign.

The Vedic texts have classified different personalities into five categories for better understanding of individual’s power status.

Classification of power status



Human Beings are considered to be superior. They are generally individualistic, like to practice control and right to discrimination.

(Creature of a Jungle)

Wild animals such as tigers, lions, and elephants etc., which fall higher in food chain, are considered in this category.

(Four-Legged Animal)

Less powerful animals such as deer, cows, sheep etc. belong to this category.

(Sea Animal)

People with personality traits of a sea creature have their own sphere of power and influence.
Jalchar Keet


They are generally less dominant in nature, though their presence in inevitable for balance and survival.

 Birth Star Compatibility (Tara)

This test has maximum score of three points. The score is the indication of well-being in terms of health and general compatibility between the partners after marriage.

The score is determined by calculating birth stars in the natal horoscopes of both the partners. There are a total of 9 birth stars namely, Janama, Sampat, Vipata, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Vadha, Mitra and Ati-mitra.

If the remainder while dividing the stars is either 3, 5 or 7, then their stars are inauspicious for marriage. If the remainder is between 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0, then the stars are auspicious for marriage.

Physical & Sexual Compatibility (Yoni)

This test can yield a maximum of 4 points. The test determines the natural sexual affinity and biological compatibility between the partners.

For this test, the relationship between the ‘Nakshatra’ in the natal charts of both the partners are compared. Each Nakshatra has an animal. If the animals of both the nakshatras have natural affinity, then there will be sexual compatibility between the partners otherwise not.

For eg., if one of the partners has mongoose in its Nakshatra and the other a snake, then there will be 0 compatibility as both the animals are natural enemies.

14 Animal characters which endow personality traits of an individual are:

  1. Ashwa (Horse)
  2. Gaja (Elephant)
  3. Mesha (Ram)
  4. Sarpa (Snake)
  5. Swah (Dog)
  6. Marjarah (Cat)
  7. Mushika (Rat)
  8. Gau (Cow)
  9. Mahisha (Buffalo)
  10. Vyagrah (Tiger)
  11. Mriga (Deer)
  12. Vanara (Money)
  13. Nakula (Mongoose)
  14. Singha (Lion)

Planetory Harmony (Grahamaitri)

A couple can score a maximum of 5 points in this test. It determines that natural behavior, outlook, mental qualities, progeny prospects and mutual affection between the partners. It shows whether the partners will be natural enemies, friends or neutral to each other.

To determine this, planetary lords of the moon sign of both the couple are evaluated.

The 7 planets are:

Surya (Sun)
Chandra (Moon)
Mangal (Mars)
Budh (Mercury)
Guru (Jupiter)
Shukra (Venus)
Shani (Saturn)

 Compatibility of Nature (Gana)

This test can yield a total of 6 score. It is a test to determine the basic nature of individual and evaluate compatibility on the basis of temperament, mutual daily behavior, etc.

For this an individual is categorized into three classes

Devata or Godly Manushya or Mortal Rakshasa or Demon
A person in this category is more spiritual and less materialistic. A person in this category has a balance between the two. A person in this category is more materialistic than spiritual.

Compatibility between Zodiac Moon Signs (Bhakut)

The total score of this test is 7 and it is a very important test to determine overall peace and well-being of the two people in a relationship. It determines growth of family, economic prosperity and happiness of the couple.

The Moon Signs are as follows:

Mesh (Aries)
Vrisha (Taurus)
Mithun (Gemini)
Kark (Cancer)
Singha (Leo)
Kanya (Virgo)
Tula (Libra)
Brischik (Scorpio)
Dhanu (Sagittarius)
Makar (Capricorn)
Kumbha (Aquarius)
Meena (Pisces)

 Compatibility between Life Forces (Nadi)

The highest score of this test is 8. The test evaluates genetic compatibility by comparing heredity and physiological factors. The test determines the chances of healthy progeny.

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