Haldi Ceremony |Significance |Ingredients | Rituals | dresses | songs

Haldi Ceremony | Significance |Ingredients | Rituals | dresses | songs

Haldi Ceremony in India is one of the most important wedding rituals in India. The ritual takes place prior to the main wedding ritual. Different community has different rule and custom for the ceremony but the significance and the importance is same for everyone. Haldi is a spice that we use in cooking to make it tasty and also it has some intrinsic health value. Of course regarding Indian weddings this ingredient that represents an entire ritual has so many values too. Haldi is best known for anti-inflammatory ingredient so applying it on skin can solve a many of your skin problems. This is one such common belief that everyone has about Haldi ceremony. But the significance for this ceremony is more than just alleviating skin issues. Here I have come up with Haldi Ceremony significance and related stories in this article.

Haldi Ceremony in India

Haldi Ceremony Significance

Colour of Haldi

The yellow colour considers being very propitious in Indian traditional customs. It depicts the prosperity and well-being of life. Using this colour for a ritual shows that the family and loved ones are hoping for the best for the couple’s new life.


Haldi is an anti-septic spice that heals any kind of cuts, bruises or diseases. On medical terms it has a healthy value. Applying haldi during wedding shows that the bride and the groom will have spotless skin and will not have any ailments during the D-day.

Alleviate Evil Eye

As said that the colour yellow is very important in Indian tradition. The reason behind it is the colour is said to be used to alleviate evil eyes (buri nazar). Applying Haldi on Bride and Groom will make sure that they will not get hurt by any evil eyes.


Haldi powder when used as anti-septic gives you a clear and pimple free skin. Also it helps you to get fairer skin tone when applied with rose water or even with plain water. Haldi makes an awesome face pack to remove tan and acne. It makes you look fairer and brighter.

Stress reliever

A lot of people don’t know that Haldi cools down your skin and so your stress. It is true that being a groom or a bride you feel stressed out. After all it is a big day for both of you, applying haldi can reduce your stress level largely and you’ll feel much relaxed.

Haldi Ceremony Ingredients

In Haldi Ceremony, not only the turmeric powder is used and applied on the bride and groom, but also there are other ingredients that are mixed with turmeric powder.

Mustard Oil: Mustard Oil is the main ingredient in Haldi mix. The oil is used with dust haldi to make a soft paste.

Vermillion: Vermillion, the symbol of married women, is also mixed with haldi in some communities. Vermillion is lucky and auspicious for wedding that’s why it is used in Haldi.

Grass: Grass is used to apply the Haldi paste on the bride and groom’s skin. The married women apply it first then the other family members apply one by one.

Mustard Seeds: Sometimes along with mustard oil, mustard seeds are being applied too with Haldi. It does not mix with the paste but it needs to be there in the plate.

Curd: One of the ingredients used in Haldi ceremony is curd. Indians often use curd as good luck. Many people have curd and sugar before heading to any important work.That is why it is used in Haldi as well.

Sandal paste: Sandal is also said to be an important element to make your skin fairer. Also chandan paste is very important in several Indian customs.

Henna: Henna or mehndi is also one of the ingredients of Haldi Ceremony. Not mixed with Haldi but Henna is used as individual ingredient in the ceremony.

Haldi Ceremony Rituals

Haldi Ritual takes place one or two days prior to the main wedding ceremony. In some of the cultures, like Bengalis, the ritual takes place on the same day of the wedding. After applying Haldi, the bride and the groom are not allowed to go out until the marriage gets over. In all the customs and cultures, Haldi applied to the groom first and then the same Haldi is applied to the bride. You can also read the article to know the things required for hindu wedding pooja.

Some of the communities, like Maharashtrians use Mango leaf to apply Haldi on the bride, whereas other communities use grass for the same. Bengalis apply Haldi with hands and no other elements are being used to apply the same.

Haldi is applied on face, shoulder, hands, knees and finally feet. For some cultures, it starts from the top of the head. After applying haldi by the married women, other friends and family members can apply on the bride and the groom. It is said that the bridal haldi, applying on unmarried friends and siblings can lead them to get married soon. It is a very fun-filled and enjoyable ritual in Indian Wedding.

Haldi Ceremony Dresses

Mostly people like to wear yellow cloths on Haldi ceremony. The bride and the groom generally wear yellow cloths. For some cultures the grooms wear white Dhoti and white Kurta, but for the bride it is always yellow and red combination saree or salwar kurta for Haldi occasions. The friends and the family also wear yellow dresses. For boys, Kurta – Pyjama is apt for haldi and for the girls Salwar Kurta will be a thumb up dress. You can also read the article to know how to pick right outfit for sangeet ceremony.

Haldi Ceremony Songs

If you consider folk songs in wedding ceremonies, there are plenty in numbers. In fact you can find each song for each culture or community India has. They all are different from each other. Unfortunately it is not possible to list down so many songs from so many communities, but thankfully Bollywood and other film industries make things easier for us by making so many haldi ceremony songs. There are a number of wedding songs that can be used in any ritual under an Indian wedding. Basically any song that has Haldi, shaadi, mehndi and moreover up-beat dance music can be used in Haldi ceremony. But to specify only the Haldi ceremony I have collected few songs that can be played during the ritual. Here are some of the Bollywood and other folk songs from different states that can be used in Haldi ceremonies. You can also read the article to know the beautiful sangeet songs that will force you to dance till end.

The first two songs are from Hindi movies, they don’t really featured in Haldi ceremony, neither have they signified the ritual but the songs are related to colours and that is quite important in weddings. The other songs listed below are specially made for Haldi ceremonies. You can pick your favourite one and use it in your occasion.

Songs Movies
Humpe yeh kisne Devdas
Laal dupatta ud gaya re Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
Pinchikiya Haldiya Dhamal Marathi song
Banna kho chad raho Haldi Tel Mund Ma Gagri (Rajasthani folk album)
Maari Haldi ro rang Rajasthani song
Haldi Lagegi Kangana Bandhega Namkin Chocolate (Haryana movie)
Holud Baato Bengali Song

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