9 Hair Accessories a Bride can wear On Her Wedding Day

9 Hair Accessories a Bride can wear On Her Wedding Day

Hair is yet another important part of your dressing up that you just cannot ignore. If you are an Indian bride, there are literally so many things that you could do to make your hair look more gorgeous. There are beautiful bridal accessories from floral to stones and jewelries. You can also read the different hair style idea for your engagement day. The options you have comprised of:

5 Hair Accessories a Bride can wear On Her Wedding Day

  1. The Mahapatti:  Whether you want a minimal hair do or a glorious one, you will be happy with a Mahapatti because it has a wide range of choice. The beautiful ornaments are spread across your forehead like a crown. It has a very ancient Indian feel to it and goes well with the traditional ceremonies. The Mahapatti is not to be confused with the maang tika. Though both look similar, the Mahapatti is a more elongated version of that. If you want to give this on a try go for the one that has multiple chains on both sides. It should not have chains only on one side, otherwise it will get difficult to camouflage and get the right density of hair on the other side.
  2. Maang Tika
    Now that we have established the difference between mahapatti and Maang tika, we can switch over to the maang tikas. Now there are a lot of things to be considered – if you have a wide forehead it is better for you to go with maang tika as it will cover some part of your forehead and camouflage it. The mahapatti on the other hand will look good on anyone who has a small to medium forehead. If you are going minimal overall, the maang tika is just the right combo of zing and simplicity. It must also be added that large sized maang tikas look good on anyone despite the size of their forehead. The main idea here is to go creative with any shape and size of the tikas.
  3. Jhoomars
    The jhoomars look ravishing with lehengas. So before adding this to hairs you must be sure about the different wedding dress you are going to wear. They are more common with the Muslim brides but they can be good ensemble wears. A jhoomar dangling on the side of your head looks very eye catching. Your side poses will capture the beauty of the jhoomar and make your overall appeal very mysterious to say the least. The best way to go about with a jhoomar is to wear it with a maang tika. But of course make sure that the maang tika is smaller in size compared to the jhoomar always. Otherwise the jhoomar’s essence will be diluted. Jhoomars look best when they are longer and decorated with intricate designs.
  4. Juda Pins
    Juda Pins at the back of your head can make you look totally out of this world. They are really gorgeous. You will have to add them with a pin at the back the best part is that they can be added with both the maang tikas and the maha Pattis. However a Juda Pin with the maha Patti looks more suitable. Another thing about the Juda pin is that it will be covered if you are going with the veil which is pretty obvious. These are highly customizable so you can match them with the outfit that you are going to wear. You can also make sure that these are fixed properly at the top when and if you are wearing them with false hair. However, the attachment part is pretty easy to do. You will just have to make sure that you are placing them correctly at all times. This is one of the very imoprtant thing a birde must carry in her emergecy kit.
  5. Offbeat accessories
    Nowadays brides experiment a lot. There is a reason or that – the maang tikas look age old and the maha Pattis have a customary vibe to them. Sometimes brides like to be innovative and fresh, if this is something that you want at your wedding as well then you can have the offbeat accessories to your list.You can go with a fancy feather on the side of your hear and pump up the clothes with fusion to match your clothes. You can also add a tiara or diamonds to your hair to stud them like stars. These are all glorious ideas that can totally make you look like the unconventional bride that you know you are at heart.

    1. Within the offbeat categories we also have-
      • String of flowers: the string of flowers although tradition is offbeat these days because we do not see it that often. However flowers are the symbol of freshness and they can be quite a change from the hair accessories women have these days. Therefore if you are choosing to go with flowers, they can be great. Plus, they smell good.
      • V shaped head bands: Christian brides look amazing wearing the V shaped head bands. These are amazing as they cover the full head just like the Maha pattis yet they are stunningly different from those kinds. They also have white pearls to match the gown.
  6. Beaded chains: In case you didn’t notice, our Bollywood fashionistas had been giving us clues all this time. You can go beyond that mang tika or that mahapatti with these fashion items. They suit almost all kinds of face and can also be custom made these days to suit you. So these are the perfect option for the bride that is looking for something edgy.It gives off a very traditional vibe, yet it is out of the box. This is the unique thing about beaded chains. You can get them anywhere. These are funky and common items that brides today like to sport. You can wear the tiaras with a single line of diamantes or crystals. They make you look stunning.
    These are some of the simple but effective things you can try out as hair accessories on your wedding.
  7. Glittering hair bands: Glittering hair bands go perfectly with the Parsi or the Christian wedding ceremonies. You will look stunning and these are so fitting to the occasion that no one can bat an eyelid when they see you. Just remember to glam up your eyes or go the winged eye liner route when you are getting a glittering hair band. This will notch things up a bit. However, if your outfit itself is very shimmery, the tip here is to keep the band subtle. Don’t go bling with both of them. Let either your dress or your headband be the star of the show and you are good to go.
  8. Embellished pins: don’t confuse them with the Juda pins. These are different. These look more traditional and they can actually be worn by the bride over her hair do. These are awesome and no matter how you make your hair, you can always attach them and finish the up do. They can either be a last minute addition to your hair or they can make you look the peppy bride that you know in your heart you are.
  9. Sparkling tiaras: who’s the Princess? You are! Why not let the whole world know this? You have got to embellish yourself with those nice little tiaras. They will look stunning on you and will make the crowd learnt that you see yourself as the Princess bride. You can also choose your hair accessories in combination with satlada jewelry  if you are going to wear,

Please read the article to know keeping hairs open in wedding is a good idea or a bad idea.

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