9 Types of Mehndi designs for Kids

 9 Types of Mehndi designs for Kids

Your little niece or daughter is always telling you to do mehndi on her. Being a pro at it, you might have a few wonderful ideas, but when it comes to kids’ mehndis, you are absolutely clueless. We will give you a few tips to do mehndi on the little ones hand. These mehndi designs are for kids of all age. So age 3 to 10 – anybody can get it done. There aren’t many good mehndis that can suit the little hands, but the ones that are, are going to look lovely on them.

9 Types of Mehndi designs for Kids

Precautions before applying mehndi to kids

Word of caution: kids’ hands are very soft and can be sensitive depending upon their skin type. You have to be careful before applying mehndi. The first rule is to never apply black henna on their hands. Simply use natural henna – it is reddish brown in color. Natural henna is never available in black shade so if you are using the black shade you are exposing your kid to harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be used on them.Even elders shouldn’t use black henna on their hands because it contains a harmful additive called PDD to it. It can cause rashes or irritation on the adults’ skin too.

Different mehndi designs

If they want to do it themselves, let their imagination run wild – you may never know you might be inspired by them at the end of the day. But if they insist you do it then you can always have a few popular patterns at your bay. So here are the different types of mehndi designs you can use for your kids:

  1. Round and covered
    The little kids don’t need to be on it for a long time. Even if they smudge their finger tips, they can get the color on it. So it is a win, win for all. It is a very popular design for kids.
  2. Simple full hand mehndi
    If you have an impatient and restless daughter or little kid, then this one should be at the top of your list. Even though the mehndi is a full hand one, it does not have a lot of intricacies and the lines are thin enough so that the chances of them smudging it are less. This one mainly consists of uneven patterns. There is a central design from which the floral motifs go till the finger tips. It is easy enough to draw – you can encourage her creativity by asking her to do it herself.
  3. Simple flower
    What better design to draw on your little princess’ hand than the innocent flower like herself? This is a design based on paisley and floral motifs. You can do this to her palm – a large flower covering the entire area on her palm. The floral motif being at the center of the hand, the paisley will have to be on the wrist. You can even write her name on her wrist – it will make her feel special. This type of design is very simple and easy to do – also it is fast enough to finish.
  4. Paisleys at the back
    Your kid may not be a toddler anymore and she might want to explore her artistic side – so give her a chance to do so. Show her this simplistic design which is basically of paisley and floral motif with intricate designs at the end. It may look very simple, but it has a few layers that a child of age 10 to 12 can do. But why not challenge your child’s imagination a little? It will look amazing on her hand and she can also feel confident by doing it on her own.
  5. Floral design with details
    Now this is a floral design that the child will be really happy with – some kids insist that you do the mehndi as you did on the adults’ hands. So this one comes the closest to it. Plus, this one hard requires any time or skills. Anyone could do it. It is simple and straightforward and fills the area of the hand that is very important to be filled – the back or the first finger. In fact, the design is elegant enough to be flaunted at a party or occasion so let them enjoy with it.
  6. Bangle like pattern
    Yes, the bangle like patterns exist for the kids too. These are neat designs, and they too can be flaunted at parties or social events. This design typically starts from the tip of the middle finger and will extend past the wrist. So it is a lot like #5 but only longer. The design is of course based mainly on floral motifs, but the additional twist is the bangle motif that gives it an edge. The bangle like pattern will be on the wrist of course and it will define the little one’s mehndi better. You can also read the article to know the Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles
  7. Shading on floral patterns
    If you have a very quiet girl who would love to sit through the mehndi or who would actually not get impatient – first of all you have hit a jackpot and secondly, this is the mehndi that you should be doing at your daughter’s hand to make it look even more glamorous. The tips of the fingers are filled while the designs themselves – which extend till the finger tips, are elaborate and done with a lot of delicate deigns and yes, they do have shading in them at each step.
  8. Design for any kid
    Okay, you want a design that you can do at parties or you are a designer and occasionally people ask you to design their kids’ hands, this is the one that you should be doing. Literally any kid can pull it off. It is done with a special bangle like design on their hands and this makes the design more attractive to say the least. Basically there are very minute details on this design – it is both fast and easy. Bonus: it is good looking on the child’s hand. What more could you want?
  9. Glitter mehndi
    Nowadays glitter mehndi is the buzz of the town – be it the kids or the adults, nobody is able to resist it. When it comes to kids, they love colors and glitter so it goes without saying that they will be able to pull it off and will be attracted to it. The fun part is that they will have a lot of enthusiasm doing it. Even the adults can enjoy doing it. All you need is a little bit glitter and multicolored dye. Use natural dye so that the skin is unharmed, and then go ahead – your kid will love it! You can also read the article about Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It
Serial No. Ages Appropriate mehendi designs
1 3 to 6 Simple flower
2 6 to 9 Glitter
3 9 to 12 Paisley on the back
4 12 to 13 Shading

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